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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has seen Edge magazine

Everyone likes to play hero; Someone powerful, strong, courageous, with an equally virtuous heart . But if you didn't do it? What if you wanted to embody the weak, ugly and pathetic creature that is still beaten and ridiculed by everyone? Then the Lord of the Rings: Gollum could well be for you. We have seen almost all the stories of the characters surrounding Gollum; Frodon, Aragorn, Talion, the list continues. Soon we will play the role of Gollum himself when he is obsessed with the ring. This is the game that dozens of people asked! Despite my skepticism, playing as a morally ambiguous and tortured character like Gollum could be quite interesting. Edge Magazine briefly seen the next game in this month's issue. In this segment, we learn that the game of Daedalic Entertainment will be launched on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. It was initially planned for an outing on PC and "relevant console platforms" at the time of its release, but now, He has shrunk at the next

Dying Light 2 Stay Human developers announced new enhancing events

Following the release of update 1.3.0 with the New Game+for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the Techland developer decided to make another gift for fans and announced several new temporary "enhancing" sequels. The first event that is already coming and will end on May 3, will allow players to earn double experience for battle and parkour. Further, from May 5 to 9, the "dark hollows" will contain more rare cores of crystals. From May 12 to May 15, the night will be illuminated by the Blue Moon, which will improve chemical resistance and immunity to night infection. Finally, from May 19 to May 23, a “hyper-mode” will be available, allowing Aiden to send his opponents into one blow. According to the previously presented roadmap, after these events, developers in May should release a second test set. Then, in June, they plan to please fans with the first plot addition.

Rumor for error! Flirt of BVB and FC Bayern probably unreachable

33 goals in 39 competitive games 2021/22 for Ajax Amsterdam, between 2017 and 2019 in the Bundesliga in the Bundesliga in the jersey of Eintracht Frankfurt: that the name of Sébastien Haller in the considerations of Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern before the summer transfer window at least one role plays, not surprised. Information from the English press is likely to have the opportunities of Munich and BVB tend to be almost zero. Especially with a whopping eleven hits in eight games as part of the Champions League, Sébastien Haller amazed the football world in the current season. It seems less likely that the striker despite a contract will remain beyond the summer with Ajax Amsterdam by the end of June 2025. The rumor mill cooks too huge, and interest is said about many top clubs. Most recently, Haller was also traded at BVB and FC Bayern. However, it shouldn't come about a deal. The English "Sun" wants to have learned that in addition to a transfer of around 40 mi

Avatar 2 confirms premiere date

Then many, many years of waiting, the sequel to Avatar of James Cameron is finally just a few months away. Not only the first trailer of this tape has already begun to circulate at closed doors, but that it has been confirmed that Avatar: The Way of Water will arrive at the Film Rooms in December 2022. ** According to Deadline, Disney plans to release the avatar trailer: The Way of Water exclusively in cinemas, this during the functions of Doctor Strang in the Multivarse of Madness . Along with this, it has been confirmed that This film will finally be released on December 14 worldwide, and on December 16 in the United States . This was what Jon Landau commented, producer of the tape, about it: “In the center of each of the four sequelae will be the Sully family. Each story will be independent and each will reach its own conclusion. [There will be a satisfactory resolution for each movie, but when you look as a whole, the trip through the four will create a larger epic saga.

Elden Ring Update 1.07 Patchnotizen (Version 1.04.1)

Update 1.07 has arrived for Elden Ring, and here is the full list of changes and corrections that have been added with this patch. Elden Ring was released two months ago and the players have explored every corner and angle of the lands since the game started. However, the game is not without problems, and performance problems and minor disorders have slightly impaired the otherwise excellent experience. Players were blocked because they picked up illegal objects like the Deathbed Smalls, bosses like Radahn were weakened and not weakened and much more since the start. It was a rocky path and another update is here to fix some more things. Here everything is new with Elden Ring Update 1.07. Elden Ring Update 1.07 Patching notes This is just a small update that fixes some problems from the last patch, so there are not many new additions. This update brings the game to version 1.04.1, but the update is 1.07 to PS4. Here is the full list of patch notes directly from Bandai Namco. An

