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Ski Alpin: Slalom of gentlemen in Wengen now in the live ticker

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At the end of the World Cup weekend of men in Wen gen, a slalom takes place today. Here you can follow both runs in the live ticker.

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Ski Alpine: Slalom of men in Wen gen today in the Live ticker — The Top 5 at a glance

Rank Name time
1. Henrik Kristoffersen 0: 51,27
2. Manuel Feller +0,11
3rd Sebastian FOSS Rolvaag +0,58
4. Ramon Zenhäusern +0.62
5. Clement Noel +0.62

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Ski Alpine: Slalom of gentlemen in Wen gen now in the live ticker

Manfred Mold (ITA)

Meanwhile, the slope has stabilized something. Absolute top times are no longer in it, but under the best ten you can safely drive. However, Manfred Mold does not succeed — rank 19.

Alexander Khoroshilov (US)

Alexander Khoroshilov is currently clearly removed as a former top driver from his top level. The Russian sometimes does not clean the ski clean, slips one or another momentum. This will remain on the track two seconds.

Stefan Hamlin (SLO)

At the terrain crossing Stefan Hamlin builds a serious mistake, must take the belonging ride out. That's how it costs him rhythm, the Slovene is often too late and lures more than four seconds.

Johannes Stroll (AUT)

Then the winner of Adelaide is at the start. Of course, today we do not expect such a hussar piece again today. But with increased self-confidence, Johannes Stroll goes well again today. The top 10 misses the Vorarlberg by a good two tenths.

Giuliano Ravioli (ITA)


Good showed in this winter Giuliano Ravioli. With the season highlight in view, the Olympic champion from 2010 becomes a factor. Even the Italian only loses around one second, which is due to a not insignificant part of the slopes of the slope. Rank 9!


Fully risk then goes to Tanguy New. And that pays off. With a little luck, the Swiss comes through, loses only a good one second and creates it under the best ten.

Fabio Stream (AUT)

Now Fabio Stream lays down and strives for a very narrow line. For a long time, the Goldener is perfect, is only four tenths behind. That's the top 3 in the air. But just before the destination, a mistake happens, a second is gone, which is why only 13th place is 13.

Filip Public (CRO)

Fast device Filip Public in the hindrance. And then the Croat also has bad luck. Breaking a strange, which then slits down the valley and comes to the cross with a left swing. He deviates this very strongly, which is however a matter of time and throws him back to the end of the class.

Daniel Yule (Sui)

Thus, it is on Daniel Yule to talk out the potential of the sloping slope. The Swiss makes that good, despite the beatings, ribs and tubs. So the 28-year-old limits his deficit to under a second, which means rank 8.

Kristopher Jacobsen (SWE)

Now Kristopher should show Jacobsen, which is still here. But the Swede can not implement this in Wen gen. Fast is half a second. And then a pole beats him on the ski for a left swing. The Scandinavian device from the balance and misses the following goal.


Loïc Mallard winds herself sent by the course, but then loses something the courage. The Swiss skin so a bit of the brake, do not risk everything anymore. So one and a half seconds stay on the track, which means the red lantern.

Luca Arena (Sui)

Luca arena moves similarly liquid. But the Swiss is not so fast as Stress is not traveling. But without the big mistake below, the 28-year-old comes in the area of ​​German in the target.

Ski Alpine: Slalom of men in Wen gen now in the Live tick Starter currently tenth

Linus Stressed (GER)

Very supple shows Linus Stressed on the legs, winds wind by the rods. The DSV athlete exposes that there is still something in the piste. In the meantime, the 29-year-old place 4 has been visually. But then there is another mistake, which raises him more than a second. Pity!

David Riding (GBR)

Above, David Riding drives strong, is close to the best time. In the form, however, the Brit does not bring down. And that can not be explained solely with the slope. Rank 8!

Michael Matt (AUT)

Then Michael Matt pushes off. The Tyrolean is currently on form search. And that is not successful today. The 28-year-old trembles around his Olympic ticket and can not collect arguments for this. Far more than a second behind it sets the goal.

Alex Vintage (ITA)

Researchers it comes to Alex Vintner. But the Italian does not move close enough to the bars. So away the 22-year-old meter by meter. Despite the fairly clean driving record lack of time — 7th place!

Alexis Pinault (FRA)

Already the next big name is on the way. When Alexis Pinault present, however, the shape is missing. The Wengen-Triumphator not found in the barrel, the music clearly lags behind. There are almost one and a half seconds remain. Whether this package looks Frenchman disbelief bargain.

