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Ski Alpin: Ladies Giant Slalom in Kranjska Gora now in the live ticker

After the giant slalom was rupturing in Maribor, the race was transferred to Franziska Gorey. With our Linebacker to today's Globe Cup in Ski Alpine, you will certainly be informed concerning all runs.

In the Alpine Ski Globe Cup of the ladies is today in the Slovenian Franziska Gorey. Below you can comply with both runs of the giant slalom in the real-time ticker.

Ski Alpine: Ladies Giant Slalom in Franziska Gorey — The present leading 5

Sara Hector chooses the most hostile line from all motorists up until now. That looks a bit wild and also again, however that's simply quick. Between component, she plays her two tenths of in advance initially, but after that do whatever once more as well as goes right into lead with 8 hundred hundred stones.

Meta Throat (SLO).

Reigned Mowinckel (NOR.

In giant slalom, it must go back to the top for Shirin, which has won two of the four hitherto rings of this winter months as well as leads the technique globe mug. In enhancement to Slalom-Expert Altova, particularly the Sweden Sara Hector as well as France's Tessa Morley, who both have actually already won a giant slalom, make Shirin's victory in this period.

The Swiss vendors rather cool and also maintains the residue less than three secs, however the ending gives you close.

That was absolutely nothing! Nina O'Brien begins rather anxious, right now momentarily and also can not catch the back. A run for neglecting for the United States American, who may have been a little as well a lot here.

The Slovenia also moves a brand-new finest time in the very first section as well as additionally masters the center component without fantastic losses. A number of times Robin is too late on the turns, the last entrance virtually misses her. Rank 10 is still neat.

The next regional matador in gets on the means and can additionally make use of the home advantage. Ana Buck even has the leading 3 on the means before she is in the steep slope two times a little far too late. It remains under a second behind and can assault in the 2nd round!

Marina Basilica Daniel (pol).

Vivianne Harry reveals a wonderful race in her initial 6th World Cup and grabs courageously. That pays out ultimately as well as the Swiss remains in location in position. That might be sufficient for another look on the police!

Mikaela Shirin begins worried in the very first giant slalom after her COVID-19 break as well as is seeking the perfect line for a long time. The American does not cope right here whatsoever, is far also passively traveling and also sheds the top for practically one and a half seconds. The frustration is plainly to take a look at the 26-year-old.

Viewers are not allowed at the track today, but however one listens to a variety of shooting calls for Meta Throat. Of this, the neighborhood matador in full of power is steaming down the hill, tape-recorded a new ideal time in the last market and pushes fourth location. There's something else!

Solid! The Canadians had actually currently convinced in Zagreb as well as make it today. Valerie Greater strikes full of the very first second and goes to the front. Despite 2 little cobblers on the last meters, it continues to be behind a 2nd behind.

Vanessa Jasper (SUI).

Elisa Porringer (AUT).

The over float of the last wintertime has not come in ride this year and also is still very hard today on the initial meters. The 1: 07.46 minutes will certainly not remain the top time.

Elena Burton (ITA).

Ski Alpine: Ladies Giant Slalom in Franziska Gorey in Live ticker — before beginning.

Thus far exists with Katharina Performers in fourth area just one Austrian in the leading 20. Can Elisa Porringer change? It takes a look at first rather after that, since the 24-year-old lies back only half a second as she slips off as well as leaving soon before the entryway into the target incline.

Valerie Greater (CONTAINER).

The top 30 brought the very first run of the giant slalom from Franziska Gorey. Mikaela Shirin starts nervous in the initial giant slalom after her COVID-19 break as well as is looking for the optimal line for a long time. The Austrian ladies are still waiting for their first podium in giant slalom this winter months. From a German factor of sight, this time is not much to expect in the giant slalom. In giant slalom, it should go back to the top for Shirin, which has won 2 of the four hitherto rings of this winter months and leads the discipline globe mug.

The conditions are so good that even the greater beginning numbers can currently still drive far ahead. Coralie Wrasse Somber gives away a couple of tenths since it depends on several times the line, however still lands in 7 location.

Petra Altova is currently a course in the slalom anyway and comes in the giant take again and also better. Also, the huge Slovak is not actually at evictions and has too much pressure on the sides. Similar to Shirin before, she sheds almost one and fifty percent secs.

Katharina Feinberger (AUT).

Emma Richer (GER).

Coralie Wrasse Somber (FRA).

