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Love sim x speedrun act! ? NEON WHITE Fast and faster ...

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don't know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver the content of NEON WHITE, which was released for PC/Nintendo switch from Annapurna Interactive on June 17, 2022.


This work is a high-paced first-person viewpoint platform action. Players compete as an assassin chosen from hell, betting on other evil hunters in the right to live in heaven.

In addition to enjoying a speed run-like platformer action using cards with different effects, it is also a work that also has a love adventure element.

Approach the actual content of NEON WHITE!

The protagonist, White, who has fallen into hell, wakes up in a white building with most of his memories. According to the followers who are the servants of God, they will be taken to heaven by defeating the demon that appeared in the development. As a result, the protagonist becomes a neon that exterminates the devil, and struggles to surpass other neons as Neon White.

After the first adventure part, the speed run will start on a white building and a beautiful stage with a beautiful water surface. The rules of this part are to defeat all enemies and clear as soon as possible. It is necessary to optimize shooting and moving routes. The player is a soul card weapon, and a card with its unique ability is given to destroy the enemy.

The goal is to clear it quickly because there is no enemy on the first stage. For the time being, I went towards the course, but the record is 32 seconds 02 and the evaluation is silver. I'm sorry, so I'll try it again.

As I noticed before the goal, this work seems to accelerate the character when running on the water. It seems to be an important technique to use the water surface well because you can jump far and far. This time, when I ran using the water surface, it was reduced to 26 seconds 67. The evaluation was also gained gold. Since retries can be done in an instant, you can resume without stress even if you make a mistake.

As you proceed on the stage to some extent, more soul cards that can be picked up on the stage will appear. A soul card with a handgun picture is not only can be shot like a handgun, but also a two-stage jump by right-clicking. In a situation like the above-mentioned screensho, discard the card on hand and jump, and get the next handgun card. It is also discarded at a good timing and reaches the building in the back.

In this way, soul cards other than possessed by default have a unique abilities and can be used by discarding them. Of course, if you use abilities, you will lose your card, so you will need ad-lib-like actions in consideration of the placement of nearby cards and enemy conditions.

Nevertheless, there is almost no loss in the map of this work, and it is a very good design that is easy to judge the next thing.

Dreamcast It is also a feature of this work that it is devised to make it fun to play the same stage two or more laps. You can get the point called Insight that allows you to unlock various functions according to the evaluation of gold and silver copper according to the clear time. At this point, ghosts where you can see your previous play, hint functions that allow you to develop the fastest route that you couldn't think of on the first lap, and gifts hidden in unexpected places, so how many laps on the same stage. Anyway, it's fun.

I am satisfied if I clear one lap in any game, so it is basically a principle that so-called 100%clear is not done, but this work is a fun element that makes you want to clear 100%.

As you are on the stage, you will encounter the characters you just saw. They seem to have the protagonist who had interacted with each other, but the protagonist doesn't remember much. On the other hand, the other three seem to remember this well.

If you clear the chapter, you can deepen interaction with each character in places like hubs that can be visited. Here, you can pass the gifts you have acquired in the second and subsequent plays, and conversations etc. will occur by deepening the exchange.

A nice older brother Neon Yellow There are attractive characters such as a slightly abuna punk girl Neon Violet cool and mysterious Neon Red. Who are you? I like violet.

NEON WHITE is a fun action game that makes it easier to play at first glance with a polite level design, and you will want to clear speed faster. The characters are also attractive, and it is also an interesting game that the part like the love ADV is strangely intertwined with the action part.


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