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Biota test - a super metroid

The least we can say is that with his looks in 4 colors, Biota will leave no one indifferent. The man behind the title has made the choice to offer us about fifty pallets - inviting each player to renew at his own pace the aspect of the title to avoid as well the lassitude as the FASHION FAST. Some Chiptunes music are very successful while others turning on loops a little too short tired quickly. The game is also adorned with a most successful CRT filter making the transition between the pixel perfect of an old gameboy, the rendering of a "Old Terminal" or the CGA appearance of the techno course screens.

Simple visuals are very legible without being simplistic and manage to give an identity as well to environments and protagonists. We can at the beginning choose between four characters before completing his team. The avatars differ from their main and secondary weapons that evoke the great hours of Contra and are very unequal. Defensive techniques are much more efficient because avoiding taking damage is more profitable to progress than exploding enemies with a big ray. The gameplay is fluid, fast, we can cancel the opposing projectiles and fucked with joy run and gun.

The progression of the MétroidVania is very simple and works only on the improvements of your wallet. You are experiencing "no fuel in the robot" obstacles and to buy $ 320 gasoline in a hidden black market, you have to have previously improved your wallet from $ 300 to $ 400. It's nice to discover the objects in advance and come back to look for them, however we are more on keys who open doors than on skills that change the gameplay to take obstacles.

The progression is done in fairly labyrinthic areas to confuse us, quite dangerous to kill us - sometimes at once - but that we learn to know quickly on the fingertips by the force of surveying them. We die a lot in Biota, however there are two options to avoid the game over repeated: use the teleporter who brings you back to the base to heal, but forcing to start the course again or save anytime.

The second option is sometimes at the edge of the cheating and is a palliative to a difficulty that tries to attach two opposites. On the one hand, we have the passages of action in which the errors gradually descend our bar of life and the other the platform passages during which the slightest error causes an game over. It is in my view an error of game design, the "die and retry" which brings us back to the beginning of the table becomes "die and starts all at zero", which is a little cuche. An inter-two as testing as long as there are points of life would probably have been welcome, whatever it would have been drastically raised the challenge.

It is not the only palliative that has been put in place. The game regularly varies its gameplay with automatic robot scrolling phases, underwater exploration phases or Shoot-EM-UP, which are all punctuated by backup points so that they go through the fingers in the nose. The most successful phase is the counter-la-shows in my opinion in which one must discover an area and reach a goal in a time allowed. This is where the mixture of exploration and die-and-retry is the most successful and it is very exhilarating.

Glitches you can do in Super Metroid The bosses are too few, and if the first are rather original in their mechanics, the following are a little too simple and classic, not to mention the last two who are either disappointing either out. I have passed the last one with an cheat-code. Although history is not the priority of the game, it starts well, but ends in water-de-pudding and it is finally the main reproach that could be done at the game, an inequality between some very solid passages while that others deserve more refinement.

Despite some wandering, Biota is a friendly and pleasant experience, which mixes an metroidvania short and not too complex, action / exploration aspects well implemented with mechanics that are renewed and passages platform not so hard, but too uncompromising compared to the rest. Depending on whether you use manual backup, it will take between four and eight hours to see the end of this title sold less than 10 €, making it a perfect candidate for players who do not want to invest in more ambitious and complex securities.

_Testé by Ulaanbator on PC via a press version provided by the publisher.


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