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Ex-NBA player changes to the BBL

Basketball Bundesliga club BG Göttingen has made a replacement for his injured Topscorer Kamar Baldwin on the last day of the change period. The former NBA player Jeremiah Martin from the US signed a contract with the Lower Saxony, on the term, the club made no information. The 25-year-old Guard came to a total of 21 stakes for the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers in the North American Profiliga NBA in 2019 to 2021. Then he moved to the New Zealand Breakers in the New Zealand League for the first time abroad. "After the violation of Kamar we had to act quickly. Jeremiah fits well in our profile. He can play two and one as well as Kamar on the positions and has scoring qualities," said the Göttinger Trainer Roel Moors. BG-Star Baldwin had gained a partial break of the breast muscle last weekend and must therefore pause for several weeks.

FIFA 22: SBC Fundo Medina Fantasy Fut - A new challenge is available Pink creation

Electronic Arts has made available Challenge Creation Rosa which allows you to unlock the paper FANTASY FUT FAUNDODO MEDINA FOR MODE FIFA 22 ULTIMATE TEAM . SBC solutions FACUNDO MEDINA FANTASY FUT **** Overall and Stats FACUNDO MEDINA ** * FANTASY FUT *** Fantasy Fut brings in Fut 22 of the new special dynamic cards, with a substantial initial strengthening and, starting from 1 April, the cards will have the opportunity to earn up to +3 of OVR based on the services provided in the field. You can redeem the special paper of the Argentine defender who plays in the Lens completing the SBC available in Fut 22. SBC requirements FUNCUNDO MEDINA FANTASY FUT **** Argentina Player (s) from: Argentina Team assessment Min.: 85 Team understanding Min.: 75 Ligue 1 Player (s) from: Ligue 1 Min. Team Evaluation: 86 * Team intake Min.: 65 SBC solutions FACUNDO MEDINA FANTASY FUT * * ** Remember to always check in your club if useful cards are available with Ov

Fortnite and zero construction mode: Neymar also shows his enthusiasm with change

With the launch of your "zero construction" mode , Fortnite is reliving your status as an ultra popular game. The Battle Royale is no longer a prerogative of regular and skilled players, capable of building monuments in a finger snap. Many really big streamers and even some celebrities have reinstalled the game to start some games. Very recently, it was Neymar himself who revealed that he played Fortnite. The Parisian Club striker published two Top 1 properly won on the Instagram of him of him. The Skin of him stayed in the locker room Back to Fortnite has never been so fun The Skin of him stayed in the locker room Having a skin with the image of him in Fortnite, and not put it on the rare times that you open the game, it is quite remarkable. Because yes, Neymar has the particularity of having since April 2021 his own Skin in the Epic Games Battle Royale. It was even the best cosmetic to collect through the battle pass of Chapter 2, season 6. Neymar even got its gest

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga character classes and skills

The new LEGO Star Wars game of TT Games is huge and packed with new features that give the gameplay a new depth - this may best be represented by the new Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga classes. There are over 300 characters on the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga's character list and you are all sorted in a character class - which gives almost all unique skills that you can use in and outside the fight. We have everything down to know about these classes. Classes and Skills of Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Jedi class and skills Heroes class and skills Scavenger class and skills Rogue class and skills class and capabilities of the bounty hunter Rogue class and skills Klasse und Fähigkeiten der Dunklen Seite Klasse und Fähigkeiten der Astromech-Droiden Klasse und Fähigkeiten des Protokolldroiden Klasse und Fähigkeiten der Extras The newly introduced character classes play an important role in the expansion of the LEGO Star Wars gameplay and add a new RPG element to the pr

Once again, it's the fault of all players ...

Several politicians and public spokespersons, including the current President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, said that video games had a role to play in promoting violence. In particular, they were aimed at the recent shootings in Gilroy, Dayton, California, El Paso and Ohio, who cost 34 people and made 66 wounded. Now all of this happened in less than a week, and although it's important to find who blame for that, just like people who pressed the trigger, it's not fair to use this Excuse to score points with voters. It's not new. Since the end of the 1980s and the 90s, people point to video games pretending to promote violence. However, all studies so far have shown that video games reduced violence as well as many other socially inappropriate schemes. David Satcher, the United States's Surgeon General, said in 2001: "We clearly associate violence in the media with aggressive behavior. But the impact was very low compared to other things. Some m

