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The world's third -largest AI state rash ··· AI spread throughout public and private sector

The new government was launched on the 10th. Prior to this, the Presidential Acquisition Committee selected the six national goals and the 110th national agenda. It also revealed the national vision of 'the country that leaves again, the country of the people who live well together'. In the 22nd anniversary of its launch, GDNet Korea has set up a series of intensive checks on the information and communication technology (ICT) field among the 110th government tasks in the new government. [Editor]

⑩ Artificial intelligence (AI) field

It is a digital hegemony era. The world jumped in. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, called 'second electricity', is attracting attention. The world, such as the United States, Europe, and China, is walking around to improve productivity using AI technology and create new value added. Korea is no exception. At the end of 2019, he is focusing on policy capabilities.

The Yoon Seok -yeol government's ICT vision is 'achieving digital economy hegemony'. It is a vision that is difficult to realize without achieving 'AI Power Korea'. The five years of the Yoon Seok -yeol administration is an important time to determine the next 50 years. The national economy must be jumped up and entered the G5 country based on the AI, which has highlighted the competitiveness. In 2021, Korea's AI competitiveness was sixth in the world. The government's plan is to raise this ranking to third place by 2027, and this campaign is also in the Yoon Seok -yeol administration.

In particular, the Yoon Seok -yeol administration begins to develop the next -generation AI technology, which invests about 300 billion won, and anchors the project to spread AI to the region. There is also a collecting data called AI's rice. It also accelerates the spread of AI to the private sector and the public.

Promote challenging AI R & D and foster AI semiconductor intensive

The new government's acquisition committee proposed 'Achievement of the Uri -AI Country' in the national task. To this end, we will promote large -scale challenging AI R & D. In addition, the company plans to launch world -class products in the AI semiconductor field, an AI brain. This year's total budget (including funds) is 18.57 trillion won. It was 6%(1.58 trillion won) from last year (17.515 trillion won). The budget spent on the AI -based policy officer of the Ministry of Science and Technology, dedicated to AI, exceeds KRW 1 trillion. It is mainly used to create a developmental AI ecosystem. In particular, the Ministry of Science and Technology will develop advanced AI technology, which is named next generation for five years from this year.

'Trusted AI' and 'Communicable AI' are typical. In April last year, he passed Yeta (preliminary feasibility study). The budget for five years is 301.8 billion won (2656 billion won). Compared to the United States and China, it is small. However, it is meaningful to start a campaign for AI sovereignty. AI is an assist. It acts as an assistant to help people decide. Learn and infer data and present optimal conditions. But I can't explain why I came to that conclusion. That's why AI is called 'black box'. Trust is also a painful part of AI.

The data required by AI to learn is provided by humans. Man cannot be completely free from 'bias'. That's why AI causes bias. The artificial intelligence chatbot 'Iruda' incident in Korea in January last year and the Deep Fake case of former President Obama in the United States in July 2018 have questioned AI's' reliability 'and eventually' reliable AI Trustworthy AI) "development has emerged as a major issue in the world. In addition to 'trust AI' and 'explanatory AI' for the next five years, the Ministry of Science and Technology, in addition to ▲ meta -learning, strengthening learning, knowledge -based reasoning, common sense -based reasoning Develop a task).

AI has a wide range of technology and applications. On the other hand, our resources are limited. You have to choose and concentrate. Where should AI Korea Korea play? Semiconductor is one of them. Korea is the world's No. 1 memory semiconductor. AI semiconductors have no strong people in the world yet. AI semiconductors are a new high -value semiconductor that is optimized for running AI than existing CPUs and GPUs (performance, power efficiency, price, etc.). The preoccupation competition between countries around the world is hot.

Overseas, AI semiconductors are called AI Semiconductor, AI Chip, and AI Processor. CPUs, GPUs, NPUs, and neuromopics are classified as AI semiconductors. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) has its strength in precision numerical calculations (scala operations). The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) integrates the vector computational core into 1000 levels and is optimized for three -dimensional graphics operations. Vector refers to the amount of size and direction. NPU (NEURAL Processing Unit) is a chip optimized for high speed processing of deep learning operations by integrating 10,000 complex matrix (matrix) computational core than vectors. Neuromorphic is a chip that greatly increases AI computational core integration and power efficiency by using new elements, processors, and memory integration.

