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International weeks against racism: joint action with city portfolio and fanport

_ Before the home game against SV Straelen, the SC Prussia worked together with its guests an important sign of peace and the peaceful coexistence of all people. One day later, the young stars of the sports club also picked up this sign and also gathered behind the message "Peace - Мир - Peace". A sign that comes from full conviction in the club. And these these days in which a war is run on European soil, more important than ever appears, and it requires to occur for safely believed values ​​such as peace and freedom. Already before the events, the SC Prussia had decided together with the city portfolio of Münster and the fan, on the occasion of this year's "international weeks against racism" to carry out a joint action. More info in the following lines: _ When the Prussia Stadium rose against racism in February 2020, it was a reaction that was convinced in seconds and stirred from the deep heart. In these minutes, the fans of the SC Prussia Münster showe

F1 2021: Video series: Formula 1 2021 race in Bahrain

The Formula 1 season 2022 is in the starting blocks and we are all hot to the new Bolids of Formula 1 teams. That's why we thought, how about exciting F1 2021 races as an incentive? On the Youtube Channel of Microsoft Store you can look at "exciting" races in the most beautiful 4k quality and fingers. The racing game F1 2021 - 69.99 Euro you can currently buy in the Microsoft Store. Which team is your favorite? Which routes do you like? Let's know us in the comments. Suggestions and improvements to our videos are of course always welcome. The following routes are driven: Bahrain Australia Monaco Japan Belgium Portugal Italy imola Saudi Arabia 10. Netherlands Today there is the first video from Bahrain: If you want to support us, then this video will be shared, Subscribed the Microsoft Store YouTube channel, leaving a thumbs up, if you liked the video - and activates the bell to be immediately notified as soon as you will be notified A new vid

A rumor that the market is denied that the rumor is negative with "I can't release new work this year".

Shanghai Financial Media Fujin, Inc. reported that China's domestic game company stock prices have dropped significantly. According to the reporting, in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 22, "XD Network (-11.79%)" "Bilibili (-9.59%)" "Tencent (-5.23%)" "Net Ys (-3.77%)" is famous It is said that a major decrease was seen in the stock price of game-related companies. The media points out the existence of the rumor that "the regulation to the game field becomes strong again this year" as its factor. Especially "Tencent", who has experienced a significant stock price drop from 10% or more last year, was expected to "eat relaxation" on the investor community site. (Posts that had been aware of the rumor later have been deleted for each account.) The other day South China Morning Post conveys the information of the relationship of the relationship that the Chinese authorities prioritize "reduction of

MCU Skins arrive at Marvel Avengers in the control of the Red Room

At the time of Marvel's Avengers' premiere at E3 2019, it was clear that Crystal Dynamics did not manufacture MCU video game. It was going to be his own thing with his own version of the emblematic characters. Some fans were shaken by the first look at some of the characters like Thor, Black Widow and Captain America. Maybe we got used to see Chris Hemsworth, Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans in the roles. All comics characters have different variations on their outfits and Marvel's Avengers reflected it with the different cosmetic products available. Recently, Crystal Dynamics has unveiled its intention to release "outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematographic Universe". It was just a matter of time before it arrives. You can not ignore the success and popularity of MCU movies. There are already some references to the movies in the game. After defeating the countryside, every Avenger can enter Thor's room and attempt to lift Mjolnir, as in Avengers: the

Horizon Forbidden West The Ruins Guide of Long Coast Ruins

So he went to the West Coast but has problems with the prohibited West_ the ruin puzzle of the Long Coast relic. Or have problems finding it on the map or need help solving the puzzle that is in that ruin. Fortunately, we have the guide for you here. Horizon Forbidden West The Ruins Guide of Long Coast Relics: Where is it located? Horizon Forbidden West The Long Coast Relic Ruin Guide - Resolving the Puzzle Part 1 Horizon Forbidden West The Long Coast Relic Ruin Rui - Solving the Puzzle Part 2 Horizon Forbidden West The Ruins Guide of Long Coast Relics: Where is it located? As the name suggests, The Long Coast Relic Ruin is at the west end of the map. Specifically, it is hidden in a small forest northeast of the Thornmarsh settlement. While it is very likely that you already have this tool at this point of the game, you should say that you will need the Igniter tool to solve this puzzle. If you just fill out the map to this point and you have not been doing the missions of the m

