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Pirates of the Caribbean on TV program: saga soon lands on M6

Catching saber, hat, boot and sextant the seigners of the seas and Pirate of the Caribbean are back to entertain us. The greatest cinematographic saga on the pirates produced by Walt Disney Pictures starts the boarding of our small screens for the delight of fans.


Pirates of the Caribbean - Orgelimprovisatie - Orgelzaal Booy

The revenge of Salazar in a few words

Pirates of the Caribbean is A franchise on piracy consisting of 5 films products by Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Pictures. Outboard on the big screen between 2003 and 2017, the cinematograish saga takes inspiration in the attraction open in 1967 in Disneyland California "Pirates of the Caribbean". We follow throughout the saga the adventures of the famous Jack Sparrow, interpreted by Johnny Depp.

Salazar's revenge is the last episode of the series. Captain Salazar, trapped in the triangles of the Bermuda by Jack Sparrow in person, managed to escape with his faithful pirates ghosts and is decided to take revenge. To counteract the plans of Salazar, the Captain of the Black Pearl needs to find the Trident of Poseidon, a legendary artifact giving absolute control over the seas to the one who holds it.

an epilogue badly loved

Despite the praises made to the excellent special effects that give life to high-stolen action scenes and a charging box-office at 326 million dollars , Pirates of the Caribbean: the vengeance of Salazar is the feature film the less well received from all the saga. Appreciated by the public with a metacritic score of 6.3 / 10, the film gets a score of only 39% from critics . The press points to the finger a slow narration and lacking originality, but it remains subject to interpretation. We can still greet an excellent soundtrack, worthy of the "Disney" productions. Distributed for the first time in 2017, Pirates of the Caribbean: the vengeance of Salazar lasts 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The vengeance of Salazar is broadcast on April 24 on M6 at 9:10 pm, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean: to the end of the world at 23:25.


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