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Horizon Forbidden West The Ruins Guide of Long Coast Ruins

The Long Coast Relic Ruin | Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruin Walkthrough So he went to the West Coast but has problems with the prohibited West_ the ruin puzzle of the Long Coast relic. Or have problems finding it on the map or need help solving the puzzle that is in that ruin. Fortunately, we have the guide for you here.

Horizon Forbidden West The Ruins Guide of Long Coast Relics: Where is it located?

As the name suggests, The Long Coast Relic Ruin is at the west end of the map. Specifically, it is hidden in a small forest northeast of the Thornmarsh settlement.

While it is very likely that you already have this tool at this point of the game, you should say that you will need the Igniter tool to solve this puzzle. If you just fill out the map to this point and you have not been doing the missions of the main history, it deletes the chapter of the history "door of death", get the lighter and then go to the ruin of the relic.

Horizon Forbidden West The Long Coast Relic Ruin Guide - Resolving the Puzzle Part 1

So this ruin relic does not take you by the hand at all. There is no datapads or clues about where the relic is in this area. There are also no keys or key codes that you need to pick up. But it is also a large open industrial factory, abandoned a long time ago, with many moving parts.

First, let's be oriented. Once you reach Relic Ruin, advance more until you are with a puddle of water under a corrected ramp that drives up. You should be able to see a flash of fire shining on the nearby wall. Think of this shallow pool that separates the ruins in two different sections. This will help the ruin look less daunting.

The first section of the ruin with which we will begin should have you surrounded by beams, elevated platforms and pulleys. First look around near the sections of the elevated wall. You should see through a hole that there is something of fire gloss inside. Also, you will see a switch. If you turn it over and look up, you will see that it has caused several pulleys to be balanced and then return after a few seconds. These are key as you can grab these pulleys with your pullcaster.

But before doing any of that, get away from the switch until you see a green moss ramp at your left side. This should allow you to reach a platform with a chest in. You should also see some large scalable bolts in the beams. Read them as you move to the right and you should be on that small box in the form of a box near the pulley switch with a hole in the ceiling. Let yourself fall inside and turn on the flash of fire to give you an output.

Now this is where the puzzle becomes a bit obtuse. It creates it or not, you can actually activate the pulley switch with your pullcaster. This is because the lever has the distinctive blue pulcon hatch. Also, you can do it through the hole in the wall, which gives you a few extra seconds for the next part. This is a detail that you could easily overlook if you came to this ruin at night or you just did not notice because of it. Being such a small detail.

Throw the pulley switch with your pullcaster and immediately run down the output. Hold down the pulley and then jump to the platform on the opposite side. You should see a box at your right side. Locate it to the ground floor and cross the shallow pool under the broken ramp. There should be a slightly submerged entrance so you can take the box to the second part of the ruin.

Horizon Forbidden West The Long Coast Relic Ruin Rui - Solving the Puzzle Part 2

Next, we have the second section of The Long Coast Relic Ruin: the elevator section. Once you have moved the box to this section, you should see an abandoned elevator along with a groove for an energy cell. The good news is that loading the elevator is simple. Turn around after facing the groove of the energy cell and you should see some old stairs. Climb the sections and go to the left. You should see an energy cell on the wall. Soak it and move it as fast as you can towards the groove of the Elevator Energy Cell.

From here, enter the elevator and press the button to climb. While it is in transit, look up. You will see a hatch that you can start with your pullcaster. Do it now, you will save you some problems later. Once you are on the top floor, go out and turn around. You should see some scalable shelves on the outside of the elevator gap. Climb as high as possible and move on the outside until you see a wall that you can slide. If you need help to see where to go, make a quick scan with your focus. You must highlight two small pillars with yellow ridges to show that you can go there. Think of them as a football goal post and slide through the middle.

If you do this well, you should land on the rusty ramp on the shallow pool from the beginning. Look to your left and you should see a second box. Turn on the flash of fire behind you and move the return box to the elevator area.

Once all that is done, you must move these boxes in a certain way. First, move both boxes inside the elevator and upgrade it. Keep a box inside so you can upload and exit through the hatch you opened. Next, push the second box outside the elevator, let yourself fall at ground level and recover the elevator. After that, use the pullcaster to grab on the second floor and go to where the second box is. It should be able to push the box on top of the elevator.

Finally, go down to the ground floor and go up on the elevator. Next, go up the first box through the hatch, then upload through the second box to a set of support points in the elevator gap. Climb all the way to the top, pick up your relic, then use your pullcaster on the wall for a shortcut.


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