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What is the understanding of the Candidate Culture Industry, from the journalist,

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Minister of Physical Education). On the candidates for Park Byeong-gyun, Yoon Suk-yeol, is interested in culture and history, and it has been a person who has poured enthusiasm and has been a phenomenon, but in the sense, he has been active in politics and international areas at the time of reporters, and there is no contact in cultural arts, I have.

Yoon Suk-yeol announced on the 10th, on the 10th, the chairperson of the Inner Committee, announced eight Buddhist Cabinet Rails, including the letters of the Letter. The fungal candidates named to the Candidate of the Unit shall be borne by Korea University political diplomacy, and after joining the central Ilbo in 1981, the political manager, editorial committee, editorial, and waiting. He also worked as a special advisor of Yoon Suk-yeol's presidential camp.

The Yun, who is a junior who is a junior-gaun, "Yun, who is a journalist who is near 40 years and is interested in culture and history. Especially, the cultural value of the 19th century, which was in Washington D.C., and the Cultural Value of the Imperial Oriental Organization, which were in the United States, is re-reconcile, and the contract peptor is the one who contributed to the officials of the Ornament, I think that the cultural export industry is greatly contributed to the regulation of culture industry regulations and cultural export industries. "

The candidate of Park announced the historical value and meaning of the 'alive' in 2005, and publicized the right to return the construction tube, and has reimbursed the construction pipe in 2012 in 2012. He recognized these balls and he received the National Decoration Moran. In the restoration and utilization business of the Korean Imperial Organization, Riot Games was used by Riot Games in 2014, and 500 million won in the funds that donated to cultural resolution.

Yoon Suk-yeol said, "I have been selected by selecting a standard for those who are the best for the nation and the people for the people and the people." The text is a press policy, and there is a part of the candidate of Park Byeong-gyun to return to the return of the Imperial Oriental Oriental Oriental Oriental Organization.

AMCHAM Korea [Webinar] AMCHAM Special Fireside Chat with Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok Yeol

However, there is a question that contains content that contains the game industry, including the expertise and policy direction as a direct linkage to culture, art, physical education, and sightseeing. The position of this is expected to be more specifically revealed through a greeting hearing to be held in the future. The main commitment that Yoon Suk-yeol, who was announced in the presidential candidate, is the probability of the Probabilized Item Probability of the Probabilized Items, Installation of the Game Usage Protection Committee.

"I am looking forward to the president of the Korea Newspaper Broadcasting Association," said Yoon Suk-yeol, "said Yun Seok-yeol," said Yun Seok-hyeon, "said Yoon Seok-yeol," said Yun Seok-yeol, "said Yun Seok-yeol," said Yun Seok-hyeon, "said Yoon Suk-yeol, said" In addition, however, the Democratic Employment Senior spokesman said, "I need to reflect on the 10th," I need to reflect if I have been involved in the English promotion policy, "I need to have a deep involvement of the media promotion to the media management.". Sue, Yunho, the Chairman of the Emergency Measurement, said,


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