Inter Miami: David Beckham wants to bring Messi, Alba, Busquets and Suarez

David Beckham wants to lure four current and former stars of the FC Barcelona to Inter Miami in the MLS. Among other things: Lionel Messi. For his ambitious goal of making Inter Miami one of the most dazzling clubs of the Major League Soccer (MLS), the former English international David Beckham apparently wants to get four still active legends of FC Barcelona to Florida. As the MARCA reports, it should be Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. According to the report, the individual commitments are already being worked on. For the season 2023/24, the quartet will then rise geinsam at the franchise participating in MLS game mode since 2020. Wish Quartet won the Champions League together With regard to the continuous contracts of the four Miami wooch players, the coup could work. Messi is still up to 2023 at Paris Saint-Germain under contract, Jordi Alba until 2023 at the FC Barcelona and Suarez 'is already free to free after this season. Only the contract o

Lin Qi, creator of the game Game of Thrones, died after alleged poisoning

The phenomenon of Crunch culture is already known, where a company will institute mandatory overtime to meet deadlines. The phenomenon has become synonymous with video game development, as some claim that the games that institute them are not eligible for prices such as Best direction after Naughty Dog's The Last of Us: Part 2 won the Game Price Awards, but the problems go further than that. People are always human, with all the ability of violence that it implies. Now, Lin Qi - founder of the Chinese video game developer Yoozoo - has been found dead of alleged poisoning. Although they are not at the same level as, say, Naughty Dog, they have been a great name for a long time on the game of more and more lucrative and even embodies in the cinema, acquiring (then selling) the Rights of Chinese Science to Success -Fi Roman Three-Body Problem, which she planned to produce in six films under the banner Yoozoo Films. According to police statements, Mr. Lin admitted to the hospital

Playing GTA 5 History mode can make you ban at GTA online and Red Dead online

GTA online According to reports, players are being forbidden to play. GTA 5 History mode. Gta online and gta 5 were reunited again this month through PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For the relaunch, Rockstar Games updated both, in turn inviting the players to play in both, but play on these machines It may end up causing a great headache. More specifically, it is reported that the launch GTA online from GTA 5 History mode in PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X can end up prohibiting it in the first and more. The report comes by the Rockque Star Intel road warns Grand Theft Auto Fans should not change the History mode to online mode, since there are "ongoing reports" that doing so is causing false prohibitions. As a result, it is recommended that everyone grand theft auto fans should only launch gta online from the main menu to avoid a possible prohibition. At the time of publication, it is not clear at what speed this is happening or what is causing it. A

The Indie thrive in Xbox Game Pass

GAME PASS is the best offer that Xbox and PC users can get at this time. Hundreds of games are available by a modest monthly subscription. Now, during a presentation at the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft has revealed a series of details that make it clear that games that come to this service, have a greater growth compared to those who do not. To begin, it has been mentioned that Game Pass users play 40% more titles compared to those who do not have this service . Along with this, it has been revealed that, in general, the games receive a flow of 8.3 more times of users, with a minimum of 1.3 and a maximum of 28 times more when the releases are taken away from this platform. Regarding one-day launches, Girls Games Publishers receive an increase of 3.5 more times the number of general users , while independent titles have 15 times more growth when we compare them with their purchases in The Microsoft Store. Although one could come to think that Game Pass's genera

Twitch Restrictions one of his largest streamers - presumably because he versus the "Dr Disrespect"

Thegrefg is one of the streamer with the majority of fans on Twitch. Now he was banned. For how long precisely, you do not know yet, just as little as the factor. The hunch is: The spell originates from a strange guideline established due to the fact that of Dr Disrespect. That's the situation That is the streamer? Thegrefg is a Spanish-speaking streamer and Youtuber, which scores mainly with Range. He reveals all type of video games on his livestream as well as has excellent success. In 2021 he also got his very own skin in Fortnite. A possible concept is that he has breached a policy: the "Dr Disrespect" regulation. Thegrefg is one of the biggest streamer on Twitch as well as in 7th location of the streamer with most followers (through Sullygnome). According to Streamer Bans, he was banned on March 22, 2022, for the time lacking accurate indicator of for how long the sphere will hold. His followers currently suspect that the spell is connected to a guideline

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded merges Vanguard Royale and Battle Royale

