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World of Warcraft: Blizzard goes against boosting

Anyone who has followed only a few minutes the commercial chat in Blizzards MMORPG World of Warcraft surely saw a flood of news about any "boosts". Guilds, for example, who defeated the last RAID boss on the mythical level of difficulty, sell a kill to individual players for a nice sum of gold. Also, the conclusion of a mythic + contemperature is often sold over the same method.

That's not banned for yourself as long as it happens within the game. So the Blizzard-Boss Mike Ybarra also participated in the so-called Sellruns and streamed the full side.

What are Boosting Communities?

Did Blizzard Quietly Ban ALL Boosters in WoW? Asmongold Investigates Of course, potential buyers want to find players who can provide the desired performance, and potential sellers need players who want to buy a boost. From this principle of offering and demand, the "Boosting Communities" . Especially on the Discord platform, there are groups here to users who connect buyers with sellers, and then plug a commission for this. Here it does not matter on which realm you are located because the communities are active on multiple servers.

Blizzard prohibits boosting communities

Exactly against these Boosting Communites, Blizzard wants to do now. How Community Manager KAIVAX wrote on January 31 in the official forum, such communities are now violating the Terms and Conditions of the Blizzard End User License Agreement: **

_ "From today, we prohibit organizations that offer boosts, player assignment, trust services and other non-traditional services, including such services that are offered for gold. Against World of Warcraft accounts, where violations of these provisions are detected, penalties imposed. These penalties include warps, temporally limited locks and, if necessary, permanent closure of all disturbing World of Warcraft accounts. Organizations operating on several Realms, and excessive advertising for non-traditional game services violate the terms and conditions of Blizzard End user license agreement. "_

Are single players affected by the ban?

The community manager stresses that these new guidelines are not limited to individual players or guilds, for example, using the trading chat to offer activities against game currency on their server.

The update of the guidelines came shortly before the announcement that the two factions Allianz and Horde in the future can work together activities such as Raids. Boosting communities are a thorn in the eye for many WoW players, and the common play with the "enemy" fraction is a often desired feature. Many players are therefore happy about the last announcements of Blizzard and hope for a good future for the well-known MMORPG.

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