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Meta cards in FIFA: We worsen the problem

FIFA Football (also recognized as FIFA Soccer or just FIFA) is the generic name of a collection of arcade-type football computer game (and also not simulation) And also given that the introduction of Football Ultimate Team (ET) in 2008 includes attributes of DACHA, originally published by Electronic Arts in 1993 and also later on established in the kind of franchise.

Fresnel Impede, Osman Dembélé or Nail Fakir — You have something in FIFA Ultimate Team together: You tolerate the players, at least those who do not have to compete with them but against them.

But what makes these cards so special? They are Meta, explains the streamer Santiago 'Fut crunch' Vazquez opposite Ousman Esport: A card will be used to Meta if you are the most effective tactics. Basically one that is better suited for how the game should be played, To guarantee the greatest possible chance of winning.

For him, the topic Meta cards is always recurring. In 2019, 'Fut crunch' started with tips and tricks for gameplay and team buildup in FIFA on TikTok. In addition, the Venezuelans not only record his own YouTube and Twitch channels, but also those of RB Leipzig.

His recipe for a successful team: a mixture of agile and fast Ousmans.

Community is part of the problem

However, these tactics serve many in FIFA. Are Rarely colorful teams, instead, people at the controller always get the same selection of cards to face.

Vazquez mooned that there are free-playable, so free maps, gives the community but still on the always same Ousman: People continue to use meta cards like Marine and Wendy because they are still better than the alternatives. It Makes the game less attractive, but as a community we do not solve it, but worsen it rather.


Better to establish your own play style

Because why laboriously discover the strengths of a map when it comes to success quickly and easily?

In fact, Messi is not the fastest player in the world, and he does not use unusual skills like Neymar. If one would try to imitate Messi's real way of playing, he would be in FIFA just as well, says the 23-year-old and concretized:

If you're trying to use these cards as you play in real life, I'm sure you would be successful with them. Just stop to try to overtake Alphonso Davies with Messi, because he has in real ones Life never tries because he will lose this run.

The Content Creator from RB Leipzig also: Just use a game style that is fun, and that's all. If you stop thinking about losing and starting to enjoy your tactics, you will have fun. Make sure your cards used to bring you, and make you independent of the results, whether you lose or wins.


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