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'Boxing Star' 4th anniversary, large -scale updates such as new bosses

Nessi Thirty-three minutes (CEO Han Sung-jin, hereinafter 4:33) held a massive update and events such as new bosses, equipment, and game themes for the 4th anniversary of the service of the mobile sports game 'Boxing Star'.

First, the male Gregory is added to the boss against the strongest boss. Gregory is a boss of the power that has been completely renovated by body modification and drug injection, and uses impossible attacks, and users can defend only through guards. As the round progresses, it becomes more powerful, and the core of the boss battle is to identify and attack the changing attack pattern.


In particular, in the boss exhibition, QuickTime Event QTE (Quick Time Event) called button action was applied. The user must press the random attack button on the screen within a limited time, and the Gregori is incapable of protesting for a certain period of time during success. If you win in Daejeon, you will be rewarded with Gold, which is the goods in the game, and various in-game items.

The limit breakthrough armor has been added to upgrade the existing maximum MAX armor to the next level. Users can acquire additional equipment if they achieve all potential opening and the highest level of legend.

In addition, the game was added to celebrate the 4th anniversary, and the 4th Anniversary Cool Summer Party and the 4th Anniversary Party Hat Costume were added.

In commemoration of the 4th anniversary, there was also a rich event. From today's weekly attendance, attendance events will be held every day, including 2,000 coins, glove reinforcement boxes, and premium bio equipment boxes.

In addition, by 30 days, the game can be exchanged with 100 gym points, one premium armor reinforcement box, 30 hero glove evolution materials, and 1,000 gold according to the number of daily compensation and accumulated mission completion. Boxing Star 4th Anniversary Mission Event will also be held.

Until August 7, the 4th anniversary hat will be paid by accessing the game, and the 4th anniversary coupon futures, which are exposed in the game during the same period, will be given.

In addition, at the end of the new boss season, all users will receive a boxing star goods package including boxing star pads, tumblers, eco bags, and hats.

Meanwhile, Boxing Star, which celebrates its 4th anniversary, is being serviced in 140 countries around the world and has surpassed 50 million downloads. Through simple touch manipulation, the jab and hook are blown up, and the boxing game's cool blow is realized, and it is possible to change the appearance and trinkets in various ways according to the personality of the user.


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