Smash Bros: Cae MK Leo ante Gluttony en Pound 2022

The competitive of Nintendo's fighting game is increasingly popular within the various regions of the world, celebrating various competencies where players like Leonardo "Mk Leo" López and Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez within the Latin American scene demonstrating an exceptional level. Within last weekend, Pound 2022 was held in Laurel, Maryland where the best players in the world confronted in great meetings, on the side of the winners' bracket we saw French William "Glutonny" Belaid arriving with Its feared WARIO To show that this time I was looking for the forceful victor within the stage by defeating the American LIGHT got its pass to the final. On the other hand, the Mexican tlatoani had some stumbles within the competition staying in the lower bracket and having to defeat Canadian Michael "Riddles" Kim who ended up falling to MK Leo, after this battle would face in the final of LEARS A LIGHT Defeating it to get to the final aga

OpTic Gaming gewinnt Valorant Stage 1 Masters

Optic Gaming has won the first valorant master of the year. The Team from the USA secured the title by a 3-0 success in the final against the Brazilians of Loud. The latter have left two European teams in the course of the tournament. from Valorant newcomer to the Masters winner In the end it was not a simple victory - the 3: 0 final stage after laps (13: 9, 14:12; 15:13) looks clearer than the duel was overall. Both the second and the third game were only decided in the extension. Curiously, this was not the first meeting of the two teams in the tournament. Loud won the Upper Bracket Final against Optic originally 2: 1. The US selection then got a second chance in the Lower Bracket, which they used with two 3: 0 sweeps impressively. For Optic Gaming, the success is a very special. The organization from the United States rose first in early February in the valorant scene. Two months later, the first, prestigious tournament victory follows. Accordingly, great was the joy after t

Eintracht Frankfurt waves millions

Although Eintracht Frankfurt is currently experiencing a fairytale Europe trip, the Hesse must strip the financial belts with a view of the next season. One of the candidates on the internal selling list should be defender Evan N'Dicka. For the 22-year-old Europa hero, there is apparently the first serious interested parties, for which money hardly plays a role. With up to 30 million euros loss, Eintracht Frankfurt expects information from "Europe Picture" this year. Since even the successful Europa League adventure could not be approximately compensating for this high amount, radical austerity measures are necessary to which some prominent players could fall victim. Among them is probably also Evan N'Dicka. The defender is contractually tied to the SGE only one year. The fact that he will leave the club is probable media reports probably. Since the Eintracht certainly not completely uncomfortable that there is allegedly interest from the payment forces England

Newly confirmed 3470 people, 110 deaths ... Fashion reduction

Domestic Corona 19 The number of new confirmations is 34,370 people, from this day, since this day, the 'transitioner' is conducted for a month to downward to the second grade in the existing infectious disease-based 1st grade. According to the Central District Measures Headquarters (Room Number), the new confirmation of the new year, 34,339 new confirmation, and 31 overseas incoming cases, new confirmation, including 31,370 new confirmation. Among the new confirmation of domestic confirmation, it was 6,614, and 6,614 (19.3%), 7,723 people (22.5%), 18 years old. By region, 15,475 (45.1%) in the metropolitan area (45.1%) occurred in 19864 (54.9%) in non-aqueous rights. During the recent week (19-25), the date of day by day is 118,478 people on the 19th. ▲ 111,1301 per day ▲ 21,8858 people ▲ 21,81,58 people ▲ 755,449 people ▲ 24.64,725 people ▲ The number of days per day is the number of 34,370 people. The weekly cumulative was 576,239, and the total number of cumulative co

Nexon, 'Project D' April 29 Online Showcase 'D

Nexon ( Representative Lee Jung-hyun ) will hold the online showcase 'D-Day' of the PC shooting game 'Project D' on the 29th of Nexon Games (Representative Park Yong-hyun). This 'D-Day' is on the 29th (Fri) from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, "Project D" on a real-time broadcast on the 'project D' official YouTube, and Kim Myung - Hyun Development, Schedule, new weapons, and balancing work are announced. Since the end of the showcase after the showcase, it shall perform a regular test for the April of April 'project D' until 12 o'clock on May 2. From 12:00 on April 27, client dictionary is available and anyone can participate in testing without additional application procedures. Nexon conducts a variety of events during regular testing periods. If you connect to the game during the test period and participate in a match for more than once, we present 30 ' project D Special Mouse Pads' to 30 people through lottery, and provide Ne

Pokémon: We reveal you what type your arena

Well, what best suits you: flight, plant or yet electric? Makes the quiz and learns which Pokémon of the type belong to your Arena. But beware: maybe shock the answer. What is your Pokémon type? Which type would your Pokémon Arena? What is your Pokémon type? Every good Pokémon trainer normally introduces a team that unites Pokémon with various strengths and weaknesses - a team of consisting of only a Pokémon type , is often not easy. It looks different for Arenalans, because they have to specialize in a type Pokémon. To find out which guy should train her as an arenal ladder, we have a small quiz here: Click here to find out which type your Pokémon Arena would have: Which type would your Pokémon Arena?

