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Newly confirmed 3470 people, 110 deaths ... Fashion reduction

Domestic Corona 19 The number of new confirmations is 34,370 people, from this day, since this day, the 'transitioner' is conducted for a month to downward to the second grade in the existing infectious disease-based 1st grade.

Brazilian model dies after collapsing on catwalk According to the Central District Measures Headquarters (Room Number), the new confirmation of the new year, 34,339 new confirmation, and 31 overseas incoming cases, new confirmation, including 31,370 new confirmation. Among the new confirmation of domestic confirmation, it was 6,614, and 6,614 (19.3%), 7,723 people (22.5%), 18 years old. By region, 15,475 (45.1%) in the metropolitan area (45.1%) occurred in 19864 (54.9%) in non-aqueous rights.

During the recent week (19-25), the date of day by day is 118,478 people on the 19th. ▲ 111,1301 per day ▲ 21,8858 people ▲ 21,81,58 people ▲ 755,449 people ▲ 24.64,725 people ▲ The number of days per day is the number of 34,370 people. The weekly cumulative was 576,239, and the total number of cumulative confirmations was confirmed by 1,692,556 and 564 (31,828 foreign influx).

Death and severe patients are showing significant reductions. The new death is 110, and the distribution of age is 80 years old ▲ ▲ 70 to 21 people ▲ 60s ▲ 60s ▲ 50s ▲ 40s ▲ 20 to 1 person. Cumulative deaths are 2,22,243. The fatal rate is 0.13%.

The financing period was the most recent number of patients with 668 patients in recent days. The hospitalized patients are also in a continuous decrease in 357 people. Regards Corona 19 bed utilization rates ▲ 35.6% of the waters of the period ▲ (43.5%), 43.5% of the secondary disease.

In addition, the total number of telecommunications, including 41,259 new home-to-home therapists, including the total number of 2,259 patients, were 500,696. Among them, medical institutions for 4,2008 management of concentrated managers are available in 1,131 sites nationwide. Neighborhood medical institutions, which can be called and prescribed in general administrative councils, 9,687 countries nationwide are operated. A 24-hour home treatment medical consultation center is also operated by 254 nationwide.

In addition, with this, medical institutions that can be promptly inspected are operating at a respiratory dedicated clinic 477 places and a respiratory medical care designated medical institution, and one for 175 places, etc.

The number of new inoculations by the previous day is 18 people, ▲ The second two offers are 23. The number of cumulative inocurers and populations per vulneration rate is 4522,762 (87.7%), 4.453,688 (86.8%). (86.8%) ▲ (64.4%) (64.4%) ▲ 836,753 (1.6%) (1.6%) (1.6%).

Regards, the inoculation rate of the first to the first to over 60 years of age is 96.3%, 95.8%, 89.4%, and 5.4%, respectively. The primary and third inoculation rate over 18 years of age is 97.2%, 96.4%, and 74.1%, respectively. 12 years of age or older, respectively, 95.5%, 94.6%, and 70.2%.

On the other hand, since this day, the infectious disease rating for Corona 19 is graded to the 'Employer' of the 'Improvement Agency' from the 25th to 4 weeks. According to the central defense countermeasure headquarters, the implementation period is maintained for seven days after the infection. In the case of violation of isolation, it is imposed for a year or less and a fine of less than 10 million won is imposed. The entire treatment ratio is supported by the government, and the living support cost (20,000 won) and paid vacation costs for confirmation.

When reaching the seating machine through four weeks of fulfillment, Corona 19 management changes significantly. First, there is no need to do isolation obligations, and autonomous management will be done in telecommunication. All treatment is applied to health insurance, and the patient's burden is required. The government is a plan to reduce the support of Corona 19 hospitalization. As the obligation of isolation is disappeared, living support fee and paid vacation expenses are also discontinued.

For reference, the first-level infected bottle has 17 species, including Ebola, Sas, Meres, Fest, and the second grade is 21 species such as tuberculosis, measles, cholera, and irrigation.


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