ADAC Summer Ripe Test 2022: No total failure

A positive summary has drawn the ADAC after its summer tire test 2022: The specimens could convince as good as every1. Although no candidate cut off with "very good". But: the predicate "recommended" or even "especially recommended" won almost everyone. Summer tires for SUVs Candidates for the little ones Pay attention to the tread depth On the one hand, 18 for compact SUVs had presented suitable tires of the dimension 215/60 R 16 99 V and 16 small car pneus in the format 185/65 R15. The former had to prove to a Skoda Karoq, the latter at a VW Polo. Summer tires for SUVs Summer tires for compact SUVs: please click to enlarge. Adac As a test winner under the SUV tires, Continental PremiumContact 6 and Michelin Primacy 4, both of which were considered with the overall score 2.1. Also one of the "good" top-five can be Bridgestone Turanza T005, Dunlop Sport Bluresponse and Toyo Proxes Comfort. The fact that there is a relatively small money a

Antwerp praises Aytekin: "Strong performance" with "charisma"

Lautern's goalkeighter Terrence Boyd, who awarded in the 55th minute in front of the empty gate, showed itself self-critical after the goatless draw: "It was a strange game. You could not really interpret it, everything was possible on both sides," says the Striker after wrapping with "MagentaSport". "I'm pissed because I could give the team the victory and actually had to be. I'm disappointed with myself." Götzes injury "so bitter" FCK coach Marco Antwerp was satisfied with the draw as a whole: "Today we have repeated defensive stability today. We knew that here is a serious away game today. For me, the draw is deserved, we like to take the point ", that's the 50-year-old. Alone the injury of Felix Götze, who had to leave the field after a good quarter of an hour, threw a shadow on the game: "very bitterly. The foot is swollen immediately and he had to get out. That's so bitter for the boy who is always con

FCN rehabilitates - Werner misses reh hail record

Klautich 'Clocksen - Regensburg continues loses In Saturday evening, the 1st FC Nuremberg has returned to the most recent 0: 5- and 1: 4 defeats and allowed after the 2-0 against Jahn Regensburg again carefully crushed up. With Köpke (35th, after wonderful Möller-Daehli flank) and Duman (55th, first second division), two players met, the coach Robert Klauß had once ordered to the starting eleven. Duman also failed at the lath (62.). The Jahn remained loseless in front of the gate and conceded the fourth defeat in series. Klautich 'Clocksen - Regensburg continues loses Bilbija shocks Werder late Triple change brings fresh wind at the HSV KSC overflows the storks Schalke Churlinov just negligently, then ice cold Penalty decision in Dresden causes discussions Bilbija shocks Werder late In the afternoon, Werder coach Ole Werner had the chance to set the record of Otto Rehhagel (eight victories in consequence) with a victory against undertaking Ingolstadt. Between Primus and tail

Steam makes 8 games free before the next festival

The Great Steam Next Fest event of Steam will soon arrive with the next great game show festival scheduled to start February 21, but PC players do not have to wait so long to take advantage of some Steam's exclusive opportunities. The platform is having another of its weekends full of free-to-play with eight different titles for free limited time. The only drawback, of course, is that these games are free for you to play, not for the preserves completely. Free weekends are quite common in Steam, but it is relatively rare to see so many games included in the free weekend unless some kind of event is happening. Regardless of the reason why all these free games have aligned over a weekend, you can start playing them for free now if you need to try something for the next few days. Free Games for the weekend are then along with brief descriptions of each one to share more information about what they are treated, although it probably does not need much information about the first ga