Activision Blizzard has carried out nearly a billion dollars this quarter thanks to microtransaction

Microtransactions have been and will likely continue to be one of the most hatest components of the modern game. However, regardless of what you might think of them, they make companies a sum of absurd money. During the first tax trimester of 2020, Activision Blizzard realized a little less than a billion dollars of sales of microtransactions alone. It is not surprising that Activision Blizzard has picked up money in recent months. Thanks to the restrictions that have been caused by the locking of Covid-19, most people do not leave their homes as often as they would. This then leads people to play video games more often to spend time and finally spend more money for purchases in the game. Activision Blizzard is the brain behind games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Overwatch and Candy Crush. The latter is one of the largest games in the world right now with more than 60 million players. These three games offer a generous amount of content accessible only by paying real money.

This dupless is at Hertha BSC vs. Vfb Stuttgart

Hertha BSC and VfB Stuttgart - there is a lot of Bundesliga tradition . The duel on Sunday (17:30) in the Olympic Stadium is this time about important points in the relegation battle. The Berliners are as Table-15. A place and a counter in front of the Swabian. The coaches: Felix Magath - Pellegrino Matarazzo The makers: Fredi Bobic - Sven Mishlat The Readers: Kevin-Prince Boateng - Wataru Endo The goalkeeper: Marcel Lotka - Florian Müller The attackers: Davie Selke - Sasa Kalajdzic A comparison of the most important actors: The coaches: Felix Magath - Pellegrino Matarazzo Two victories in four games under the direction of coach magath Hertha has given new hope in the relegation battle. The 68-year-old Routinian attacks the well-tried remedies: work, work, work. Even off the place Magath sets the lever, invites to the team evening to make a team from the players. With fun and tranquility to the class blast - that's what Pellegrino Matarazzo lives. In public, the VFB coach a

Image leaked ubi PVP shooter, official announcement as 'Project Q'

A new 3-person shooter development rumor spreading with play video spills. The company eventually announced the game in about two days after the image outflow, and started to recruit the tester. Ubi Soft announced the New Team Battle Arena Code Names 'Project Q' through official SNS on the 24th. Ubi Soft said, "As you have already heard of...," I mentioned the spill that was ahead. The game is released early on the leak earlier than the existing plan. On the 22nd Internet Media Exputer, the test play video of ubiquity new work was released from an anonymous tester. The game in the test image is a three-person shooter featuring exaggerated character production and effect that reminds of port knight. Through the spilled video, the 'Project Q' is a test version, as long as it is a test version, such as library, Japanese weather, and downtowners, and other themes have been placed in a small space, and some details such as background and shadows are not pe

FIFA 22, DCE was Laliga 81+ X11 reinforcement solution

Discover the solution for the DCE Reinforce Laliga 81+ X11, a team of team creation to be done on the mode was FIFA 22. This DECE is intended to save you a 81+ x11 players of the Liga in the completing. Should this DCE do? Reinforcement Challenge Laliga 81+ X11, Criteria Note that this challenge begins on Saturday, April 23 at 7pm and lasts three days, ending on Tuesday, April 26 at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get a 81+ X11 players pack of the Liga. Should this DCE do? The DCE Challenge Laliga 81+ X11 is a unique challenge, related to the Event Tets on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it. Recommendation: Yes Probable credit gain? Nope Cumulative: NO Reinforcement Challenge Laliga 81+ X11, Criteria Players of the week: minimum 1 Overall team rating: 82 Collective: minimum 50 Reward: A Players Pack 81+ X11 of the Liga End of the challenge: Tuesday, April 26 at 19h Price: 31k O

