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Film Avatar will get avatar MMORPG

Why? A simple reason — avatar avatar MMORPG will be available only on mobile devices.

James In principle, I am wondering if any of the younger readers of the portal or at all, the younger generation, the avatar associates. It's not about French animation, but about James Cameron. It's been so many years since his premieres that this is what the classic is actually. The whole series was to arise, probably five parts were announced, but at this moment we did not even receive a continuation.

We received games. I mean the game, because one has already left a long time ago and the new one is on the horizon. This time it will be avatar MMORPG in the world of Avatar, which will add to the species of FPS elements. I would call the MMO project myself, but these developers from Allosaur Games talk about your Avatar: Reckoning in terms of avatar MMORPG, so what I will argue with them. And the most important information about their project — we are dealing with a mobile game, dedicated to Android and IOS.

Avatar: Reckon on received Disney and Tencent support. Production will take us to the Pandora planet, where we will fight with RDA forces in one of the three modes: Single-Player with a feature campaign, cooperation or PVP. MMO elements are not shown too much, but mentioned with matchmaking and multiplayer.

During the game, let's play in Avatar, developing it, gaining new weapons for him and taking part in dynamic battles. Avatar: Reckoning uses Unreal Engine 4 on mobile devices. Premiere? This year.

I invite you to the project interested parties.


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