"Very positive sign": Captain's house thick remains at Werder

"If the captain will extend your contract with Lina Kürne, it is of course a very positive sign for all involved and with a view to the future," Birte Brüggemann, department head for women's and girls' football at Werder, is quoted on the website of the Bremen. The joy is also entirely on the part of the coach Thomas Horsch: "Lina house thick counts not only because of your office to the supports of the team, but is also progressing through your way of playing and is an absolute confidant for me. It makes me very happy that we are very happy Collaboration can continue beyond the season and I can continue to accompany them in their development. " In the summer of 2017, the 24-year-old moved from Jena to Bremen. Since then, house thicks ran in 91 games for the SVW and scored seven goals. "As a whole team, we have evolved in the last few months and I am convinced that we have not yet reached at the end of this process. As captain I stand in particular r

Successor for popular minecraft

The game terraria appeared 11 years ago, but fans still excited today with the iconic pixels and crafting mechanics . Soon a successor could appear. An indication have discovered fans with the developer himself. Terraria: The Open World game gets a successor? terraria: fans trust the roast not quite Terraria: The Open World game gets a successor? Terraria is one of the games in which one can sink days, weeks and months and still always experienced new things. Fans are enthusiastic about the many possibilities that the game offers and over the years kept new content - so only recently the 1.4.4 "The Labour of Love" update . On the official Twitter channel of Terraria Creator Andrew Spinks, fans have now discovered the hint that a terraria 2 could already be in planning. To see are now the words " Terraria 2 - A New Age ". Will that be a successor? An official statement does not exist yet - but in the social media is already properly speculated, how a new game

Life is Strange Remastered: An unnecessary and broken update

For many years, the Life-Is-Strange series enjoys great popularity. So, of course, the joy was great, as during the E3 2021 a new edition of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before The Storm was announced. A graphic update of the games of 2015 and 2017, which came to the years, that sounded quite promising. Well, the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, and with a look at the test version can only be said: This update could have saved Square Enix. Not only are the improvements marginal, suddenly there are bugs and mistakes that did not exist so before. Table of Contents Which changes were announced? Errors, mistakes and more mistakes! My opinion Nothing has changed to history. Life is strange puts one in the role of Max Caulfield, an 18-year-old photography student. After you had to pull away five years before game start with your parents, you return to your hometown for your studies and will be confronted directly with several problems. Among other things, you prepare the c

Lost Ark: What is the PowerPass and how do you get him?

The release of Lost Ark is now a few days back, but the players continue to have numerous questions through their heads. A particularly interesting topic are the so-called Powerpasses . What are this actually? How do you put her right? How do you ever get her? We provide you with the most important information at this point. What exactly is the PowerPass in Lost Ark? How to get a PowerPass in Lost ARK: What exactly is the PowerPass in Lost Ark? The PowerPass is a feature that allows you to make a character immediately on level 50 without having to level him in classical manner. A simpler mouse click is enough to miss a freshly created hero this level 50 booster . This is logically a tremendous time savings and is above all for twink characters excellently suited. How to get a PowerPass in Lost ARK: To get a PowerPass in Lost ARK (Buy Now 19.99 €), you must first bring a character to the classic level path on stage 50 and complete the story campaign. This runs up to a ques

Clash Royale stars the most original protest and from Supercell starts from laughter

Few communities insist so much on balancing the patches and that of Clash Royale. Each month, either in Reddit or Twitter, groups of discontent players break into the official publications of the editor, demanding nerfs to the maps or any other improvement. Recently, a player expressed his anger in a fairly original way, physically going against Supercell's facilities in Helsinki, Finland. Once there, he peacefully manifested himself the disagreement of him with the swinging of the game, by drawing in the snow the words "Nerf Miner" , so that his message was seen by the developers in charge of the notes of the patch. Supercell transmitted the message on his social networks, joking about the forms taken by the complaints of the community. If you are a Clash Royale veteran, you know that the miner ** is one of the most striking cards at high level. Low cost in Elixir, it is capable of scratching towers without being able to be truly offset, or to build epujones b

