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Xbox Series X: Microsoft opens with ID @ Azure Cloud services for indie

The cloud is already no longer a future music, whether deliberately or unconsciously, it is meanwhile an integral part of many everyday processes and Microsoft is with Amazon and Google one of the largest cloud providers worldwide.

These cloud resources would now like to make Microsoft usable via different ways for Indie developers. One of these ways is the name [Email Protected] The very similar naming is by no means a coincidence. The team, which bears the responsibility for this project, is the same, which is also behind [Email Protected]. All the collected data and experiences form the foundation for [Email Protected]

[Email Protected] is only the first part of the cloud use for video game development. Azure services are responsible for video games for game servers deployment , Matchmaking , data collection or a in-game economy , as you know it from many MMOS. These services will be freely available independent, registered studios in the future.

Bryan SAFLER, the Director of Azure Product Marketing said in an interview with "Our goal is to authorize game developers," (...) "To do that, we must reduce barriers and just access to resources, when Always possible to ensure. For independent developers, it can be daunting to use cloud services. With the free availability of [Email Protected], we hope that as many developers as possible see this as an invitation and experience what potential the cloud brings with its games. "

The Azure Services have already been used in some Xbox and third-party titles in the past, e.g. at Microsoft Flight Simulator, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 or No Man's Sky.

Some important cloud services are of course of course for many players and will not be perceived as such. As an example, consoles overarching memory levels or worldwide can be mentioned in-game events, because time zones are quite a difficulty for developers without cloud access.

As a further service, Microsoft introduced the Azure Game Development Virtual Machine. Among them is a cloud-based workplace, which is specifically designed for video game development . You can then imagine that in this way that you have a workplace PC without operating system, then logged into the Azure servers and everything is provided to what you need for video game development.

Above all, this service brings the globalization of studios or work in the home office to the advance.

Bryan SAFLER said in the same interview: "Teams should have the opportunity to build your studio with a variety of talent, no matter where this talent is geographically located." (...) "Microsoft is committed to create an inclusive and customized game industry and We believe this is a critical step by many along the way to realize this greater goal. "

Azure Logic Apps connect to Firewall Protected Blob Storage

Both the Azure Game Development Virtual Machine, as well as the software package in [Email Protected] are adaptable in the future, expandable and are developed with increasing experiences. Currently, the focus of the team is to be able to welcome more developer studios in the initiative ** and gain more partners for the software. So far included in the package are high-cariders like the Unreal Engine, Visual Studio and a DIRECT X developing kit.

Of course, one of the few risk factors in cloud services is the input delay, but with its over 60 data centers worldwide and tools such as Teradici and ParsetC, Microsoft has prepared solutions for it.

It seems like this initiative of Microsoft no losers, but a lot of exciting developments. What games we can expect with this multitude of opportunities in the future will show the next few years.


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