Global companies such as Intel and Google have already begun developing AI semiconductors since 2016. This is because AI semiconductors can act as 'Game Changer', which realizes unprecedented intelligent innovation services such as fully autonomous driving, AIT (AI+IoT), and ache computing. AI semiconductors are also the most efficient ways to cope with the demand for exploding computing resources such as developing and developing high -performance products, and science and technology research (life, nano, environment, etc.).

According to the AI Semiconductor Global Industry Trends, semiconductor companies such as Intel, NVIDIA and Samsung Electronics are taking the market through large -scale mergers and acquisitions and large -scale R & D investments. Intel acquired Altera, Nirvana Systems, Mobil Eye, and Habana Labs to strengthen the competitiveness of data centers and autonomous vehicles. Smartphone makers such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei also launched smartphones with their own NPUs.

Non -penalty companies also entered the development of AI semiconductors. Google is a representative. Google introduced an AI semiconductor called TPU in 2017. Facebook, which has changed its mission, also created its own development organization in 2019, and is promoting chip for data centers through startups.

In terms of technology, the AI semiconductor is currently the first generation. High -performance CPUs and GPUs are used to accelerate AI learning and reasoning, and early type NPUs have entered the technical demonstration stage. The second generation AI semiconductor is an innovative design that implements hundreds of tera (1 trillion operations per terra) performance and low -power NPU. It is expected to be used in various industries around 2025. The 3rd generation AI semiconductor is a product that implements neuromopic semiconductors through the next-generation new element and the advancement of the new concept PIM (Processing-in-Memory) technology. It is a product that overcomes existing integration and power efficiency. In particular, the PIM semiconductor is attracting attention to present a new paradigm of the semiconductor by surpassing the Von Neumann Architecture structure, which is the basis of all computers.

The Korean government has designated AI and system semiconductors as a strategic investment in innovation growth, mobilizing policy capabilities. In April 2019, the company announced its system semiconductor vision and strategy. In addition, by 2029, about 1 trillion won is being invested in developing intelligent semiconductor technology such as PIM, the next -generation AI semiconductor leader.

Large computing infrastructure construction... AI work support for universities and SMEs

To be good at AI, you need technology (algorithm), data and computing power. These three Musketeers are also key elements of AI powerhouse Korea. The Yoon Seok -yeol administration is also expected to actively build a large computing infrastructure, an axis of the AI ecosystem. A typical AI convergence complex is created in Gwangju Metropolitan City. In February last year, the launching ceremony was held. Previously, Gwangju Metropolitan City selected the NHN Consortium as a private operator to build a data center for the AI convergence complex, and the NHN Consortium will invest about 90 billion won by 2024.

The core infrastructure of the convergence complex is an artificial intelligence data center. NHN consortium is in Gwangju

The computing volume will be built with a data center of 88.5pf (petaflops, 1pf is 1,000 trillion operations per second).

The authorities are also implementing small and medium -sized venture companies, public institutions, and universities that want to research or utilize AI. The support scale is the GPU server equation per company and institution (20 teraflops (20TF) GPU, 16 -core 2.1GHz, 128GB memory, 2 terabytes HDD, 1 gigabyted BPS line or higher). In order to increase the use effect, the authorities will check the GPU usage rate in monthly basis, lower the 20 teraflops (20TF) to 10 teraflops (10TF) if the usage is low, and, on the contrary, increase the 20TF to 40TF if the utilization rate is high.

AI spread to private and public

In order to become an AI powerhouse, it is necessary to apply AI to each domain in addition to securing source technology. To this end, the authorities implemented are 'AI Vouchers'. It will support a voucher of up to 300 million won per company to companies (demand) that requires AI, and will invest a total of 98 billion won this year. Demand companies introduce AI solutions to solve their problems.

This project is also highly responsive to AI companies (suppliers) with AI solutions. This is because it can supply its AI solution. Both demand companies and suppliers are 'win -win' personality business with high satisfaction. It was first implemented in 2020 and about 350 tasks will be held this year. It will take place for about seven months by the end of October. If you are selected for the assignment, there are many benefits. It is supported by up to 300 million won for labor costs, solution costs, and infrastructure construction costs. In particular, this year, the medical sector was selected as a promising industry, and about 75 medical tasks were selected separately. It also strengthened the support of excellent companies and youth companies (39 years old).