RF online, announcing update plans through 'Congetal Table'

CCR (Representative Yoon Seok-ho, CCR), the PC Online MMORPG 'RF Online Original (RF Online), which is a SF material developed and served, and update plans in the' National Fair Table 'to communicate and comments I announced. The 'Korean Congetal Conference' was invited Users who enjoyed 'RF Online', converging users' opinions, and in the form of a user's conference to guide to future update directions. This meeting was held while compliant with thorough defense rules. First, the meeting announced on the future update plan. Major updates include adding content to enhance the permissions of the patriarch and update of migration, updates of mine, and enhancing PVP balance, enhancing the PVP balance, and more. In addition, the application plan, such as 'abrangular system', which can be added to the equipment currently in use, and the application plans such as the functions for user convenience were also announced and received the interest

From the catwalk to the slopes: Jamaikas Alexander is Alpin

With over a minute behind the Swiss winner Marco Odermatt, Benjamin Alexander on Sunday in Giant Slalom was not nearly at the top places - "But I've won my gold medal already at the opening ceremony," said the 38-year-old with a view of his Role as a flag carrier. That he has qualified at all, borders a miracle. In 2016, the native Englishman was the first time on ski. "Two years ago I drove my first race." His career path is an unusual. "But when I experienced the games in Pyeongchang in 2018 in 2018, I wanted to be there myself," said the most popular man on Sunday. "The residue I have, I can not catch up anymore. I would have started earlier, would be more possible," Alexander, inspired by the cult film "Cool Running". The sports comedy is based on the former Jamaican Bob driver Dudley Stokes and its crew, who defied all adversities to qualify for the 1988 winter games in Calgary. "I need challenges. And I want to mak

[Indian] Facing yourself through the scheduled death, Apoppis

'Apopos 99942' is called asteroids. The asteroids found in 2004 have passed the solar system and passed through the Earth, and the astronomers have accessed the districts in 2029, which are more likely to go to the district with a probability of 2.7%. When this planet, which is a member of New York's specialty, the defeated length, the damage occurring when it crashes on the Earth's manpower, the damage that occurs when it crashes in the Earth's manpower, and it is a fearful story. What should I do if I know that the world is destroyed with a probability of 2.7%. And what choose if the probability of that 2.7% is realized. The indie game 'apopic', which is a conversation with the people who want to prepare for the last, ahead of the destruction, and the Indie Games 'apopic', which is a conversation with the people who want to prepare for the last, is slowly informing themselves and recording themselves, and the opportunity to see themselves. Death

FC Barcelona: Sweeper at Ex-BVB Profi Ousmane Dembélé - Winter

The Zoff between Ousman Dembélé and the FC Barcelona last and continued to move on. After the Frenchman had accused his employer "blackmail", he obviously directs. As the radio station "Cadena Ser" reports, Dembélé is now ready to look for a new club this winter. The 24-year-old saw that he has no future at Barca and wool his World Cup participation does not jeopardize by missing game practice. Only last week, Dembélé had raised serious allegations to his employer. He will "bow no more blackouts," he wrote in the social networks. For four years he had "gossip" and "lies", but now it was concluded. Background: The Football Director of the Catalans, Mateu Alemany, had previously announced the separation of Dembélé with immediate effect in a video published on the Homepage of Club and accused the former Dortmund professional: "It is obvious that the player is not at Barcelona wants and is not committed to Barça's future pr

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers win thanks to strong second half