Pirates of the Caribbean on TV program: saga soon lands on M6

Catching saber, hat, boot and sextant the seigners of the seas and Pirate of the Caribbean are back to entertain us. The greatest cinematographic saga on the pirates produced by Walt Disney Pictures starts the boarding of our small screens for the delight of fans. The revenge of Salazar in a few words an epilogue badly loved 606 views The revenge of Salazar in a few words Pirates of the Caribbean is A franchise on piracy consisting of 5 films products by Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Pictures. Outboard on the big screen between 2003 and 2017, the cinematograish saga takes inspiration in the attraction open in 1967 in Disneyland California "Pirates of the Caribbean". We follow throughout the saga the adventures of the famous Jack Sparrow, interpreted by Johnny Depp. Salazar's revenge is the last episode of the series. Captain Salazar, trapped in the triangles of the Bermuda by Jack Sparrow in person, managed to escape with his faithful pirates ghosts and is

[Yoshida's picture diary] Remastered version "Chrono Cross" is also good, but I am impressed by the "Radical Dolly Mars" of the vision of simultaneous recording

When I was in elementary school, the series works that continue to work were not felt that I did not play in order from the first work. Now that I became an uncle, "** After doing the latest work, I'm going to play with the felt of the previous day.. This time, Square Enix gives "Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Dolly Dolly Edition (Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition)" PS4 version. This work remastered "Chrono Cross" released in 1999, and the character illustrations and songs are refined as well as high-quality image quality of graphics, and the game speed changes and switching of the encounter Convenient functions such as Auto Battle have been added. However, I was delivered in 1996 for satelleview for satelleview. ** "Radical Dolly Mers" is drawn from "Chrono Trigger" and is also a prototype of "Chrono Cross". After delivery in satelleview, I think there were not many people who played it because it was not ported to

If you desire to upgrade the dualsense and also you do not have your ps5 by hand, PlayStation leaves it simpler than ever

Sony has actually been launched numerous firmware updates for your PS5, although these are particularly concentrated on efficiency or access. The group has also functioned in one of the greatest conflicts of the PlayStation consoles, so we can stop worrying concerning what was known colloquially as the CBomb trouble **. We can update the DualSense using PC Do you wish to update your DualSense, yet are not near the console? We understand that it is an uncommon instance, yet PlayStation offers us the choice of accessing said patch via a COMPUTER . Following the instructions that are outlined on your web site, we will have the opportunity to improve the experience at the controls without the requirement to connect them to a PS5 . PS5 has a lot of features that improve the game experience to the optimum, as well as one of them falls on its people dualsense . From Sony remain to improve your devices with Firmware Updates that, in the case of the NEXT-GEN console, they handle to

Wow: DragonFlight brings special dragon riding, reminiscent of GW2

What would the new extension WoW: Dragonflight probably without dragging for horseback riding? After all, the scaly creatures have always been one of the popular mounts from WoW. But instead of just give us a few different colored ribs in DragonFlight, the developers want to offer a "dynamic flight method". Thus, the DEVs speak in the official announcement of four dragons, which we will be unlocked in the four zones of the extension. That makes the riding kit in WoW: DragonFlight especially WoW: DragonFlight - Mounts as in Guild Wars 2? All information about the new WoW extension is available on our collection page to WoW: DragonFlight That makes the riding kit in WoW: DragonFlight especially Each player character will be able to learn dragon riding in Dragonflight. In this way you get a dragon as a friend who can be customized according to the developers with additional visual options (tail, armor, color, etc.). On top of that it will be possible to train such flight d

The creative director of Child of Light and Far Cry 3 leaves Ubisoft after almost 20 years

Patrick Plourde , Veteran Member of Ubisoft with 19 years of experience In the French company, he hPlourde announced his march of the European giant. Plourde will be part of an independent consulting agency with which he will continue to collaborate with Ubisoft; But he will not do it inside the company itself. The trajectory of Patrick Plourde leaves large projects and successes in the Galo editor curriculum. To begin with, the protagonist started working Plourde a level designer at PlourdesPlourdesin's Creed , although soon he went on to practice Plourde a creative director of a promising project under the prosecore engine ubiart , which we would end up knowing Plourde child Of Light . Likewise, he hPlourde exercised Plourde creative director of Watch Dogs 2 and Far Cry 3 , two of the best valued deliveries of their respective sagPlourde. " Most of my time I will spend it working with Ubisoft ," he notifies statements to axios , "but now I will hav

