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Highly difficult content implementation wrapped in poisonous fog! "Rainbow Six Execution" Crisis Event "Nightmare Fog" Advanced Play Report

The tactical FPS "Rainbow Six Extraction" is approaching the mystery of the unknown life body "Akien" with up to three people. The second event, "Nightmare Fog", which is a limited -time event, will open today (May 13, 2022).

In addition to the high difficulty event "Nightmare Fog", a new REACT tech "Rush Pistol" and a new "Prestige" of operators are also implemented. In this article, we will deliver the pre -play pattern of "Nightmare Fog"!

I don't have time to relax! ? "Nightmare Fog"

"Nightmare Fog" is a highly difficult content that is composed of three subzones, and each subzone is filled with fog. When exposed to poison fog emitted from the "Toxik Tree", the "neurotomy level" rises and affects the perception of the operator. The ultimate goal is to manage the "neural poison level" and destroy the source "toxic tree" in the last subzone.

In addition, poisonous fog has not occurred in the recovery point (≒ departure point) or some of the safe areas installed in the subzone, and it is the key to capture to make the time that does not touch the poisonous fog well. 。

In addition, the "neural poison level" rises while touching the poisonous fog, and when it reaches constant, various symptoms appear. At more than 30%, the hallucinations of the enemy appear in sight and hearing, and at 65%, the visibility is narrowed, and shaking and distortion occur. When it reaches 100%, the visibility becomes worse, and the 3HP decreases every 5 seconds (the decrease is stopped in 1HP).

In order to lower the "neural poison level", it is necessary to acquire "neurostim" that has fallen in each safe and aerock, which can be reduced by 35%.

However, in principle, there is only one neurostim in the aerock. There are more than three or more safe rooms, so I would like to use them, but the location of the safe room is random and the location is not revealed. It seems that it is necessary to consider the positional relationship between the target and the safe room and the current "neurotomy level".

Selection is the key

In the first subzone, the target of specimens/nest tracking/triangular surveying/extermination/shutdown is set randomly. You can enjoy the existing goals while you can put in poison fog, but you can go straight to the next aerock.

In the second subzone, we work for "contamination removal". The goal is to destroy 12 mutant nests in the subzone and collect exposed core samples. By clearing this, the durability of the "toxic tree" that confront (?) In the third subzone will greatly decrease.

Of course, you can pass through the second subzone, but it is a good idea to clear it up to make it easier to capture later.

The third, the final subzone, finally eliminates the "toxic tree". This can be eliminated by exposing the core by destroying the anchor point and archet cells that extend from the tree, such as MIA collection. By eliminating, the poisonous fog can be scattered and you can escape with a sunny and sunny feeling.

The key to capture is the "selection", an important factor of this work. A variety of management is required, such as how to go through, how to find a safe room, and how to pick up neurostim.

In addition, the rise in the "neurotomy level" is troublesome. In addition to reducing the HP at 100%, it consumed wasteful ammunition in the hallucinations of the enemy, as well as the psychological pressure of many enemies, and the difficulty felt high. Thanks to the phantom enemies, it is difficult to grasp the proper distance from the actual enemy, and you can enjoy a chaotic battle.

I tried "Nightmare Fog" with three people, including the writer, with other media writers, but took a lot of time to clear. The detailed communication and the appropriate strategy is a shortcut to success (I would like to thank Mr. Haru Hisada and Shiki Natsujo, who took this place and cooperated in advance play).

Make a difference with speed "Rush pistol"

"Rush pistol" will appear as a new REACT tech. This can be released by achieving a goal (80 nests in the same mode) during the "Nightmare Fog" event. By shooting yourself (or allies), you can get a 15 -second speed boost and invincible effect. Can be carried up to 2 shots.

Other updates

Prior to the event, we also have updates to the game. First, the "VIGIL" Protian will appear in the goal "Gateway". It is noteworthy how the operator who is good at secret behavior in the electro lendering cloakroom will appear.

In addition, a new progress status to existing operators will appear. By obtaining an additional XP to the operator who has reached the existing level 10, rewards such as uniforms and headgear can be obtained.

"Rainbow Six Extraction" is on sale on PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Seriesx | S. It also supports Xbox Game Pass/PC Game Pass. The crisis event "Nightmare Fog" will be distributed today.


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