A company that participates in the task said, "It is an opportunity not only to support the innovation efforts of demand companies that need to introduce artificial intelligence technology, but also to generate sales companies with artificial intelligence technology." He also pointed out the improvement. "But it is a pity that large companies are missing into demand companies," he said.

It is also well received by applying AI to public sectors such as tariffs, legal affairs, defense, forests, and agricultural industries, and is also well received. In the case of the Korea Customs Service, the AI is covered by fake luxury goods and blocks the distribution in the domestic market. In addition, AI is taking the lead in creating a safe service environment for military soldiers, using AI, which is commonly used by military soldiers. NIPA's budget for the application of AI in the public sector this year is 58.7 billion won, which is higher than last year, and businesses in nine public sectors. Lee Jae -hyung, head of the AI -based policy department at the Ministry of Science and Technology, said, “AI will play a key role in the digital transformation of Korea.”

Learning data, which is essential for the development of AI services, will also be made on a large scale this year. It first started in 2020. This year, the largest number of 570 billion won is invested. This money builds a variety of AI learning datasets. Initially, the company plans to build a total of KRW 2.5 trillion by 2025 to build more than 1,300 datasets. With the new government, its investment is expected to be adjusted.

Park Jung -woo, CEO of AI company Sonnet, said, "AI models are proportional to data learning and performance. In order for artificial intelligence technology to spread and develop in each field, high quality and large -scale AI learning data are essential." It takes a lot of time and money, but small and medium -sized AI companies like us are very helpful for learning data construction projects. ” Another AI company also appreciated the project and said, "It is necessary to execute more sophisticated policy so that the datasets that the authorities posted on the AI hub can be helpful to the company."

AI, driving local economic development by spreading region

Regional development is a big homework for any government. Mr. Yoon held a meeting with the heads of 17 metropolitan cities at the office of the transition office on the 6th of last month. "Regional development is national development."

AI, which has a strong infrastructure, can play a big role in local industry and local economy. In particular, the Yoon Seok -yeol government is expected to spread the AI area more faster than the previous government. This is because the plan to spread the AI area drawn by the previous government will be in full swing this year. Regional base AI education projects are typical. 'Regional Base AI Education Project' is a project that provides AI education and collaboration space to local small and medium -sized venture companies, prospective entrepreneurs, and college students.

The Ministry of Science and Technology selects and supports three capacity building bases and one specialized personnel training base this year. Seven local governments have applied for a month in a monthly contest since the end of February, and four metropolitan cities were selected, including Busan, Gangwon -do, Chungcheongbuk -do, and Gwangju Metropolitan City. Gwangju was selected as a specialized personnel training base. These four local governments will recruit first trainees from this month. The company plans to cultivate artificial intelligence (AI) professionals that can be put into the core industry. In these four regions, there are a total of 1620 AI personnel fostered this year.

Specifically, Busan will cultivate AI professionals in the fields of intelligent information services, intelligent machinery, and smart marine logistics using public data, and divide them into Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam. Gangwon -do, along with Gyeongsangbuk -do, uses transportation and weather data to co -plan and operate the AI curriculum specialized in tourism and marine sectors. Chungcheongbuk -do will open a training base in Ochang Industrial Complex and Cheongju Industrial Complex to provide customized training to respond to the demand for AI personnel in major industrial complexes located in Chungcheong. In particular, the company opened and operated the AI convergence process in manufacturing field, reflecting regional characteristics with a high proportion of smart IT parts companies.

. Gwangju Metropolitan City will focus on training for six months with the goal of fostering AI -specific personnel that can be used immediately in four major industries such as automobiles, energy, healthcare, and cultural contents. In connection with the Gwangju AI integrated complex, which is currently being promoted, the artificial intelligence industry ecosystem will be created in the region. Roh Geun -ho, director of Chungbuk Techno Park (Chungbuk TP), said, "In the infrastructure, such as funds, manpower, and markets, the region is worse than the metropolitan area, but it will actively introduce artificial intelligence technology to the local industry to increase the competitiveness of the local industry."


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