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded was fully detailed by Activision, including the revision of Rebirth Island in the form of Rebirth Island. But one of the more surprising changes that will come later this week is that Vanguard Royale and Battle Royale are merged into a mode that is simply called "Battle Royale". Excessed by Charlie Intelraven Software has reportedly confirmed that both modes are integrated into the new mode as soon as Season 2 reloaded is provided. Vanguard Royale was a hit since more modern equipment from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold was distant and concentrated on a classic WW2 shooter experience. But Raven Software has said Charlie Intel that they "do not want two different communities to play two different Battle Royales". Luckily, parts of Vanguard Royale's cleaner experience will find their way to the new Battle Royale mode, although not exactly what exactly will come. Season 2 Reloaded will introduce 150 HP after Raven Software int

Diogo Jota shoots the FC Liverpool in the FA Cup

Even without Salah, Mané or Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool lose as the fire brigade - the guests did well, because Nottingham replied the dynamics. The trophy quarterfinals, which also stood in the sign of the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989, brought a lot of pace, but initially a few opportunities. After a few spacers on both sides - Liverpool had 70 percent ball possession - Firmino had suddenly opened a mistake in forests forests forests on Horvath - and wanted to overhead. But the keeper knew the keeper, remained large and parished (28th). Forest, who had already eliminated Arsenal and Leicester, began the second section courageous, but under the stroke without the necessary breakthrough force. Rear the second division prevented that Liverpool really came through. Oxlade Chamberlains 15-meter shot was faked by Nottingham view (54.), Otherwise, the favorite lacked the sharpness. Zinckernail has the surprise on the foot Although the LFC became dominant, as a Klopp after a good hou

Great tourism 7, almost unpackable for 24 hours

Polyphony Digital honline connection detected a problem in the most recent update of Gran Turismo 7, so the servers have had to close their doors for almost 24 hours. That honline connection been translated when the title honline connection been practically unpackable, because it requires permanent online connection for virtually all modalities, including campaign mode. In fact, the only thing accessible without internet is the arcade mode. "Due to a problem found in update 1.07, We will extend the maintenance period ", have published on the official Twitter account. "We will notify all online connection soon online connection possible when this [process] is completed. We apologize for the inconveniences and online connectionk for your patience online connection we work in solving the error. " The Gran Turismo 7 Twitter account honline connection not yet warned about the resolution of the problem. online connection for the why of demanding permanent onl

"Alchemist of steel" smartphone game latest work! "Alchemist Mobile Mobile" Released the second PV full of latest video! The theme song by Nana Mizuki and new character information are also opened! Voice actor sign colored pa

Square Enix Co., Ltd. has published the second PV full of the latest video on the smartphone game "MOBILE" for smartphones during pre-registration. At the same time, it was notified that the game theme song and the new character information were opened, and the voice actor sign colored paper present campaign elevated. Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Representative Director: President: Matsuda Yosuke, and the following Square Enix) is the second of the latest video full of the latest video, for the smartphone game "MOBILE" for smartphone during pre-registration. Publish bullets PV. At the same time, Nana Mizuki sings the game theme song "spiral" and Shin-kun and the new character information of the Singh Country and the Military army. In addition, we will inform you that the voice actor sign colored paper present campaign started. Official site # Published the second PV that reco

Dying Light: HELLRAID DLC gets his own history mode

I feel that Techland makes me a joke, personally. Whenever they come out of the new content for Dying Light 2015, I write news about it and I say something like: "It may be the last DLC for this game before the output of Dying Light 2! And every time, they prove to me the opposite. Now that Dying Light 2 officially has an output date, one might think that maybe the DLC well for Dying Light 1 was dry. Techland even went out Dying Light: Platinum Edition, which contains all the DLCs, but now Dying Light: Hellraid gets his own story extension. When will it end? The DLC HELLRAID adds a mysterious arcade machine to the game, which can bring the player into a medieval / fantastic setting, where he fights skeletons with swords, masses and other weapons. These weapons can then be brought outside the arcade and used against zombies in Harran. The new contents of the DLC Hellraid adds a story mode called the prisoner, where the player must find and help an ally named Lucius. The prisone

The fire ring jar-bairn

The Elden Ring Patnotics for Version 1.03 by Fromsoftwares Successful Half God Killing ARPG brought all types of error corrections and balance changes for the game. While the players desperate that broken weapons were held in chess, the studio in return offered a bit delicious - a brand new quest NPC. So to help you, you need an Elden Ring Jar-Birn-Quest Guide. Jar-Bairn is located in the village of Jarg and is the nephew - be it through blood relief (sound?) Or otherwise - of the all-way popular Potboys Iron Fist Alexander. As a reward for the consequence Elden Ring Jar-Birn-Quest Guide and when they become a ruler of the Krug Volk, they get the companion-pitch-talisman, which increases the efficacy of thrown crowns. However, this quest has some prerequisites, which means that you can fulfill your destiny, Jarburg's potenty, much later in the game. First, you must have completed all three enemy NPC invasion quests from Volcano Manor, and secondly, you must have completed Al

