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ESO christmas magic - community of MMORPG collects over 19,000 € for homeless

The community Months Elder Scrolls online is not only very warm and helpful in Tamil. From 17.12.21 to 19.12.21 there were numerous charity streams of many ESO streamers. The project: Gather donations in the Christmas sense for homeless people. Here you will learn what the community, and we have achieved streamer together.

Especially Christmas is a time of giving for many. But some people are repeatedly neglected or stuck in a bad situation. This stark contrast we wanted to simply weaken streamers with the event a bit and strengthen that together.

I speak of us streamers because I was allowed to be part of the project and involved me with my streams at the action. The whole action was initially initiated by the Array's Charity Event last year. In addition, a part of this year's team has already participated in a fundraiser for the German children's creative foundation.

Since the Arrays Charity Event does not take place every year, our stream team member Alex (known as Alexis) came on the wonderful idea to organize a separate event. First, the idea was only in the chat of the official stream team (DE) of ESO, but we quickly decided to bring more ESO streamer into the boat.

Everyone who has participated has taken over a task for the action, and so we could start the event with a joint strength. Which streamers have participated otherwise, you will find out hereinafter. Our ESO community manager Kai October and all our mods have also been involved.

What were donations collected for? Table Germany e. V. and Berlin homeless help e. V.

The fundraiser is now finished, but you can continue to view the donation sum and details of the event (via Better

Our intention was there to support particularly people who have financially difficult. In particular, homeless people are not good during the Christmas season, while the picture of Christmas is often a nice meeting with the family in the cozy living room under the Christmas tree.

That's not possible many in reality. We wanted to make a small step in the right direction and thank you very much with all participants!

ESO Streamer collecting over €17,000 in their streams on Twitch

The following streamers have streamed a weekend with full force for a good cause:

Hottrescher Last Ath3ontv Alexis 3Luxo Lord morrow ind Saint crow PRESTATION ran Rufus Rather Miezemelli (that's me) xxxastro18xxx Beings costumes

Community Unhappy With Blackwood Surprise Reward? | Elder Scrolls Online

In a total of 22 streams from Friday, the 17.12.21 to Sunday, 19.12.21 donations amounting to more than €17,000 were collected. I was speechless in between, nobody had expected from us. Especially in view of the pandemic we had rather shy expectations.

It is incredibly beautiful to see that many people also have the strength and the will to help in difficult times.

The common event graduation brings all together again

On 19.12.21 at 22:00 (almost) all participating streamer and community managers Kai October in the Discord have come together. Some streams ran parallel. Everyone who had lust was invited to a group and could be there with his ESO character in the recordings.

We have not counted the exact number, but it was incredibly many players, so our meeting excited. First in Grandest, the capital of DeShawn and most recently in Oldenburg, the capital of Grunewald. Chat asked many players astonished What's going on here? And were made aware of the event.

As the year before the Arrays Charity Event, we were most recently met on a walk-in mushroom lead on the huge tree of Oldenburg and made great group photos.

If you have brought a little time, you can watch our joint conclusion in my video (via. Twitch) ESO — Christmas magic 2021 (joint degree) :

The Sofa is and remains the best! You can not say otherwise. — Says Rufus in this video and I think I can only connect again and again.

Bethesda participates in the donations with a proud sum

A huge thank you to Bethesda, for just 10% on our collected donations. So I did not expect themselves, and I am excited about how very charity actions in the community are appreciated.

I personally have to get rid of that I really think that. Bethesda had already involved with numerous giveaways at the event and this generous donation to conclude the event is not a matter of course and for me to express close the company and the staff to the community. The chalkboard thanks Twitter for the fundraiser There was a huge smile over my face when I discovered the thank you on Twitter the thank you of the table Germany E.V. Our project has not yet been undiscovered. It is nice to see that we could make some people a pleasure. We wish you all a happy new year 2022!


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