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The Cycle: Frontier Doing the Work Office of the Quest

The quest Performing work is another opportunity for you to earn a faction point in order to raise your rating in the faction of an independent civilian consultant (ICA).

The chain of tasks is divided into eight different parts, and it can be started by talking with Marie Gilbert Rael, the chief specialist in ICA procurement.

She will ask you to track and confirm the origin of the recently caught distress signal. You will also have to search the nearby areas to make sure that there are lonely surviving, in need of help.

The next leadership will lead you through the entire chain of DOing The Work in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Doing the Work of the Office of the Quest

completion of the task, part 1

Your first task will be to track the SOS signal coming directly from the south from the reservoir, somewhere on the rocky beach in the south.


  • 160x fp
  • 3x ICA script
  • 6400x crypto tags

completion of the task, part 2

The second part of the quest is divided into two targets. First, you must enter the room with prey on a water body and take a frame for photos found on the bed.

You will find a room with prey on the north-eastern side of the object. You will need to turn on three chains to open the door to the room with prey. You can find and take batteries from another power slot at the facility. Use them to open a prey room and find a bed. The photo frame will be on top of the sheets.

This photo frame is a sign of life. Your next step will survive and return to ICA to deliver the frame for the picture.


  • 130x fp
  • 2x payment ICA
  • 5800x crypto tags

completion of the task, part 3

After you deliver a photo frame, you will be instructed to deliver 2 Zero Systems processors, 5 Fusion cartridges and 5 alloys. However, first you have to find them.

You can find Zero Systems inside the cabinets and portfolios. Fusion cartridges can easily be found in civilian cabinets, garbage tanks and in some of these POIs on the map, such as a lagoon in the east, between vaccines laboratories and a scientific campus. On the other hand, alloys can be found on industrial sites, inside industrial and luggage boxes.


  • 200x fp
  • 4 ICA certificates
  • 7000x crypto tags

completion of the task, part 4

Get to the southeast ascending channel on the map and deliver 3 unusual data disks. You can purchase these discs in ICA or find them in portfolios, cabinets and safe.

Use unusual data drive drives to download data from the console on the southeastern communication channel. The discs will be updated after the load is completed. You can continue to repeat the process to update the discs further, but for this quest you need only an unusual type of rarity.


  • 200x fp
  • 4 ICA certificates
  • 7000x crypto tags

completion of the task, part 5

УБИЙЦА You must make more supplies. Go to the communication tower and hide 3 radio equipment and 3 printed circuit boards in a satellite antenna marked on the cache.

You can find both objects in technologically advanced areas, on decks, racks, PCs, etc. Most likely, you have already found them, performing the previous parts of the quest.


  • 240x fp
  • 6x ICA script
  • 7700x crypto tags

Execution of Tasks Part 6

You need to enter the house on stilts next to the northern communication channel and deliver 3x rare data disks.

You can purchase Rare Data Drives in ICA. You can also find and update unusual drives with data how you did it earlier in the quest. Remember that you can modernize the drive at any upward communication station, including the northern and southeastern rising communication lines, as well as the communication tower.


  • 200x fp
  • 4 ICA certificates
  • 7000x crypto tags

completion of the task, part 7

The seventh part of the quest line is quite simple. You just need to visit the power station south of the communication tower and kill 25x creatures. You also need to deliver 15 Fusion cartridges that you can find during a power plant or find them after the end of the hunt.


  • 310x fp
  • 8x ICA script
  • 8500x crypto tags

Execution of Tasks Part 8

The final part of the quest chain requires you to hide 3 miniature reactors and 2 drives with valuable data in the corresponding office hiding places in the base camp.

As mentioned above, you can purchase Data Drives from ICA, but you can also find and update Data Drives at any upward station in the game. You just need to continue loading fresh data to the discs to update them to the desired type of rarity.

On the other hand, miniature reactors can be found in the storage rooms of the power plant.


  • 380x fp
  • 11x Osiris Certificate
  • 9400x crypto tags

awards for completing the assignment

When you finally finish the last part to finish the entire line of quests Work, you will be rewarded with a completely new and brilliant helmet.


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