Survey scavenger backstairs?. Mike Ivara Blizzard Representative NOFT

Blizzard representatives are attracting attention by responding to their games that they will not introduce NFT (alternative forces) to their games. The 18-day Blizzard Mike Ivara (Mike Ybarra) wrote on his Twitter on his Twitter. " Previously, Blizzard has conducted a survey on some players through a data analyst UGB. Surveys include encryption and NFT implementations, and new technologies such as P2E (Play to Earn) games. When this survey was released, the criticism of the overseas game community. Blizzard is a concern that the game developed by Blizzard is a concern that can be modified. The negative public opinion became increasingly to evolve the situation that Mike Ibara is not intended to develop NFTs in the current company. As such, foreign gamers are questionable for NFT and are generally negative. EA, Nintendo, SEGA, Ubi Soft, and others have introduced NFT to their games and withdraws on the opposition of gamers. Currently, Blizzard is developing a variety of ne

Juliane Wirtz extends at Bayer 04 Leverkusen

This was announced by the Bundesliga club on Tuesday morning. The 20-year-old Juliane Wirtz \ - sister of the Florian Wirtz \ - signed at Leverkusen also signed a contract by the factory club until summer 2024. "Despite her young age, she has already developed into a service provider of the team," says Thomas Eichin, Head of Youth and Women of Leverkusen, quoted in the press release. "If you continue so, you can take a lead role in the future." For Wirtz, which is already a solid size with a total of 70 Bundesliga missions at Bayer 04, Leverkusen "has become a second home. I have always felt very comfortable in the four years and I'm proud that the path goes on here for me" . For the future, the defender equalized the goal of "commit to us in the upper half of the table."

Bethesda repairs the date to import our games as well as games to Steam, before the closing of your application

As you picture, From May 11 we will lose accessibility to the games that we have in the application, although we will certainly maintain our account . This will certainly be essential for most of the services such as mods, objects in games, information as well as unique updates, although we have actually moved them to Steam. If you are After effects 76 gamers, Bethesda has actually published a particular guide to continue your adventures by Appalachia in Steam. You can start moving your library from April 27 "Any title that you have in the Bethesda.Net application will certainly be offered free of cost in Steam. The purchases that you have made will be moved to your Steam account. Numerous saved games They will likewise be moved, although some will certainly have to be replicated by hand ", shared the business at the entryway of its website prepared for the event. A number of months ago we knew that Bethesda was most definitely claimed of his launcher

Ambitious players get launched in Speedrun Ring Fit Adventure

A new trend in players tests their strength, determination and endurance by Speedrunning ring fit Adventure . The Speedruns are impressive to them al1. Degraded players find ways to complete their favorite games in record time, thanks to impressive shortcuts, exploits or complete sessions without interruption. The last option is the one that Youtuber Japanese have chosen when they have decided to speed up the execution of the Nintendo Switch. RING FIT Adventure . Reported for the first time by Nintendo Life, a YouTub of the name of Sakinyan completed ring fit adventure during a non-stop session that lasted 18 hours and 55 seconds. Downloaded in segments of 1 to 2 hours, the Sakinyan speed record is currently the best for any percentage and level on Only three people in total have managed to do it. The Sakinyan race has been completed at the lowest level of difficulty. Even in this context, the level of endurance and fitness required to complete the full game in 18 hou

Smartphones on sale: Samsung Galaxy S21 & A22 cheap like Never + Apple Days at Saturn

The Galaxy Watch is Samsung's counterpart to Apple Watch. The housing is, however, round and only at second glance, the layman recognizes the difference to a non-digital clock. Available in 40 or 44 mm, the Galaxy Watch 4 is perfect for both smaller and larger wrists. Also NFC and a LTE and WLAN version speak for the clock as a daily companion. The Galaxy Watch 4 can do much what Apple's watch can also: It offers various sports programs, measures the blood oxygen, analyzes sleep and can even calculate the body composition, so body fat, body water etc. It is important that the Galaxy Watch can be used with any Android smartphone, but the full functionality but is actually guaranteed in combination with a Samsung smartph1. Holders of iPhones should not reach at this clock, as there is no compatibility here. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for Toppreis at Saturn There are regular top offers with greatly reduced prices for all, the TV, notebook, monitor, mouse, keyboard, mainboard, SSD