LCK, 10th Anniversary Spring Final ... The place is the first final KINTEX

[KIDA News 24 Park Yoon Jing] The 10th anniversary of LCK has the fans with fans in Kintex, KINTEX (KINTEX), which is the first foot of 2012. 'League of Legend Champions Korea (Representative Daily Han, "LCK'), hosted by the League of Legend (LOL) 'e-Sports Korean Program (LCK", Located on KINTEX 1, the first exhibition hall was held on 17th. Kintex is a deep place with LCK. The first tournament of the 2012 LCK, the finals of Spring, and MIG Frost and MIG Blaze confronted the confrontation, and the MIG Blaze took the invitation title. In 2013 and 2014 Spring Finals was also held in Kintex. Lee Jung-hoon LCK Secretary-General, "LCK has been growing through a lot of change over the past decade," said, "LCK," LCK, a new ten years, I decided to hold this final in Kintex, "he said," he said, "he said. The LCK finals are open to offline with on-site audiences. In 2019, LCK held at the University Hwajeong Gym, Korea University He

Codes Garena Free Fire today March 17, 2022; All free rewards

GARENA FREE Fire is one of the most successful multiplayer titles on the planet. Despite taking so long between us, the Battle Royale de Garena swepts on iOS and Android devices and offers us a good handful of free reward codes . Thanks to these free rewards we can expand the inventory with new objects and have a great time without spending anything. We already have here All free Fire codes for today, Thursday, March 17, 2022 , available for players from Spain, Latin America, the United States and the rest of the world. It is important to exchange them free reward soon free reward possible, since codes are usually valid only for 24 hours. GARENA Free Fire: free reward codes of March 17, 2022 Other contents of Garena Free Fire: Tricks, tutorials and weekly Agenda How to redeem Garena Free Fire free codes? GARENA Free Fire: free reward codes of March 17, 2022 CY7KG742AUU2. M68TZBSY29R4. FF09 WVDB 4WR4 FF3Y J3D5 7T07 FF3R FR8U 5O01 * FFZ6 cfqu p244 * FFJ2 HZMP UL4L * FF

Elden Ring has sold 12 million pieces of Bandai Namco

The novelty elden ring of Souls games has sold 12 million copies in just a few weeks. The Occupational Game Enjoyment of the FranceSoftware Supervision Policy was released on 25 February. BANDAI NAMCO informs 12 million borderlines by the past 15th March. The reading is based on the digital version of the sales figures and the number of physical copies delivered. The instructor of the work and the second writer HIDEKAKA MIYAZAKI thanks to the players who have already purchased the game. Jonathan Excellent Elden Ring rating is available here.

Is it worth optimizing equipment in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin?

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has a huge number of settings and work options. To say that in the dungeons a lot of prey, it would be a modernity for this game, since you constantly get new equipment. Catching all your equipment can be quite difficult, so you may be wondering how good the game optimization is. Although this answer will vary from the player to the player, depending on GPH good luck , in most cases the answer is negative. This is due to the fact that the optimization system goes directly to the equipment of the highest level that you have without taking into account your tasks. This means that you can try to play for a black mage, but in the end you will have all samurai gear. It is best to disassemble equipment yourself and equip items that work with your work and bring you intimacy . Although the rigor of the highest level may seem the best way, it will often be weaker or will interfere with your fine assemblies. While Optimization button will alwa

A new official wiki of popular sandbox game "Teraria" opens! So far wiki persists

Since 2011, Sandbox game " Teraria ( Terraria )" has been loved and growing to many fans, but developer Re-Logic is a variety of information in this work Announced the opening of a new official WIKI that aggregated. The new official wiki is expanded by as one of the first games in the Wiki network launched Freedom Games. This means that you will be able to control Wiki's appearance and ad content more creatively. The fandom wiki operators who have been developed so far are also participating, and almost all of the information and rules published are inherited. In the future, it is possible that more close relationships, change by feedback from RE-Logic's ideas and communities, and new content information can be reflected quickly. Re-Logic requires the cooperation of the new wiki to help you suggest various opinions on the forum's dedicated thread and the official Discord server. In addition, Fandom Wiki, which has been developed so far, se