The Austrian females are still waiting for their very first platform in giant slalom this winter season. The finest opportunities need to additionally have this time Katharina Feinberger, which the platform in Golden as fourth simply directly missed out on as well as most recently drove to the platform in the slalom.

Hey there and also welcome to the towering dual pack of females in the Slovenian Franziska Gorey! Because there is inadequate snow in Maribor this year, today the following giant slalom of the period is held on the police. It begins at 9.30 clock.

The leading 30 brought the initial run of the giant slalom from Franziska Gorey. At the front, a trio has actually dropped significantly from the competition and hence best chances on the platform. The Sweden Sara Hector is prior to Tessa Morley from France as well as the Italian Marta Passino. The most effective Austrian Katharina performers has behind it as 4th over half a second behind the platform. Simply behind it hides with Michelle ISIN the best-placed Swiss. Of training course we maintain the occasions on the poorer additionally in sight and also report as quickly as something is worth discussing.

Tina Robin (SLO).

Michelle ISIN (Sui).

However, a person radiates gladly in the video camera! Britt Richardson invokes a wonderful run in the snow as well as depends on the finish just nearly two seconds. Thus, the Canadian in the last is probably where Sofia Loggia and also Katharina Feinberger have missed the second pass.

Sofia Loggia (ITA).

Wendy Goldener also comes from the slalom, it makes it truly excellent right here. The Swiss is exceptionally early the turns, differing some grooves and also clearly launches the ski at every chance. Simply behind your Lands woman Michelle ISIN is on placement six.


Hector in front of Morley and Passino.

The next Swiss gets on the way. Michelle ISIN looks much looser as well as more relaxed on the boards as the athletes prior to as well as is great at. In the curvy center area, she sheds a few tenths, starting in the goat's slope and ranks in 3rd place.

Katharina Troupe (AUT).

Vivianne Harry (Sui).

Maria Therese Tiber (NOR).

Nina O'Brien (United States).

Marie Therese Scorer (AUT).

Alice Robinson (NZL).

DSV duo at the beginning.

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Ana Buck (SLO).

Warm welcome.

From a German point of view, this time is not much to anticipate in the giant slalom. Lena Burr begins just in Slalom and Jessica Dillinger, that last celebrated its finest World Cupresentat in Zagreb with ranking 21, missing out on since of a positive corporate examination.

Mind First Boltzmann (NOR).

The next Norwegian is much like their teammates not really pure in this giant slalom. Tiber makes no harsh errors, but still loses constantly.

Ricardo Hawser (AUT).

Like many slalom specialists in the past, Katharina Feinberger has nothing to report in this giant take. One of the most self-confident and lately effective Austrian can just tremble his head in the target as she sees that she has lost whopping 2 and also a half secs.

The Colin is not in advance after 2 excellent efficiencies in Courchevel. Marina Basilica Daniel has Aegean issues to keep their skis on program and also have to battle properly so as not to prevent. A mighty impact, the 27-year-old corresponds equally and leaves at the very least 2 rivals behind him.

Bitter! Katharina Huber places actually well and is first of the top time, however after that unexpectedly sheds a great deal of time. The air is completely out after 45 secs as well as the Austrian rescues the line 25 through the line.

Katharina's performers are at very first with its very own driving style on the police initially on the road and turn on top time. Between component, the Austrian lies something, after that switches up in the steep incline however again a gear and drives a few tenths out once more. A solid race is rewarded 4 and also an excellent beginning placement for the last.

OSV expect Feinberger.

Britt Richardson (CONTAINER).

Certainly, the Frenchwoman in Lien contains positive self-image on the course. Total danger does not function and does not drive far more controlled than Passino before. It is limited for the lead.

Switzerland sends the exact same seven professional athletes in these giant coring on the police. The hopes are primarily thing on the 2 ladies who have actually already made it to the Riesenslalom platform in the existing season. Lara Gut-Behrami was in Golden placed two collection, Michelle ISIN in Coeuchevel in third area. Certainly, Wendy Goldener is constantly a top positioning. The team of Andrea Kellenberger, Simone Wild, Vivianne Harry as well as Vanessa Jasper is completed. Camille Last, Melanie Mallard as well as Aline Danish are not there after positive corporate examinations at the start of the year.