Biota test - a super metroid

The least we can say is that with his looks in 4 colors, Biota will leave no one indifferent. The man behind the title has made the choice to offer us about fifty pallets - inviting each player to renew at his own pace the aspect of the title to avoid as well the lassitude as the FASHION FAST. Some Chiptunes music are very successful while others turning on loops a little too short tired quickly. The game is also adorned with a most successful CRT filter making the transition between the pixel perfect of an old gameboy , the rendering of a "Old Terminal" or the CGA appearance of the techno course screens. Simple visuals are very legible without being simplistic and manage to give an identity as well to environments and protagonists. We can at the beginning choose between four characters before completing his team. The avatars differ from their main and secondary weapons that evoke the great hours of Contra and are very unequal. Defensive techniques are much more efficient

The first D & D Direct will take place on April 21

Wizards of the Coast will present next week its first D & D direct that will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. For 30 minutes, Wizards will present all the novelties exclusively for the year 2022 for its favorite role play , dunes & dragons. But not only, because during this show, we will also reveal news for video games that revolve around the license, entertainment and maybe some news about the movie D & D to come? For more information, do not hesitate to visit the official website . And for the show, go to the two stream platforms below on April 21 at 18h! Twitch: YouTube:

Meloblox codes (April 2022) - a new release!

Roblox Meloblox is a new MMORPG for the platform in which you will defeat creatures, collect production and perform quests throughout the epic adventure. You can unite with friends, exchange objects with other players, collect several types of weapons, improve skills and abilities and raise your character level to become stronger! Look, whether you can complete the entire content in this ambitious addition to the Roblox catalog. All Meloblox codes Frequently Asked Questions about Melobloxy latest Meloblox codes Overdue codes How to activate codes in Meloblox? Where can I get more codes for Meloblox? If you are looking for a freebie, you can find it with our Meloblox codes list. If you do not know how to activate codes in Meloblox, you can find out how below the list of codes! Do not forget to add this page to your favorites by pressing Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by clicking the "Add to Bookmark" button on your mobile device. If you need even more free materials, be sure

Beautiful PS2 classic receives Remaster for the PS4 and Switch

Vanillaware, the developers of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, bring back one of their first games this year. The speech is from the PS2 classic Grimgrimoire. The strategy RPG appears in the summer in a greatly improved version for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Vanillaware returns to your own roots When will Grimgrimoire Oncemore appears? Vanillaware returns to your own roots Emotional stories and picturesque animations. This is the Japanese developer studio Vanillaware. With such video game beads like Odin Sphere, Muramasa: The Demon Blade and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, the studio has built up for the years a faithful fan base . Now Vanillaware has announced that you release one of your first games again. From the PlayStation 2 classic Grimgrimoire will be in summer Grimgrimoire Oncemore. But the Remaster does not only offer a higher resolution , but was also considered with many new features . Thus, among other things, there is a new level of difficulty, the possibi

Xbox Series X: Microsoft opens with ID @ Azure Cloud services for indie

The cloud is already no longer a future music, whether deliberately or unconsciously, it is meanwhile an integral part of many everyday processes and Microsoft is with Amazon and Google one of the largest cloud providers worldwide. These cloud resources would now like to make Microsoft usable via different ways for Indie developers. One of these ways is the name [ Email Protected ] The very similar naming is by no means a coincidence. The team, which bears the responsibility for this project, is the same, which is also behind [Email Protected]. All the collected data and experiences form the foundation for [Email Protected] [Email Protected] is only the first part of the cloud use for video game development. Azure services are responsible for video games for game servers deployment , Matchmaking , data collection or a in-game economy , as you know it from many MMOS. These services will be freely available independent, registered studios in the future. Bryan SAFLER, the Direc

AfterImage: Action Adventure appears for Xbox

Developer Aurogon Shanghai announced that his hand-drawn, 2D-animated action adventure afterimage was 100% financed to Kickstarter and a free playable demo is available on Steam. Afterimage's Kickstarter campaign exceeded the original financing goal in just 40 hours and is financed with more than 1,100 supporters in a week to 260%. Since the Kickstarter campaign ends on April 21, new Stretch goals will continue to be revealed, which add more content and features to the project to assure the Kickstarter community that AfterImage achieves its full potential when it comes to PC and console this winter appears. Inspired by legendary Metroidvania games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Ori and The Blind Forest, Afterimage plays in the imaginative world of Engardin. Once a magnificent empire magical life and fantastic beasts, the country was devastated by the folly of human ambition and warfare. An ominous event has devastated the land and corrupting the souls and behavio

