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Is it worth optimizing equipment in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin?

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has a huge number of settings and work options. To say that in the dungeons a lot of prey, it would be a modernity for this game, since you constantly get new equipment. Catching all your equipment can be quite difficult, so you may be wondering how good the game optimization is.

Although this answer will vary from the player to the player, depending on GPH good luck , in most cases the answer is negative. This is due to the fact that the optimization system goes directly to the equipment of the highest level that you have without taking into account your tasks. This means that you can try to play for a black mage, but in the end you will have all samurai gear.

It is best to disassemble equipment yourself and equip items that work with your work and bring you intimacy . Although the rigor of the highest level may seem the best way, it will often be weaker or will interfere with your fine assemblies.

While Optimization button will always be tempting, it may just force you to work more in the long run. If you are lucky, ultimately will be updated to fine-tune the optimization system in Stranger of Paradise.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Is It Worth Buying

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