After the disappointing bankruptcy against the Pacers during the week, the Los Angeles Lakers are started with a 116: 105 success at the Orlando Magic in their East Coast Trip. The first half of the Lakers still put in the sand, but Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony sink the brave householders. Orlando Magic (8-39) - Los Angeles Lakers (23-23) 105: 116 (Boxscore) Los Angeles Lakers: Strong second half brings the victory Orlando Magic (8-39) - Los Angeles Lakers (23-23) 105: 116 (Boxscore) LeBron ended the game as Topscorer and gathered a total of 29 points (12/23 FG, 2/7 threesome), 7 rebounds and 5 assists, but also made 6 ball losses. The turnover as well as the defense for a long time were a problem for the guests from Hollywood, which only after the side change so really spotted and brought themselves to the winning road with a 31: 16-neighborhood in the third round. The Lakers had also owed to Carmelo Anthony next to LeBron , which scored 19 of his 23 points in the second half

Ubisoft Knallhart: GTA

With Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft launched a third attempt in October 2020, to establish the on-site GTA alternative in the market. But apparently the plans were not crowned by success, because now it was officially known the update-out for the Open World Hit. Watch Dogs: Legion - No more updates for the Open World Game Watch Dogs gave away too much potential Watch Dogs: Legion - No more updates for the Open World Game While GTA online has been supplied by Rockstar Games with new content since more than 8 years, Ubisoft is at Watch Dogs: Legion after less than one and a half years the puffs already out. As part of an official blog entry, the developers assessed that the Title Update 5.6, which was rolled out in September 2021 the last update for the Open World game was and there would be no other big patches. Source: ubisoft). This applies to both the single and multiplayer, who found his way into the game in March 2021. In online mode, players can currently take part on the Season

Basketball: again Corona outbreak at BBL

At the Syntainics MBC from the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), eight professionals have become quarantined for positive coronate tests. That made the club from Weissenfels known on Thursday. The encounter attached to Saturday night at the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg was canceled as no eight regular players are currently available. The person concerned, according to the Mitteldeutsche BC "the circumstances are correspondingly good, they show no or only mild symptoms". The quarantine should go by the end of the coming week. For the next home game on 6 February against Job Stairs Giessen 46ers, the MBC has submitted an application for relocation at the league. Over this has not been decided yet. On Wednesday, the BBL announced that in the first round despite Corona 93 percent of all games could be completed. In League and Cup, 152 played 141 took place. Eleven were relocated to active due to COVID-19, five are already recalled.

Up to 11 studies would be working on the new Call of Duty

After the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft , many are questioning about the future of call of duty. We do not know if these games will continue to be launched annually, however, it seems that the This year's delivery could be developed up to 11 studies. According to RALPHSVALVE , a reliable insider that has been very clever with the information of it, Activision Blizzard has designated 11 studies to work on what is rumored could be a sequel to call Of Duty: Modern Warfare . Specifically, this insider notes that the studies involved are the following: - Demonware - HIGH MOON Studios - Toys for Bob - Infinity Ward Austin, TX - Infinity Ward Poland - INFINITY WARD, LA - Beenox - Activision - RAVEN Software - Sledgehammer - TREYARCH Apparently, this new Call of Duty will be much more ambitious and extensive than any of its predecessors, to the point that it could be considered as "the next evolution for the saga". At the moment, Activ

Activision confirms CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare 2 for this same year

Activision has confirmed that this year's call of duty will be a sequel to Modern Warfare's reboot published in 2019. The American company has revealed that Infinity Ward returns to be responsible for the production work of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will also arrive accompanied by a renewed version of the popular Battle Royale Warzone mode. Both titles, which will be available in the last quarter of the year, will use a new graphic engine. Regarding Warzone in particular, a "mass evolution" of its format is promised, with a new scenario and a new Sandbox mode. No platforms have yet been announced, but you can assign that we will see it at PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Failure to see if, knowing that it uses a new engine, this year there will be or not versions for the consoles of previous generation, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. This Content is Hosted on an External Platform, Which Will Only Display It If You Accept Targeting Cookies. Please e

