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Wow: 10 features that need World of Warcraft urgently

With the upcoming extension, the WoW developers of Blizzard are at an unwanted crossroads. After two expansions that arrived at the players rather so semi-well, and a gigantic sexism scandal last summer, have barely left a stone on the other and started during Shadow lands, the course of the MMOs to change. A Community Council has been set up in order to get better feedback in the future and - the actual sticking point - you want to finally hear this feedback and implement it. The wellness patch 9.1.5 , who brought tons of comfort adjustments last autumn, should only be the beginning. But these big words have to follow but also actions. Blizzard must provide a blast extension with patch 10.0 so as not to sink into the depths of the grinding current. The former motto More from the well-known will not participate much longer - not only due to the announcements on the part of Blizzard, that everything will now be much better.

10 features that can save wow!

Of course, we do not know how such a blast extension could look in detail. However, we have created a list of 10 features that are indispensable in our eyes (and in the eyes of many users in different WoW forums) to lead WOW back to old splendor. In our top 10, in addition to obvious features that are to be read in almost every forum post, even some things that fly more than the radar, but have a lot of potential in our eyes.

The entire list and justifications on the individual features can be found in the following video. Who wants to fly over quickly, for which we have summarized the list in a compact form.

Here is a short summary of our required features:

  • Number 1: Abolition of Factional Len ques
    • Will Blizzard prevent the extinction of the Alliance, needs to be traded. And is the categorical separation of the games shank at all?
  • number 2: challenging solo content
    • The return of the magic tower has shown that many players appreciate such content. Why are things like fighting guilds or fire sample treated so stepmother?
  • Number 3: More and better time immigration content
    • Here Blizzard lies much potential that it almost hurts.
  • Number 4: Solo Dungeons
    • Other MMOs show how well it can work to visit dungeons with NPCs, for example, to experience only the story.
  • Number 5: Content in Zeroth
    • With every extension new areas come into play. But do the many old areas have to be completely broke?
  • number 6: new class or playing

Over 5 years, it's that a new class came into play. And today we even have fewer ranged specs than even Classic times. number 7: Weapons and arms stand for our sets In over 17 years Wow (Buy Now) we have collected so many cool sets - we only present you nowhere, except in a small window in the interface. Number 8: Housing Actually, you do not have to say anything about it - what are the developers waiting for? number 9: Revision of the professions Dragons and Titans were loved, but my hero can not pull flower out of the earth if he did not learn it? Number 10: Account Wide! Except for a few exceptions, everything should be bound to an account and no longer at individual characters in our eyes.

Of course there are plenty of other things that Blizzard Wow could make a better game again. From comprehensible stories about the return of the looter to things like less Treating - the list is almost endless. However, the above ten points are largely maintained for compulsory features with which Blizzard at least have to deal with.

Are you true of our list or do you prefer to see some of that in WOW? Or are you missing some points in our list? Betrays us in the comments.


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