FC Bayern | Stefan Effenberg names construction sites in front of Villarreal

FC Bayern must be a significant increase in performance in the decisive quarter-final return leg in the Champions League against FC Villarreal , it should be something else with the progress. Ex-Captain Stefan Effenberg counted in front of the duel on Tuesday evening (from 21:00 clock), whereupon it is especially important. According to the former midfield star of the German record champion, it is all about the switching game and the precision with its own possession of possession, which must be shown in the second leg against the yellow submarine from Spain (first leg: 0: 1) as soon as possible again at the highest level: "In the case of ball profit, the Munich must switch to the highest tempo, without the ball losses from the first leg," said Effenberg in a guest contribution in the "Kicker". In the domestic alliance Arena, it is mainly about game control against Villarreal. Also in half of the opponent, FC Bayern needs "Ballbesitz of 60 percent plu

Kingdom Hearts IV is true - the story of the gravel is continued, and no aukkea and the hessua is not forgotten

KKEDOM Hearts IV officially announced the 20th anniversary of the game series. Square Enix revealed in his Sunday celebration to be a continuation of the beloved KKDOM Hearts . The fourth part is to start a new Lost Master branch with a more realistic look, which monitors the acquisition of Sora, Battery and Hessu. In the trailer, fals over the old comrades in addition to the Quadratum city based on Tokyo, which has not been seen in the past. In addition to four, Square Enix announced that it would bring the market for the KKEDOM Hearts Missing-Link_Mobillet that will come to IOS and Android devices. _MISSING-LINK is the first October-based policy game of the KKEDOM Hearts series according to the Japanese company's newsletter The date of publication is not yet known to the output. Overall, a Mobile Adventure KKDOM Hearts: Dark Roadin The decision-maker is also on the way to digital trading venues. The game can be expected to make available in August this year. KKEDOM He

What is the understanding of the Candidate Culture Industry, from the journalist,

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Minister of Physical Education). On the candidates for Park Byeong-gyun, Yoon Suk-yeol, is interested in culture and history, and it has been a person who has poured enthusiasm and has been a phenomenon, but in the sense, he has been active in politics and international areas at the time of reporters, and there is no contact in cultural arts, I have. Yoon Suk-yeol announced on the 10th, on the 10th, the chairperson of the Inner Committee, announced eight Buddhist Cabinet Rails, including the letters of the Letter. The fungal candidates named to the Candidate of the Unit shall be borne by Korea University political diplomacy, and after joining the central Ilbo in 1981, the political manager, editorial committee, editorial, and waiting. He also worked as a special advisor of Yoon Suk-yeol's presidential camp. The Yun, who is a junior who is a junior-gaun, "Yun, who is a journalist who is near 40 ye

Netflix: The Witcher Season 3 goes into production with first details

The streaming giant Netflix has started the production of the third season of the series The Witcher. How to betray on Twitter is the family for another season of the series based on the books of Andrzej Sapkowski come together again. A first picture with the main actors was also published and used by us as article image. Netflix also revealed an official description of the act of The Witcher Season 3: "While monarchs, magicians and beasts of the continent vying for them, hides Geralt Ciri of Cintra and is determined to protect his reunited family in front of those who threaten them to destroy." "Yennefer, who is entrusted with Ciris magic education, leads them to the protected fortress Aretuza, where she hopes to find out more about the unused forces of the girl; Instead, discover that they landed in a battlefield of political corruption, dark magic and betrayal. " "You have to defend yourself, put everything on the game - or risk, to lose each other

Smash Ball is the perfect mix of Pong, Rocket League and Pinball

Pax Online is there, and with him come many independent titles to come from developers from around the world. Many of these colorful indies are worth mentioning, but Smash Ball may be my favorite of the group so far. Smash Ball is as if you rest the Rocket League field, as well as the size of the team at 2V2 and change the cars for customizable mechs, and then add a pinball machine and the capacity of K.o. your opponents. An exhilarating rush can not always come from getting a goal in Smash Ball, she can come from the remark of your two opponents, landing with a stroke overwhelming with one of your recall cards, or the successful sequence of goals together in an overwhelming display to your opponents. The gameplay is both fun and addictive, and Smash Ball shows a lot of growth promises through probable games as a service model. The personalization potential of Mechs in Game Pill Inc. Smash Ball seems already unlimited, with cosmetic options also offering more and more rare variants