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Image leaked ubi PVP shooter, official announcement as 'Project Q'

A new 3-person shooter development rumor spreading with play video spills. The company eventually announced the game in about two days after the image outflow, and started to recruit the tester.

Ubi Soft announced the New Team Battle Arena Code Names 'Project Q' through official SNS on the 24th. Ubi Soft said, "As you have already heard of...," I mentioned the spill that was ahead. The game is released early on the leak earlier than the existing plan.

On the 22nd Internet Media Exputer, the test play video of ubiquity new work was released from an anonymous tester. The game in the test image is a three-person shooter featuring exaggerated character production and effect that reminds of port knight.

Through the spilled video, the 'Project Q' is a test version, as long as it is a test version, such as library, Japanese weather, and downtowners, and other themes have been placed in a small space, and some details such as background and shadows are not perfect. However, it is possible to identify some other inorganic configurations with existing shooters, such as fireworks fireworks or use paint guns. In addition, the character was in the image that was worn and the wings of Icarus appeared in Ubi Soft's Open World Action Adventure 'Immortal Phoenix Rising' and jumped high.

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_ Exputer "Project Q" Test Spill Video _ Meanwhile, Ubesoft had a line for the first guess of the battle Royal Garre, with the game announcement on the day. Ubi Soft said, "Project Q" clearly reveals that the battle royal is not the Battle Roy and to provide a variety of PVP modes. In addition, Team Battle Arena mentions the genre name, and the game seems to be a team-based battle similar to overwatch or Paladin.

Ubi Soft also announced that the 'Project Q' was not planning to add NFT. Previously Ubi Soft introduced NFT platform quartz and demonstrated NFT products on Ghost Racon brake points. However, after revealing the NFT plan, many users have made criticism and recorded a poor trading volume that could not be reached on Ubesoft's expectations.

The exact release date and test schedule of 'project Q' was not disclosed. Ubi Soft currently conducts registration of tester reservation on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S platform.


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