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Yoon Suk-hyeon ... "ICT regulation mitigation, metabus national support system"

The Gangwon Candidate of Yoon Seok-yeol was elected to the president of the 20th of the 10th. The ICT sector commitment of Yun Defense is focused on relieving regulation and to foster relevant talent.

Prior to, Yoon, Yoon, who will make Korea as a digital economic hegemony country, and as a three major goals of the ICT field ▲ Digital Earth, Economic Frequency Country Rating ▲ Digital Platform Government Export ▲ Digital Economic Strategy Alliance Strengthening Digital Economic Strategy Alliance.

The Media Innovation Committee, Science and Technology Committee New... Regulation is mitigated

The new government is now exposed to create media innovation committees that have a media, content, ICT related organizations and functions that are currently distributed to several government departments. Yun Candidate said the Media Innovation surrounds to find governance, including government, business, academic, civil society, and to establish a discussion to be discussed to enhance the competitiveness of the media industry.

In the field of science and technology, the Presidential Direct Rights Company shall organize the Science and Technology Committee and dismiss the administration experts on the administration. The overflow is a plan that consists of researchers, developers, corporate field experts and scientific administrations. Yun, the elected, established a strategy roadmap through the overflow,

Yoon Suk-yeol elected South Korean president, vows national unity

For future strategic industries, actively support the digital transition of the enterprise. Release regulations until the end of the year, in relation to research and development and market, and relieve regulations in a method of applying regulatory sandboxes for new businesses. Open technical scale-up platforms shared by mountain, academics and kite.

The Ahn, Chul-soo, who declared a single-year-old and a single-year-old, and the presidential candidate for a single-year-old, At that time, I promised to pursue regulatory reform as a negative regulatory system that lists only forbidden. The commitment of the anglboro is discussed together at the Presidential Acquisition Committee.

5G Nationwide network... Article

There is also a commitment to simplifying the government's service. Yoon, a junior, has been a 'Digital Platform Government' commitment that connects all government departments to one and efficient administrative services. The collaboration of multiple Buddha officials is easier, and it is possible to use Big Data to better understand the national needs.

Yun Dung, a new government, will be exported to the Digital Platform Government in three years, and will create the world's largest artificial intelligence (AI) cloud computing infrastructure. It is an explanation that the government's public IT purchase project, which was 5 trillion won last year, expanded to 10 trillion won.

Big data, block body fusion 5G, 6G Intelligent superficial and supernatural fifteen infrastructure. Meanwhile that 5G can be serviced all over the country, the national network is highly used to provide a 10-fold 6G technology to 5G.

A national support system for metaverse is also provided. Yun, a lunar, is planning to establish a special law for metaverse technology innovation, and to reorganize the financial system to activate the token economy such as alternative futuristic (NFT). Metric assignment to the Department of Metabus in college, assigning special gardens, etc.,

Kim Sung-tae, the power of the Kyeong Taek, "The most important thing in the recent ICT industry is a film, NFT (non-fungible token), and virtual assets, and how to make the innovation system of the Nedral Operation and how ICT plays a key role. "ICT should be based on" ICT ".

For metaverse or cultural innovative services, it is now necessary to require a 100 Gbps environment at a speed of 5 times, and 5G, 6G + alpha in such a direction.

The fusion industry-centric new industrial ecosystem is also created. It plans to foster R & D (R & D) and state-of-the-art clusters in the fusion industry (R & D) (R & D) and state-of-the-art clusters in the Fusion Industry (R & D) and state-of-the-art clusters in the central central central center of Daesung, Ochang, Daejeon, Daesung-gu, Sejong, and Jeonbuk.


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