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The fire ring jar-bairn

The Elden Ring Patnotics for Version 1.03 by Fromsoftwares Successful Half God Killing ARPG brought all types of error corrections and balance changes for the game. While the players desperate that broken weapons were held in chess, the studio in return offered a bit delicious - a brand new quest NPC. So to help you, you need an Elden Ring Jar-Birn-Quest Guide.

Jar-Bairn is located in the village of Jarg and is the nephew - be it through blood relief (sound?) Or otherwise - of the all-way popular Potboys Iron Fist Alexander. As a reward for the consequence Elden Ring Jar-Birn-Quest Guide and when they become a ruler of the Krug Volk, they get the companion-pitch-talisman, which increases the efficacy of thrown crowns.

However, this quest has some prerequisites, which means that you can fulfill your destiny, Jarburg's potenty, much later in the game. First, you must have completed all three enemy NPC invasion quests from Volcano Manor, and secondly, you must have completed Alexander's quest series. If you want to avoid spoilers for these quests, come back later when they finished them.

Elden Ring Jar Birn Quest Guide

To reach Jarg and start the quest, players have to jump down the tombstones, which protrude from the cliff wall south of the Carian Study Hall. Jar-Bairn sits on top of a staircase that leads to one of the houses there. He will first ask you to get pot to potent to protect the glass in front of poachers, but unfortunately their hands are too rough for this job.

You then have to cycle through reloading to the Jarg Site of Grace and talked several times with Jar-Bairn until he mentions that a new potenty has arrived with silky hands in the village. As it turns out, it is dihallos, but apparently he's pretty bad and he does not want to fight anymore. Go deep deep into the village, and you will find the man of the house Hoslow, who takes care of a pitcher in the hut at the end.

After being exhausted the Diallos dialogue options, download it again and you will find Jar-Bairn at the entrance of the village. Wilderer had fallen over the village, and Diallos resisted her. Unfortunately, he suffered a deadly wound, and if they reload with him after talking again, they will be over his body.

Elden Ring: JAR-BAIRN New NPC Quest & Location - Companion Jar Talisman - How To Find Jar Bairn NPC Say again with Jar-Bairn and Download. You will find him back on the stairs now. Give him Alexander's offal and he will thank you before he goes to the journey. Load a last time new and you will find the Talisman of Companion Jar, where he sat.

A visual guide to this quest can be found in this video of "Games from Mars".

And there you have it, the full Elden Ring Jar-Bairn quest guide. Although Diallos led a pretty unfortunate life, we are glad that from Software has brought him the heroic end he deserves absolutely. Further elden ring quest instructions can be found on our elden ring complete solution page.


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