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FCN rehabilitates - Werner misses reh hail record

Klautich 'Clocksen - Regensburg continues loses

In Saturday evening, the 1st FC Nuremberg has returned to the most recent 0: 5- and 1: 4 defeats and allowed after the 2-0 against Jahn Regensburg again carefully crushed up. With Köpke (35th, after wonderful Möller-Daehli flank) and Duman (55th, first second division), two players met, the coach Robert Klauß had once ordered to the starting eleven. Duman also failed at the lath (62.). The Jahn remained loseless in front of the gate and conceded the fourth defeat in series.

Bilbija shocks Werder late

In the afternoon, Werder coach Ole Werner had the chance to set the record of Otto Rehhagel (eight victories in consequence) with a victory against undertaking Ingolstadt. Between Primus and tail light, an amazingly open game developed with opportunities on both sides. Filling jug failed by head on the lath (40th), before and then Bilbija could have brought the FCI in front (36., 41.). Bremen increased the beat number after restart and demanded in the 58th minute after a push against Füllkrug in vain penalty. In the 74th minute, the pressure on the FCI was then too big, Füllkrug met by head to highly deserved 1: 0. Werder sought the decision, but instead, Bilbija shocked the SVW fans with the late 1: 1 (85th). After seven wins, Werder had to settle with a point.

Triple change brings fresh wind at the HSV

Unchanged compared to the 2-0 against Heidenheim, the HSV went to the game in Sandhausen. The favorite was quickened coldly: Zenga sat down on the right, Testroet held Heyer from the body - 1: 0 for the SVS (15th). In the 34th minute Bachmann remained the cheers over the 2-0 in the throat, the hit was conceded because of a previous handpiece of the scorer. From HSV was a little something to see in half, coach Walter reacted with a triple change for a break. And that helped: Hamburg developed several opportunities, coat finally set 1: 1 (59.). The dominant hanseats started afterwards, but it was no longer enough for the victory. The HSV also leaves feathers in the ascent race, both teams have been unbeaten for four games.

KSC overflows the storks

Chase partner former destroyed home in Norman Oklahoma hail damage Kiel and Karlsruhe met in the table medium field. In the 16th minute, KSC defender O'Shaghnessy grabbed the hammer and welded the leather to the left corner - dream gate of winter red access! Kiel had some good chances to compensate until the break, but also the Baden remained dangerous. In the second section, much less in front of the gates - until Joker lockers in the 68th minute to 2: 0 set for the KSC. There was an offensive to harmless, it remained the second victory in a row for the Karlsruhe.

Schalke Churlinov just negligently, then ice cold

The heads put together: Schalke after the 1: 0 against Paderborn. Imago Images / Kirchner-Media

That Schalke-coach Grammozis was not satisfied with the 1: 2 in Dusseldorf, showed the lineup against Paderborn on Friday evening. He took four changes, among other things, Mikhailov and Churlinov were allowed to ran from the beginning. After a subdued initial phase, S04 struck through a standard, Bülter headed the leather at the short post into the short corner (22nd). In the 38th minute, S04 was lucky that Justvans Schlenzer missed the gate scarce. There was much more thick chances after the break: Churlinov awarded his high-coward to the 2-0 light-ready (61.), SCP striker Srbeny and Terodde failed shortly thereafter on the aluminum. In the 74th minute Churlinov made his mischief with the 2-0 again, and since Fraisl briefly defused the stalked shot of Pröinder, no tension occurred. Schalke has planned, while the SCP removes itself from the ascent ranks after the first outrage of the season.

Penalty decision in Dresden causes discussions

Heidenheim had to live in Dresden without top garter small service (yellow lock) while dynamo could rely on the attack on Daferner (after yellow lock). In an initially tough game, scorchancies were in short supply, Dresden Coach Alexander Schmidt reacted even after not even half an hour even with a double change. Shortly before, Keeper Mitryushkin had just rescued Leiperz (28.). After the break there was also countable: glimmer met by head to the FCH guide (55.), though transformed a more than controversial penalty according to VAR procedure for compensation (59.). The game was then austere, scenes rarely. Only Daferner proved goal-contestation, in the 90th minute FCH-Keeper Kevin Müller defused a shot by seeing footprint. So it remained at the draw in Dresden, for Heidenheim in the ascent race actually too little.

The 23rd match day of the 2nd league at a glance


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