The first details of the sequel to Call of Duty are revealed: Modern Warfare

Yesterday, Obligations Developer Infinity Ward and prominent bacalao The filtering resorted to Twitter to advance news today, February 11. According to the first, Call of Duty: War Zone 2 was scheduled to be revealed, but when Infinity Ward also intervened with its own provocation, many began to wonder if the rumored Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 would also reveal, despite the Previous rumors who suggested that it would not be revealed until this summer. Fast progress, and now we have some official news. Activision shared a blog post on Friday that spoke about the state of the various experiences of Call of Duty and what is to come. In that publication, it was confirmed that the Call of Duty game that will be launched this year will be a sequel to _Leclama of duty: Modern War that premiered in 2019. Activision also confirmed the following news: First _ Duty to duty: modern war_ Details of the sequel The Call of Duty this year is a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019. The new game

Top game FCM against FCS

Since nine games the red devil are already without defeat. With a narrow 1: 0 against the Halleschen FC on Saturday, the FCC continued his stunning performance series - and climbed on the 2nd place in the table. New entry Boyd celebrated his debut and was also directly in the starting elf against his ex-club from Halle. Matchwinner was another: Whimsical, who redeemed the Palatine with a precise shot from the penalty area border (38.). Meanwhile, it went up in the stadium Red Earth, where the second team of Borussia Dortmund - peppered with the professionals Moukoko, Passplack and Zagadou - a 2-0 lead against Osnabrück still out of hand. Tigges (35.) and Moukoko (61.) achieved the gates for the BVB, marriage Zagadou caused a penalty. This transformed this substitute Simakala safely (73.). After a glory of Drljaca against Simakala, it seemed like the Dortmund Keeper of the hero, but a little later he tested himself and put on for Simakala, who did not miss the chance to 2-2 (90. + 2 )

World of Warcraft: Blizzard goes against boosting

Anyone who has followed only a few minutes the commercial chat in Blizzards MMORPG World of Warcraft surely saw a flood of news about any "boosts". Guilds, for example, who defeated the last RAID boss on the mythical level of difficulty, sell a kill to individual players for a nice sum of gold. Also, the conclusion of a mythic + contemperature is often sold over the same method. What are Boosting Communities? Blizzard prohibits boosting communities Are single players affected by the ban? That's not banned for yourself as long as it happens within the game. So the Blizzard-Boss Mike Ybarra also participated in the so-called Sellruns and streamed the full side. What are Boosting Communities? Of course, potential buyers want to find players who can provide the desired performance, and potential sellers need players who want to buy a boost. From this principle of offering and demand, the "Boosting Communities" . Especially on the Discord platform, there are

Hogwarts Legacy Insider provides updating on the next trailer

HARRY POTTER Fans are desperate to see more than Legado de Hogwarts , which WB Games continues to reaffirm, will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X this year. For a game that will be launched this year, we have seen very little of Hogwarts_. In fact, we have not seen anything from him since it was announced in 2020, nor have new details about the game have been provided. That said, according to a prominent member of the industry, it is possible that all this is finally changing. On Twitter, Tom Henderson, better known for his firsts on Obligations , _ battle-and gta - dropped Harry Potter a Hogwarts_ Update. According to Henderson, WB Games is ready to show the game, but it's clearly waiting for something. To this end, Henderson suggests that they are waiting for the next PlayStation State of Play, which is rumored to happen soon. Unfortunately, this is the scope of the Henderson update, who does not mention a launch date. Fortunately, an

Xbox on the purchDistributione of Activision Blizzard: "We will continue to be third parties"

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is pending the decision of the regularists. In an interview with Financial Times , the head of the Redmond company, Satya Nadella, hDistribution answered the question of it will have to convince these organisms to give green light to the purchDistributi1. Nadella hDistribution answered that the market is very fragmented and that the purchDistributione of the American giant will not mean that they will be positioned ahead of income, because they will continue to be behind Sony and Tencent. "After all, all these analyzes have been carried out through the prism of the category we were talking about, but what about the structure of the market? Even after the acquisition we will be number three, "said the manager. "This shows how fragmented the content creation platforms are, so this is the fundamental question : Yes, we will be large in a very fragmented segment." You may be interested: all the details of the pu