Elden Ring repeats as the very best marketed by Steam for third consecutive week

We understood that it was going to be one of the biggest launches this year, however maybe we could not expect Elden Ring to popularly popular the Formula Souls with which fromSoftware is thrilling for many years. The video game is among the most effective selling 2022, and its commercial efficiency is still on the rise if we have a look at the most up to date figures. In fact, in the 3rd platform cabinet is additionally its Deluxe version, so it is clear that a wonderful competitor has actually not yet come out. What has actually handled to sink up is Heavy steam Deck, The new Shutoff portable console, which is in the 2nd position. For its part, the terrific launching of big company was WWE 2K22, yet it has actually just accomplished the tenth location. Next off, the ranking of the top ten settings. It has not had a competitor since its premiere As it accumulates Steamdb, the common data source to examine everything that occurs in Heavy steam, Elden Ring has actually retur

87 million dollars: Titan's extend with Harold Landry

The Tennessee Titans hold their pass-rush unit together: Harold Landry, who would have become free agent coming week, sign a new contract shortly before the start of the Free Agency. According to coincident reports, Landry receives a new five-year contract for up to $ 87.5 million in Tennessee. Of these, $ 52.5 million should be guaranteed. Both sides agreed immediately after the deadline for the awarding of franchise tags on the contract extension. The 25-year-old was statistically 2021 his best season, with twelve sacks and a total of 70 quarterback pressures. Landry, a two-round pick from Titan 2018, has ever played more than 1,000 defense snaps in each of the last three years and placed over 50 pressures in each of the three seasons. Articles and videos about the topic * Video: Receiver show! Speed ​​fireworks at the Combine * Last Minute Deal: Chargers Keep Mike Williams * Experience the NFL live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. * NFL Game Pas

All the locations of the 2019 Dawning Ingredients in Destiny 2

You may already know what kind of cookie recipes you prepare this year Destiny 2 for the big Dawning event, but what about ingredients? You spread the Dawning joy without the appropriate ingredients in your bakery products. There are two types of dawning, rare and rare ingredients. Rare enemy ingredients You will not have too much trouble locating these ingredients because they fall enemies. Simply locate the types of enemies across the universe, and you should then have these ingredients in your inventory. Cabal oil: you get it from the enemies of the cabal Chitian powder: you get it from the enemies of the hive Black ether cane: you receive that of contempt Ether Cane: You receive this from Falleen Taken Butter: You receive this from Taken VEX Milk: You get it from vex Rare ingredients These a little more complicated than the previous set. Unlike unusual enemy ingredients, they require you to eliminate enemies in a specific way. Make sure to follow the exact instructi

Press X for Podcast - Episode 3.3 - 30 hungry crocodiles

Press X to Podcast is back and this time, the boys of Cogconnected , Paul Sullivan , James Paley and Rhett Waselenchuk , have a lot to chat. Now, if you listened to the last episodes, you maybe know that Pokemon Shield and Sword have been a very featured topic. This episode is no different, although this time you will find the guys who turn the shit how easy the fighting is. They can also target hop or not, because why not? In fact, you are sure to find a ton of shadow in all directions in episode 3.3, including that of the village people in Animal Crossing, Red Dead Online, expensive gaming products and more. One thing that is praising though, is Kentucky Road Zero. If you have not played yet, Paul could convince you to give him a shot. Of course, no episode of Press X to Podcast is complete without some swearcoms, some random information, or not the game, as well as hilarious manigans. So, if you wait with impatience all that episode 3.3 offers you, or if you are curious to know

New trailer shows package of 13 retro

The New Cowabunga Collection was revealed in the State of Play. This is a package of 13 gamers to the widely known Ninja Turtles. These standards come from various systems such as the NES, Video Game Boy or Sega Genesis. They all will be playable on modern hardy. Which video games are included in the package? The New Cowabunga Collection was announced in the State of Play. This is a package of 13 gamers to the popular Ninja Turtles. These classics come from various systems such as the NES, Video Game Child or Sega Genesis. The Cowabunga Collection appears 2022 for PC (using Vapor), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X and also Nintendo Change. If you such as to attack various other characters with the Ninja Turtles, you must watch the Battle Royale Nickelodeon All-Star Quarrel:. If you constantly wanted Spongebob Wide range, you can quickly do that in a brand-new beating video game. Which systems will soon be playable? The Cowabunga Collection shows up 2022 for computer (t