Clement Noel (FRA)

Now Clement Noel pushes into the hillside. On the objectives set by his trainer course the winner of 2019 and 2020 ought to get along. But that the Frenchman does not. Coinciding with the 24-Zenhäusern Large comes in fourth in below.

Manuel Feller (AUT)

Very good place Manuel Feller into the barrel. Now the front-runner could have some competition. The Tyrolean plowing through the rod forest. Down but he does not run clean throughout. This costs the tenth, missing the target.

Ramon Zenhäusern (SUI)

Excited we are, of course, to the Swiss in their home game. Finally, in Wen gen also spectator may be. But Ramon Zenhäusern is falling far short serve up some drive from Kristoffersen. Six tenths gets the Eidgenosse aufgebrummt.

Sebastian FOSS Rolvaag (NOR)

After ligament surgery on his left-hand now Sebastian FOSS Rolvaag his compatriot does not come close to the performance. Even the Norwegians do not act quick enough between the gates. Minor errors are added. Only at the very bottom of the 30-year-old forced to remain just six tenths behind but.

Marco Schwarz (AUT)

It follows Marco black. The Carinthian is not as rapid advances, it lacks some of its aggressiveness. The cautious approach cost-tenth to tenth — about eight in total. This is quite lush residue.

Alpine skiing: Slalom in Wen gen NOW LIVE Scores — Start

Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR)

Now opened Henrik Kristoffersen the slalom in Wen gen. The complete slope is in shadow, the view is still fine. The Norwegian drives the liquid course through excellent. Since no errors are virtually visible. That should be a challenge to the competition.

Alpine skiing: Slalom in Wen gen NOW LIVE Scores — Before the start

Before the start: Conditions: In the Bernese Overland reign best conditions. At temperatures just below freezing, the sun shines from the blue sky. The slope is prepared'Manichean' tough. What the athletes preparing with their special material would not worry, not to master for normal skiers. Especially the icy final slope is not navigable for non-professionals.

Before the start: German sextet! In the handsome number, the German Ski Association is at the start. Six men want to face competition. Special attention we have to Linus Stressed (Number 11), the third of Adelaide. Furthermore, we expect Anton Trammel (40), Julian Ranch foot (53), Fabian Himmelsbach (55), David Letterer (60) and Alexander Schmidt (67).

Before the start: daily task: As a challenge waiting for the 67 athletes an almost 650-meter-long runway. From the start of 1475 meters, the course is set by Simone Delhi the way over the 194 vertical meters down to the finish. The Italian coach in the service of the French Federation has set 64 gates.

Before the start: The race in Wen gen the fourth World Cup slalom in the season 2021/22. With Clement Noel, Sebastian Foss-Solevag and Johannes Stroll, there were three different winners so far. From a German perspective Linus Stressed has the best chances of the top places. At last slalom in Adelaide he drove in third place on the podium.

Before the start: The first run starts today at 10.15, the second run with the top 30 riders from the first run then at 13.30.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the slalom in Wen gen.

Alpine skiing: Slalom in Wen gen today live on TV and live stream

The slalom in Wen gen you can now live on TV and follow the live stream. On free TV the IDF and Eurosport show the last race in the Swiss ski resort.

In the ZDF-Mediathek and Euro Sports Player of the slalom is also broadcast on the live stream. But the official streaming channel is not free unless your offering using the free month.

Thanks to cooperation between Eurosport and DAZN see DAZN -Under hour everything on Eurosport 1 and 2 Eurosport runs — so today the slalom in Wen gen.

A DAZN subscription cost either monthly 14.99 euros or 149.99 euros a year subscription.

Articles and videos about the topic Wen gen: DSV offenders disappoint Wade strong second in Gaucheness Straw 2022 in Kitzbühel: Date, Dates, Tickets, Transmission on TV and Livestream at the Hahnenkamm Race Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. Ski Alpine: The current state of the Gentlemen World Cup Rank | Name | Points - 1. | Marco Matt | 1075 2. | Aleksander Almost Wilde | 685 3rd | Matthias Mayer | 592 4. | Vincent Grammar | 524 5. | Beat Feud | 447 6. | Dominik Paris | 406 7. | Alexis Pinault | 382 8. | Henrik Kristoffersen | 349 9. | Manuel Feller | 341 10. | Niels Hinterland | 242


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