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"Lineage W" is too dark in both the story and the world view. "Dark Elf" An depressive setting that looks back before implementation

On May 4, NCSOFT will carry out a large update of " Lineage W " "2nd episode: Dark Elf". In addition to the new class, "Dark Elf" will appear, and it will be possible to visit the "Silence Cave" as a relevant village. Some players are looking forward to the second large update following the "1st episode: Aden" released on February 23, and the first new class implementation after the release.

"Lineage W" is a popular MMORPG, mainly in Korea, where the developer NCSoft is located. It was released worldwide on November 4, last year, and can now be played on iOS/Android/PC (Purple). The MMORPG "Lineage" series is based on the same name manga in Korea, and one of the characteristics is a bold story. "Lineage W" is also attractive, as well as its profound world view and unique and dark scenario. The story of a terrible and depressed story, the hot development of the royal road, and the story of "Lineage W", which contains a little black humor, has a dark and killed but habit.

In this article, I would like to convey the story and the charm of the character for those who have never played "Lineage W" at this time when the new class "Dark Elf" is added. I hope that the fun of "Lineage W" will be conveyed, such as many quests that are dark but comical black humor, the fascinating NPCs that appear there, and the serious past that playable characters will carry. is.

Dark and terrible, sometimes comical story

In "Lineage W", the story of the time axis after the first "Lineage" is drawn. However, even if you have never played the previous work, you can understand the story without any problems. I am ashamed and have not played the first "Lineage" and "Lineage 2". However, there was no problem to enjoy the scenario and world view of Lineage W.

The main story of this work has many dark and miserable developments. "Lineage W" has four types of classes in addition to the "Dark Elf" added this time. As a player's alter ego, they have experienced various events before the start of the game, and they all carry heavy pasts (I would like to talk about this past later). After touching a heavy past, you can reach all classes. There are various ways to be welcomed to this place, but the story on the "Speaking Island" begins because all classes are ordered to investigate the villagers continuous disappearance.

In the main story, there are many dark and terrible developments, such as the limbs of young people living for rituals, and people are hung in the village as execution. Although the camera is far from the viewpoint, the scattered blood splatters and the damage to the human body are clearly drawn, and corpses and blood may be reflected in the movie. If you are not good at grotesque depictions, you need to be careful, but it was not simply a dew, but it felt like you were going to draw a miserable development from the front.

Although the story of "Lineage W" has many serious developments, the occasional humor is a secret taste. For example, NPC Fairer, who tells you about enchantment early, tried to transform without using a transformation scroll, and appeared above his neck in a chicken state. After that, it is a "stray" NPC that repeats slightly suspicious behavior. In addition, the occasional comical scenes are spicy, such as scenes where the NPC and Leudan's behavior, which transforms into an oak and performs infiltration missions, gets closer to the oak. The dark stories and humor are complimenting each other.

The attractive NPC is also deeper in the world view of this work. For example, in the first villager's disappearance in the villager, Lord Reinhard, the leader of the Red Knights, will help you. Lord Reinhardt, who had been sleeping as a soul only by fighting a powerful devil in the past. I will hide here because it will be spoiled about the way he will beat the culprit of this case. However, I just want to tell you that this was a hot development anyway. In addition, NPCs related to each class often became an important person in the scenario, and there were many situations that seemed to be "good to proceed in this class".

The story of "Lineage W" is supported by the worldview with just a little comical and fascinating NPCs. In the next section, I would like to introduce the past of characters in each class of players.

Playable characters carrying heavy past

"Lineage W" has four types of classes in addition to the "Dark Elf" added this time. As a player's alter ego, they have experienced various events on the time axis before the main game, and they all carry a heavy past. In some cases, the same incident is experienced from another perspective depending on the class, and by playing various classes only in the introduction part, you can deepen the story of "Lineage W".

For example, one of the classes, the monarch, is the first time of the Duke of Aden, who inherits the blood of the great hero king. However, he was attacked into the mansion from the struggle over his right to inherit the throne, and his parents fall into a bad blade in front of him. He was a young monarch who managed to get out of the mansion and escaped with Lord Babet, the old knight, but the days later were harsh. The monarch, who grew on a childhood wound, was on the "spoken island" with Lord Babette. The story begins from the point of trying to be appointed by the knight from Balten, the leader of the Red Knights, who is responsible for the island's defense. In the story of the royal road of the declining aristocracy, the "monarch" class is also hot.