Steam surprise: N64

It goes back to a time in which a glove was completely normal as a protagonist of a video game. In 1998, Glover appeared, a 3D platform for the N64. In order to indulge even without a console and cartridge of the nostalgia, the game gets a PC port after 24 years. N64 classic Glover appears soon on Steam The company Piko Interactive has set itself the task of bringing old video game classics back on the market. Their recent announcement includes the N64 game Glover , a 3D platform from 1998. Piko Interactive indicates the game based on the original source code completely new to optimize it for modern PCs. (Source: Piko Interactive Via Twitter). _The first trailer for the new edition of Glover: _ In Glover, you control who would have thought a glove. The goal of every level is to bring a ball to the finish and overcome various obstacles and opponents. There are also boss fights and puzzles as well as power-ups and different transformation forms for the ball. Of course, Glover al

Pogacar wins mountain arrival and takes on leadership

After three stages in lurking, Tadej Pogacar has taken the leadership at the wheel longitudinal trip Tirreno-Adriatico. The 23-year-old Slovene won on Thursday the fourth stage over 202 kilometers from Cascata delle Marmore to Bellante Sovereign and climbed three to the top in the overall standings. The Dane Jonas Vingegaard, in the past Tour de France already referred from Pogacar to two ranked two, placed two in front of the Frenchman Victor Lafay. In the total classification, Pogacar is nine seconds before the Belgian Remco Evenepoel. 4. Stage Cascata delle Marmore - Bellante (202 mi) Total standings single, stand after the 4th stage At the closing rise to Bellante Pogacar countered an attack about 500 meters in front of the destination and did not take his fifth season win anymore. As the best German landed Emanuel Buchmann (Ravensburg / Bora-Hansgrohe) with 18 seconds of residue ranked 23, so he improved in the total classification in place 32 (+1: 47 minutes). On Friday, in the

All games included in TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection on PS5, PS4

Do not turn around the pot here: TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection is a dream game. Returns from yesterday State of play may not have been great, but the compilation of Konami has definitely been a culminating point - it only remains to make sure that Digital Eclipse delivers the Package with care and attention it deserves. But you may be wondering, because there has been no confirmation during the trailer, which titles are included. Well, luckily we have a complete list: Turtles Ninja Mutant Teenage (Arcade) Ninja Turtles Mutant Teenage: Tortoises in Time (Arcade) Turtles Ninja Mutant Teenage (NES) Mutant teenage Ninja Turtles 2: the arcade game (NES) Mutant teenage Ninja Turtles 3: Manhattan (NES) project Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (NES) Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES) Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (Sega Mega Drive) Mutant teenage Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in time (SNES) Ninja Turtles

Yoon Suk-yeol,

President Yoon Suk-yeol said, "I believe only the people, and I will follow the will of the people," I will only follow the people of the people. " Yun, the lunarian said, "Do not teach the people," saying, Then, when the national interest and national interest of the national interest of the national citizen, the Korean flag of the national interest is not the criteria of the national interest, "I will not be able to see the people only" Yun, the elected, was the challenge of the present age, ▲ 4th Industrial Revolutionary Response ▲ Corona Pan Demic Overcoming the Economy, which is highly interested in high growth and polarization. He said, "I will convert my job to a private-centric economy, not a government-driven, and let the middle of the middle class, and" the middle class will be thicker "" "Warm welfare can not be continued without growth. Sustainable development is that the growth and welfare must be fairly in

Yoon Suk-hyeon ... "ICT regulation mitigation, metabus national support system"

The Gangwon Candidate of Yoon Seok-yeol was elected to the president of the 20th of the 10th. The ICT sector commitment of Yun Defense is focused on relieving regulation and to foster relevant talent. Prior to, Yoon, Yoon, who will make Korea as a digital economic hegemony country, and as a three major goals of the ICT field ▲ Digital Earth, Economic Frequency Country Rating ▲ Digital Platform Government Export ▲ Digital Economic Strategy Alliance Strengthening Digital Economic Strategy Alliance. The Media Innovation Committee, Science and Technology Committee New... Regulation is mitigated The new government is now exposed to create media innovation committees that have a media, content, ICT related organizations and functions that are currently distributed to several government departments. Yun Candidate said the Media Innovation surrounds to find governance, including government, business, academic, civil society, and to establish a discussion to be discussed to enhance the