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Ambitious players get launched in Speedrun Ring Fit Adventure

A new trend in players tests their strength, determination and endurance by Speedrunning ring fit Adventure.

The Speedruns are impressive to them al1. Degraded players find ways to complete their favorite games in record time, thanks to impressive shortcuts, exploits or complete sessions without interruption. The last option is the one that Youtuber Japanese have chosen when they have decided to speed up the execution of the Nintendo Switch. RING FIT Adventure.

Reported for the first time by Nintendo Life, a YouTub of the name of Sakinyan completed ring fit adventure during a non-stop session that lasted 18 hours and 55 seconds. Downloaded in segments of 1 to 2 hours, the Sakinyan speed record is currently the best for any percentage and level on Only three people in total have managed to do it.

The Sakinyan race has been completed at the lowest level of difficulty. Even in this context, the level of endurance and fitness required to complete the full game in 18 hours without interruption is impressive.

More records on show that no one has finished it with the highest difficulty, level 30. It is understandable, because even average levels of 15-20 are difficult over time and can transpire the player.

Ring Fit Adventure Speedrun: Default/Intensity 30/World 1 - 4:19.1

Nintendo is perfectly aware of the lack of activity induced by video games and technology in general and RING FIT Adventure is the Nintendo Switch solution. The first levels are easier and the game slowly facilitates players to a more difficult gameplay, even if the basic difficulty does not change. The levels and outer lie down, with longer fighting, more enemies and more exercises to finish.

Due to formatting, a Speedrun Fit Adventure_ is an incredible feat of strength and endurance. We believe that keeping this for 18 solid hours is an admirable fulfillment.


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