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[Indian] Facing yourself through the scheduled death, Apoppis

'Apopos 99942' is called asteroids. The asteroids found in 2004 have passed the solar system and passed through the Earth, and the astronomers have accessed the districts in 2029, which are more likely to go to the district with a probability of 2.7%. When this planet, which is a member of New York's specialty, the defeated length, the damage occurring when it crashes on the Earth's manpower, the damage that occurs when it crashes in the Earth's manpower, and it is a fearful story.

What should I do if I know that the world is destroyed with a probability of 2.7%. And what choose if the probability of that 2.7% is realized. The indie game 'apopic', which is a conversation with the people who want to prepare for the last, ahead of the destruction, and the Indie Games 'apopic', which is a conversation with the people who want to prepare for the last, is slowly informing themselves and recording themselves, and the opportunity to see themselves. Death and life, I spent a "Team Aponumers" that released the theme that may be a little heavy.

Strange meeting before destruction

Chat bot service, which will record the historical historical residers between the virtual characters and chat, and the game, the 'apopos' is a long time ago, do. The player will conduct a dialogue through chat with 'ApoNance' and a cell phone, and look around the room of 'ApoNoss'. So I have time to talk to the conversation with him with him with him, and have a time to see him and look back on his story. Once the conversation between 7 days ends, the user will be able to see their own historical records that are written.

The story of apopic is rooted in the experience of the Purpose Planner. Chung Planner suffered past, anxiety disorders and weapons. So at that time he was afraid that he was seriously destroyed and may suddenly die. He thinks that he's now, but he thought that he would believe that, but he was afraid of the fact that he may be dying at the time. He once said he had a thought that he did not live as he wants. So he wrote a bucket list for several months and achieved it all. Through the experience, life is not likely to die tomorrow tomorrow, but I thought that I have to live without regret today. In the 'apopic' and conversation scenarios, this experience was cut off.

Chung planns wanted to ask people to ask people 'death, or what is what is a limited life.' In addition, 'What do you really want to do in it?' We have been purified by a variety of conversations with team members, and made it in 'apopes' by changing. In the process, he said, "I am a good dialogue that we really needed to us."

The need to face death

The name of Team ApoNumus was also born in this process. Originally, Apunmouth was a title called the Lighthouse to the last conversation of life with NPC, user and one-to-one in 'apopic'. This is the synthesis of apopps (Apophis) and anonymous, which is worrying about the name of the team that did not decide, "Do not we have an apopic, It is said that.

A cancer survivor's experience in heaven

'Support for facing' is the key value of team aponumers. Aponumus wants users to know that they have already given or wanted to know when they have assumed destruction and return their story. And when I feel the mightyness of being alone in the process, it is their message to be near. Whether it is a bright side of life, even if it's dark, Aponumus, which faces life through death, also added.

'Apopos' started sponsorship through Tumblebow from December 27, 2021, attracted more than 100 supporters' attention in a month. On March 1, the Apple AppSutor and the Google Play Store will start full service. I hope this game slowly goes up this game.

In the early 2021, NASA announced that NASA has not been able to conflict with the district for the next 100 years. In the early 2022, I am planning to explore the asteroid exploration from the Korean astronomical researcher to 2029 approaches.


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