Mindfactory - PS5-SSD with 1 TB for the best price since Black Friday on offer [advert]

In the so-called Mindstars at Mindfactory, there are now the SSD WD Black SN850 suitable for PS5 with 1 TB memory on offer, for 135 euros. According to the comparison platform Idealo, the model has not been so cheap since Black Friday Sales last year. The shipping, which usually costs at Mindfactory usually 8.99 euros, is free in this case. How long the deal is still running is hard to say. According to Mindfactory, 200 specimens are currently available. The Mindstars can be found here: Mindstars at Mindfactory: WD Black SN850 1 TB for 135 euros The offer price is only visible if you go via the MindstarS page to the product page of the SSD. Otherwise, the normal price will be displayed. How well is the WD Black SN850 suitable for PS5? The WD Black Sn850 is a NVME SSD with the correct form factor to fit in the PS5. With a read speed of up to 7,000 MB / s and a write speed of up to 5,300 MB / s, it is also fast enough for Sony's console. For use in the PlayStation 5, an SSD shou

VfB Stuttgart: Wildlife in the Arena

Especially only nationwide football supporters were pleased to be pleased again, at least in a slightly larger crowd in the stadium, as the "Stuttgarter news" reports that wildlife has made in the arena wide. The animals should not only leave feces on the grandstands, but also bite seats, it was called on Friday night from the environment of the operating company. The damage should already be at a five- to six-digit sum. The relegation threatened VfB receives Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday (15.30 clock, live! At bite seats).

Batman: Arkham Collection appears listed for Nintendo Switch

Batman: Arkham Warner Brosylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight were relaunched in 2018 Warner Bros part of a compilation. They are the three videogames developed by Rocksteady, so Origins, by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, wWarner Bros out of it. Nintendo Switch hWarner Bros not yet received a version of these titles, but according to the French chain WTT - the same one that revealed the existence of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in La Híbrida - This version will be available on August 31. The relationship between Batman: Arkham and Nintendo hWarner Bros not been too narrow in recent years. Only Batman: Arkham City hWarner Bros been marketed in a Kyoto hardware, Warner Bros it wWarner Bros published in Wii U. The previous console of Mario wWarner Bros a failure in what sales is concerned, a cWarner Brose contrary to Nintendo Switch, That does nothing but devWarner Brostate. In the most recent financial report, the Japanese announced that The console had exceeded Wii and Pla

Overwatch 2 could count on a demo and that gives us hope about its development

After the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, many Overwatch fans will finally expect to see the end of the tunnel with a question in mind: Will Overwatch 2 come out one day? According to some Blizzard employees who work on the project, most of the game delay was due to Bobby Kotick, who caused teams to work on projects that were then discarded. But a recent discovery at the Battle.Net site tells us that overwatch 2 launch is getting closer and closer. On Twitter, the Cavalerie Overwatch, one of the largest French communities of OW, this was published: On the official Battle.NET website it would have appeared a version 2.0 of the game that consists of two files: one for developers and another called "demo 2"; The files, of course, are inaccessible at the moment. It would seem that the community of Overwatch was all reason. In fact, they had predicted that there would be news about the game on February 4, since an update of the server and a Battle.Net

A new Warcraft game will come to cell phones this year

The people of Activision Blizzard must be very busy after having been purchased by Microsoft . Many iconic Publisher franchises now belong to the signature of Redmond , and it seems that they definitely have intentions to take advantage of them to the fullest. We say this because Blizzard is already working on a new game of Warcraft , which will apparently arrive at the market this year. As part of the most recent financial report belonging to the last quarter of 2021, Activision Blizzard revealed that they are already working on a new delivery of Warcraft , which will be available exclusively for mobile devices and that according to them, we can wait for this 2022. Because of that, the company did not offer more details about it. In addition to this new Warcraft title, remember that Blizzard is also working on a new IP that announced just a few weeks ago. Of course, we can not forget the developments of _ overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, _ that due to all the internal proble