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Preview on Gerda: A Flame in Winter: 100 possibilities, but morally overwhelmed - new Dontnod

The Second World War is a frequently invited and welcome guest on the stage of the video games - see Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield V, Call of Duty: World War II and many more. The list is pretty long. But the difficult and serious topic is actually only so popular if you can tackle it with a 900 -round machine gun in your hand. If, instead, there is a historically accurate and grueling experience that completely dispenses with fights, so most people quickly pass the appetite.

The Studio Dontnod Entertainment, developer behind Life is Strange or the moderate action role-playing game Vampyr, is now also under the publisher. The first game is the emotional war adventure Gerda: A Flame in Winter. We took a close look at the first hours of play and have to say: that has really potential! At least if you can do something with the genre and a historical and dark story, where you are also released sad or sad, is not averse.

In our preview, we reveal what you can expect from the story adventure with light RPG influences.


1st page 1preview for Gerda: A flame in winter: 100 options, but morally overwhelmed - new dontnod hit? 1. 1.1 A small town in Denmark - full of frost, suffering and Nazis 2. 1.2 "Hach, Gerda... What should people think!"

Gerda: A Flame In Winter - Announcement Teaser 3. 1.3sei your very own Gerda 2. Page 2Preview for Gerda: A Flame in winter: 100 options, but morally overwhelmed 1. 2.1 Can Gerda also follow your words? 2. 2.2 a Danish delicacy, but also a question of taste 3rd page 3bildergalerie for "Preview for Gerda: A Flame in Winter: Adventure hit of the Life...

a small town in Denmark - full of frost, suffering and Nazis

It is important to mention: Gerda is half Danish, maternal, and half German. Her partner, logically and completely rightly, has right -wing political opinions towards the occupiers of his home village, but the same applies to her dad, who recently joined the NSDAP and greets the brutal advance of the Germans. As you certainly notice, there is a lot of explosive for difficult conversations and hard decisions in the room. In the tranquil village, the food is also becoming increasingly scarce and relationships between the two parties are also keen.

Right at the beginning of our allusion session it becomes clear how important our appearance and action is. Even a banality like wearing our travel case can have consequences. The first decision with which we are confronted is which of the two men can free us from our travel base. It is also possible for us to insist on the fact that we do not need any help and are able to do so, but that does not matter to both...

"Hach, Gerda... What should people think!"

be your very own Gerda

After each story chapter, Gerda writes about the latest events in her diary - by the way, the only area in the game. In addition, one has to say that the voice actress is okay, because of her very strong and, above all, clear emphasis is lost. In Gerda's diary, we can decide which key message with the young protagonist ends her written thoughts. This affects how many points are available in the three property categories for the next chapter. They can then also be used in the many conversations and lead to different solutions.

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Page 1 Preview for Gerda: A Flame in Winter: 100 options, but morally overwhelmed - new Dontnod hit?

Page 2 Preview on Gerda: A Flame in Winter: 100 options, but morally overwhelmed

Page 3bildergalerie for preview of Gerda: A Flame in winter: Adventure hit The Life-IS-Strange maker?

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