Next, let's introduce the close class "Knight". Knights are those who take the path of justice and dedicate to the sublime blood oath. The protagonist of the knight, who was taught, participates in the attack on the Duke of Aden under the Knights of the Black Snake. However, he questioned the knight's way of being a knight, who had taught me justice as a knight, and the innocent people were executed after the raid. Ten years later, the protagonist, who works as a mercenary on a "speaking island", is asked to solve a case from the Red Knight Captain Barten.

The "Knight" introduction scenario is linked to the monarch, and it is a very interesting configuration that you can see one incident from two perspectives. If you only need a long play with the introduction scenario, if you like the "monarch", please play with "Knight".

Next is a "magician". The protagonist who was born in an orphan and was raised by the magician's Exeed. One day, the protagonist, who was spending the days of learning magic, is likely to be solved by the "Devil of the Another World" in the mid -dimensions. He was barely rescued by Exceed and received a purification ceremony, but it turned out that the devil was aiming for the hero. Exceed meets the protagonist with Balten, the leader of the "Talking Island", to solve the problem of "death", which is closely related to the devil. Among the four classes, "magician" is the easiest to understand why you visited the "speaking island". Because there are many unknown parts in the past, it is recommended for those who want to play while expanding their imagination.

And about "elf". The protagonist living in the elf forest is confused by a spirit called Spirid, and misunderstands his ally as a monster and kills all. He was a hero who was rescued by Elf's powerful Jillian, but his guilty of killing his ally is heavy and will be sent to the human world for compensation. The words that come to the "speaking island" and throw it from the guide are "You must live in compensation for the rest of your life." The story of the "elf" is that the weight of the crime of killing the ally is tasted from the very beginning.

Expectations in the past of "Dark Elf"

By the way, we have explained the stories of existing stories and classes so far, but as described at the beginning, the new class "Dark Elf" will be implemented on May 4. If they may also have a solid and serious past, the expectation is not stopped. What is the history of "Dark Elf" world view and departure? Let's unravel based on the published information and materials received from NCSoft.

According to the special website of Lineage W, "Dark Elf" seems to be an elf who has fallen after seeking power and has lost immortality. Although the roots are the same as the existing class "Elf", the color of the skin changes due to the difference in religion. He left the elf forest where he had lived and lived in the underground cavity, a archeological site made by ancient giants. Although his elf and his elves, who had never left the basement for a long time, had been predicted that a catastrophe would soon come to the predecessor's remains. The dark elf will return to the ground and travel to prevent catastrophe.

Looking at the introduction trailer of "Dark Elf", there is an extraordinary atmosphere, such as an old man who falls by blood, a variant that attacks the village, and a child who hides while being afraid. The depiction of the dark elf young man who defeats the variant is also vivid, and it seems that the introduction of a dark taste that has not changed from the previous "Lineage W".

"Dark Elf", which controls two swords and crawls, is an attacker based on the concept of "short -range assassin". It is a class that can give a variety of poison from the stealth state, disturb enemies and turn the battle situation. In addition to the unique magic "Black Spirit Magic" that can only be used by "Dark Elf", it can also be used as a rudimentary general magic. In addition, services that can change classes from existing classes to "dark elf" will be launched. If you are worried about "dark elf" and want to play now, why not try it?

As mentioned above, we introduced the world view of "Lineage W" in the scenario, and the background of playable characters. As one of the "Lineage" series, which has a long history of this work, you can see that it is a title that is MMORPG and is focusing on world settings and character individual scenarios. The scenario of this work, which occasionally travels with comical black humor, is an irresistible salt plum for those who like. If you read this article and are worried about this work, please play this opportunity.

"Lineage W" is a new race called "Dark Elf" and has a deeper color with a deep world view. Many updates are scheduled in the future, and it is likely to be a title that will be expected to develop future developments. "Lineage W" is available for free for iOS/Android/PC (Purple). The large update "2nd episode: Dark Elf" will be distributed today on May 4th.

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