The next 2 Austrians can not polish the combined overall results of red-white-red. Elisabeth Apparel sheds the top for practically 4 seconds and also missing the last along with Chiara Mere, which, after a rugged carver, even further drops back also more and also, to all, are plentiful the knee. With any luck absolutely nothing happened there.

Third prank for Shirin?.

Ski Alpine: The Stand in the Ladies Giant Slalom World Cup.

Reigned Mowinckel needs to know today and consistently assault each goal. Besides some little poles, that looked rather cool and also the Norwegian rejects directly following to Shirin and also Altova.

Mikaela Shirin (USA).

Tessa Morley (FRA).

Alice Robinson lies on Furious and is much front at the initial time! However, that can not hold the New Zealand. She runs the risk of as well much in the high slope, bouncing two times and also then flies virtually completely. Robinson still conserves the run, but runs out the competition temporally.

Ski Alpine: Giant Slalom of the girls in Franziska Gorey now in the online ticker.

Paula Molten (USA).

Paula Molten has her troubles in this giant door line and also is a lot also late. The American slides the outdoors winter sports away as well as there are a few tenths flutes again.

Articles as well as video clips regarding the topic. Newcastle Escapades: Mass Shares, Imprisonment, Record Red. Top sporting activity survive DAZN. Register currently! Can be terminated at any moment regular monthly.

Wendy Goldener (SUI).

Ski Alpine: Giant Slalom of the girls in Franziska Gorey today on television and also Livestream.

As so usually, there are numerous options to go after today's race on TV — both in the ARD and on Eurosport you can visit. In public law, however, you just discover a real-time program for the first run, the second is merely summarized at 14 o'clock. EUROSPORT shows both complete size passages.

The path still makes a very excellent impact. So it can not truly be that no one comes right here near the ideal time. Mind First Boltzmann drives it however at the very least tactically creative, makes no mistakes and allow the ski run well in the end. 5 area!


Marie Therese Scorer likewise concentrates on the police first on tomorrow's slalom. The Austrian brings their run tidy down, yet barely threat and clearly misses the leading 30.

Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT).

Sara Hector (SWE) | Winner | Women's Giant Slalom | Kranjska Gora | FIS Alpine

Simone Wild does not recognize her name this moment and rides it instead fixed as a video game. There is also little energy in it to drive much ahead. An endure run finishes in area 20th.

Andrea Kellenberger (Sui).

Seven Swiss.

Setting -- |--|- 1|Hector|1: 07.23 2|Morley|+0.08 3|Passino|+0.23 4|Army|+0.76 5|Throat|+0.80

Marta Passino (ITA).

Katharina Huber (AUT).

The very same puts on the online deal of the ARD, on sportsman.DE you can see both runs live. Eurosport provides a livestream, the Eurosport gamer is chargeable.

Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI).

Simone Wild (SUI).

In between the rankings 8 and also 13 all 7 seconds. Right there, Elena Burton from Italy is now entailed after a solid run.


280. 2 Petra Altova Tessa Morley 5

Clara Darren (FRA).

Elisabeth Apparel and Chiara Mere (AUT).

Lara Gut-Behrami goes completely differently and drives with an incredibly slim line straight to the entrances. Really quick is not that! The Swiss loses continually and posted the slowest time to date.

Ramona Siebenhofer has no stress on the ski today and also battles from one goal to the following. Nothing fits with each other and also there is a monstrous two seconds.

Two Swiss are up. Andrea Kellenberger is attempting, however with some technical mistakes itself the possibility for an excellent beginning placement. Rated 23 should now hope that it suffices for the last.

Sofia Loggia is definitely not very at the front as a rate queen, however regardless of some technological insufficiencies, it first makes it fairly neat. In the goats, nevertheless, you head out however the puffs and there is a whole second on the top.

Ricardo Hawser additionally offers well and is long ahead ten programs, yet in the end, the Austrian is the smoke out. In the target hang, she rises for an entire secondly.

The initial German gets on the method! Emma Richer makes this giant slalom rather well with her 18 years and initially has chances of the leading 30, yet at the end breaks in and also drops back to heading 35.

Finally, you can likewise access DAZN. In the subscription of the streaming solution, both Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 are included — and thus the giant slalom in Franziska Gorey. This and also numerous more sports (football, US sports, tennis, darts, fighting styles, motorsport,...) gets you monthly for 14.99 euros or each year for 149.99 euros.

This is possible here a lot. Clara Darren masters the giant slalom very classy and also without terrific patter as well as slides with number 29 in position 13th.


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