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[Yoshida's picture diary] Remastered version "Chrono Cross" is also good, but I am impressed by the "Radical Dolly Mars" of the vision of simultaneous recording

When I was in elementary school, the series works that continue to work were not felt that I did not play in order from the first work.

Now that I became an uncle, "** After doing the latest work, I'm going to play with the felt of the previous day..

This time, Square Enix gives "Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Dolly Dolly Edition (Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition)" PS4 version. This work remastered "Chrono Cross" released in 1999, and the character illustrations and songs are refined as well as high-quality image quality of graphics, and the game speed changes and switching of the encounter Convenient functions such as Auto Battle have been added.

However, I was delivered in 1996 for satelleview for satelleview. ** "Radical Dolly Mers" is drawn from "Chrono Trigger" and is also a prototype of "Chrono Cross".

After delivery in satelleview, I think there were not many people who played it because it was not ported to any platform. I also said that I did not have a satelleview. "Chrono Cross" was also concerned about the sequel to "Chrono Trigger", but "Soon" Radical Dollymers "will be implanted" Chrono Cross "after that And... "I was through.

After 20 years, the series works will be implanted when the series works want to play in order....

# In another world... The hero died! ?

When the deep scene at the beginning is completed, it switches to a daily scene.

The hero who went back in his own room was to wake up by the call of his mother and went out for a promise with his childhood friend.

Don't get out of the beginning of this scene and "Chrono Trigger".

The main character's default name was Serg, but changed to " uncle ".

Thanks to this strange name, she is still young but her mother is a cute hero called uncle....

Her name is Rena. She is the childhood friend of the uncle who lives in the southern country-style fishing village Arni village.

Her Uncle and Rena are a good Kanji atmosphere with the sea at the beach ...... It is absolutely not forgiven.

Such a fold... suddenly wrapped in mysterious light, and when I woke up, there was no Lena.

Really! This work is a story that regains a rena that became missing! OK, leave it to her childhood friend uncle!

......, Lena-chan is in the village.

But what ago is funny. Her childhood friend comes in touch with her first to face.

In fact, her uncle was blown in another world when it was wrapped in light. In this world, her uncle had died about 7 years old....

In the work, the original world is a home, her uncle already dead is called Another. In Another, the village of the village is another person, or the marsh environment near the village is changed as a galley.

It's sloppy, but somewhere is different from the two different worlds to proceed with the story.

# Who will be friends...... Flag management is important!

In this work, more than 40 characters become friends.

However, there is a character that does not become a companion just by proceeding with the story.

Players are pressed everywhere, such as whether or not to refuse the hailin invitation, or whether you help the fallen friends, and thereby branching the story.

The character to be friends will change depending on the selected route.

My favorite companion is "modified type Fio". An artificially created character, but there is no shadow by living. The first voice will come from the height of the tension of "Kyho-."

Above all, I like the fancy look that seems to appear in the Corkoo Comic Cartoon.

Not only the names of the protagonist, but also the name of the fellow character can also be changed.

The above character is named Alf, but the button operation was changed to "Afn".

The main character is "uncle", and the friend is "Aft", and the tense event scene is ruined!

# Fast forward to the Auto Battle...... Thank you for your convenient function!

In this work, various elements have been added from the original version. For example, character illustration!

This refined, and receives a smart impression that is shook compared to the original version.

I'm glad to be switched from the settings to the original version of illustration.

I was also happy with some convenient features that I reached it to itchy!

First of all, the function to turn off the encounter! ** The battle does not start even if this is in contact with the enemy of the field.

Next, the enemy's attack is hardly hit Battle reinforcement mode! And Battle Automodies!

If you want to enjoy only the story, you will be able to save these functions.

Speeds in the game can be switched to three velocities of equal speed, fast forwarding and slow playback.

However, if you move dashed quickly, it will be a ridiculous speed. Control is difficult!

# That masterpiece was finally played in satelleview!

Say, let's play "Radical Dolly Mers" waiting for you!

Sergu, Kid, Gil's Thieves' Thieves "Radical Dolly Mars" talks about the story of adventure to unfold in Parallel World.

The genre is not RPG but a sound novel format adventure.

Yes, around 1996 at the time of delivery, and the sound novel is also popular.

We will proceed with the game while choosing the option that will appear sometimes. Battle with enemies is also a selection ceremony.

As for the story, it will be a spoiler, so I can not talk much, but after the main person of "Chrono Trigger" appears.

It was really a sequel to it.

A ~ ~ ~ I wanted to play with the heat when I first cleared "Chrono Trigger"!

If there is a time machine, you will be able to buy a satelleview to me when the first clear is...!

Now that I have over 20 years, I did not think that I could play "Radical Dollymers" which is said to be a visionary work! Every time the "Chrono Trigger" is transplanted to the latest model, I was deeply impressed that I thought "I would not be recorded simultaneously...".

"Chrono Cross" was a first look play, so it was basically played without using the useful function, but when I wanted to explore the field a little, I turned off the enemies with the enemy. There is only convenient function and is quite useful.

"Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Mars Edition" is on sale for PS4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch / PC.


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