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Yoon Suk-yeol,

President Yoon Suk-yeol said, "I believe only the people, and I will follow the will of the people," I will only follow the people of the people. "

Yun, the lunarian said, "Do not teach the people," saying,

Then, when the national interest and national interest of the national interest of the national citizen, the Korean flag of the national interest is not the criteria of the national interest, "I will not be able to see the people only"

Yun, the elected, was the challenge of the present age, ▲ 4th Industrial Revolutionary Response ▲ Corona Pan Demic Overcoming the Economy, which is highly interested in high growth and polarization.

From demoted prosecutor to President: Who is Yoon Suk-yeol?

He said, "I will convert my job to a private-centric economy, not a government-driven, and let the middle of the middle class, and" the middle class will be thicker "" "Warm welfare can not be continued without growth. Sustainable development is that the growth and welfare must be fairly informed. "

"He said," We will support the Korea Economy, which is a national country of science and technology, and raised the Korean economy in the crisis of the second largest crisis, "he emphasized.

It means to find growth engine in advanced technology.

"I am implementing the digital platform government to implement the digital platform government," I will make public decisions based on data, scientific and reasonable, "and" Through the activation of digital democracy, the development of digital democracy, I would open the era of welfare. "

He reformed the Digital Platform Government Commitment.

The following are specialized in the elected president of Yoon Suk-yeol's elected president.

Great and proud people! Thank you. Again, I sincerely thank you.

He stood in front of the people as the first presidential election with a heavy heart and an infinite responsibility.

Since the public reservation, there was a support and support that the people sent by the people so far, so I was able to come here.

After starting politics, there were several difficulties. Every time I did it, I thought why the people called me, what is for the people. I will only believe the people, but I will follow the will of the people.

When a public office succumbs to power, the definition dies, and the powerless people becoming more jeopardized. The people have hoped for my consciousness that did not give any power for the process and justice for 26 years, and made me in this place. It means to keep the promise with the people who will make you feel justice in everyday life before you are worried about what definitions.

It is a voice of reform that the process and common sense of this country is the voice of reform, and does not tease the people, and it is the desperate appeal of the people to politicize integration. It is a strict command that creates a country of new hope. I will never forget these people's will.

If the profits and national interests of the people are not political, the national interests of the national interests are the criteria of the state, and the Korean province of advances and maintenance in front of us will not be in love with Jeongho. I will only see that Yoon Suk-yeol, only the people.

Kookmin, you are now facing a huge challenge of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Overcoming Corona Pan Demam, and the highly biosynthetic and polarization of our economy.

Yoon Suk-yeol will overcome the crisis and open the crisis, and open the era of integration and prosperity. We will go away from the past discipline, based on the common sense of the people who threaten the liberal democracy.

Through this, we will ensure a fair opportunity for individuals, and we will be respected in the dynamic country, which is a dynamic country, which can afford the autonomy and creativity, and will create a country that works better.

We will convert to a private-centric economy, not the government, and will create jobs, and make the middle class more thick. We can not continue without warming welfare for us without growth. Sustainable developments are possible to develop and welfare fairly.

We will support high-tech innovation, and we will raise the Korean economy in the science and technology leading country, and the Korean economy in the crisis of ultra-low growth will be raised on the growth orbit again. I will not be able to get rid of the people of a person who are more difficult to have a difficult neighbor and social weakness of growth.

We implement the digital platform government to make public decisions based on data, scientific and reasonable. Through the activation of interactive communication between governments and people, we will develop the development of digital democracy, as well as the era of true personal custom welfare.

And I am actively engaged in pain sharing for self-employed businessmakers and residential accuracy at the end of Corona. We will also proceed with the system of our society to be able to respond preemptively on another pan-dick crisis.

The uncorrect decay that threaten the democracy is threatened by the people,

We will protect the principles of law that are fairly applied to anyone of our people.

Above all, we will make the Korea's life and safety to keep the top priority.

Kookmin, we have a problem that we have to strengthen global diplomatic capabilities in the tension of North Korea's nuclear threat, the bigger the day,

We will build a strong defense force for any provocation to ensure the safety, property, territory and sovereignty of the people.

For the illegal and unreasonable behavior of North Korea, it is decisively coping according to the principles, and the door of the inter-Korean dialogue will be open at any time.

Based on the provincial diplomacy and durable security, we will be borne by the global central country that contributes to freedom, peace and prosperity.

We will rebuild the ROK-US alliance and will strengthen the comprehensive strategic alliance while sharing the core value of free democracy, market economy, and human rights.

We will develop the relationship between mutual respect and create a future-oriented relationship.

We will build a global cooperation network for each region and strengthen the economic security diplomacy.

We will make the Republic of Korea to be a respected country to done roles and responsibilities in the international community.

It is impossible for the people, politics, politics for the people, and prioritize national interests, and the ruling party's efforts are not done only.

I will communicate with the Parliament and collaborate with the opposition. I will communicate with the people of the national issue and communicate with the people.

Do not hide behind the staff, and the government's fault will be honest. Realistic difficulties will be honest and we will understand the people to the people.

Respectful people, I am recalling the constitutional spirit of the process of passing the era, the process of passing the era, and the concealment spirit of common sense of common sense.

We will make a more free and more fair Korea, our children are happy, and you will create a country where you can dream of dreams.

If Yoon Suk-yeol, the government does not seem to be a member of the people, and if he could not reward the public trust, scold the rigorous voice.

We will only see the people in a humble position without losing normal. I will always stand on the people. I will be honest in front of the honest government, the people who do not deceive the people.

thank you.


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