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[Covering] First Signature Class Sura released! Lineage W 1st Anniversary Special Broadcasting

NC soft conducted 'Director's Talk in Taiwan' at the official Lineage W YouTube channel on October 28 (Fri). As the general manager Lee Sung mentioned in the previous broadcast, the official broadcast was held in Taiwan, and Taiwan BJ Wish and Xians appeared as a guest. Both Taiwanese users and Korean users were broadcasted in real-time interpreters so that there was no inconvenience in watching.

In this broadcast, we have released news about the new content to be updated afterwards and the new master Open, starting with the trailer of Sure, the signature class of Lineage W.

■ Lineage W's first signature class: Sure

In addition to HP, Sure has a special stats called Soul, and generates a soul shield that offsets out damage when attacking an enemy. It also applied the rebuff effect of the attack to the target to cause continuous dot damage. In addition, Piloting, which is stunned with the damage to the long-range targets, and the Chaos Mira JU Skill, which is accompanied by a certain distance, is also revealed.

Along with the Sure Update, the class change will be held for two days, and an event that can be changed with all classes will be held in December.

■ New Ganja: Open

It is an area surrounded by ice, and the ice lake and ivory tower will also appear as in the previous series. If you go to Open, the first place you will see is the ice lake and the recommended level is 67 ~ 69. Since the update, content that changes the environment and objects has also been prepared.

Elmore Battleship is a hunting ground where you can enjoy hunting. It's dangerous as you can only go to users with high specifications, but you can get Sure's main items. The Label snow wall is a residence of Sure and the story is a major place. The recommendation level is 72-75. Sure's main item is also dropped, and the recommended level is 74 ~ 76. As it is a place that cannot be easily available, it is configured to obtain a huge item.

■ New World Dungeon: ivory Tower

The ivory tower of the original was a lot of fatigue that had to be done for a long time because the friendship would disappear when the camp was changed to the opposing camp. This time, it will be changed so that you can enjoy it a little lighter, so that each friend's friendship can be increased. This will make it easier to get the items you want.

You can also enjoy the story of Block, Block, and you can also get items of memories such as the necklace of the general and the earrings of slaves. Block camp will also appear in addition to the oysters to feel the charm of Lineage W with the symbolic boss daemon.

■ 6 types of TJ coupons in commemoration of the 1st anniversary

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of Lineage W Service, transformation / magic doll synthesis, weapons / armor / jewelry recovery will be provided every week for five weeks.

In particular, special reinforcement coupons that have never been shown have been released. If you use a special reinforcement coupon, the item will not disappear even if it fails during the item enchant. It can also be used for all kinds of items.

■ Master of power: myth

Lineage adds an indispensable myth transformation. The ceiling system will also be applied directly to the synthesis of mythology that can acquire strong additional stats.

If you obtain a myth transformation, you can get Death Knight Original Skin through a dedicated HUD as well as a dedicated quest. Death Knight Original Skin is composed of elements that can be attracted to users who enjoyed the original in the past with the original motion and sound.

■ New World Open

On December 2, New World, Open, will appear. The company plans to significantly improve the inconvenience that the user was inconvenient at the time of the new world opening, and will also present the early story skip, the acquisition experience, the difficulty of the boss monster, and the dedicated TJ coupon.

■ Rastaban and Executive Sword

Lineage's symbol, execution sword, will be added. Like PC Lineage, you can make the loot of the boss monster in Rastaban as a material.

The first user will be delivering a special execution sword. The real execution sword is 1: 1 size and only one person around the world. In addition, Lineage in the past is given only the character's additional stats, but Lineage W will also be given a skin card that can be transformed into Jimmying Hwang.

■ World Siege Exhibition: Ginseng

In December, the Siege will be updated. Ginseng continues to earn taxes from the start of the service, so the occupied clan can get tremendous benefits. It is expected to be more intense than the siege that has been in progress.

In addition, a system that allows users transformed into a developing gelatin cube, creating stairs, to climb the walls, has been released. The next siege update, the Wind wood Siege, will be held much later.

■ Forgotten island

Forgotten islands will also be updated in the near future. It is a party play dungeon with tremendous difficulty and great rewards and will be updated in the first half of next year. It is prepared to be a very challenging difficulty for the name.

■ Wish you a good life special collaboration

Wish you a good life collaboration will be held for Taiwanese users. In addition to collaboration products, we are preparing to acquire and enjoy items such as various events and skins within the game.

Lastly prepared information on the first anniversary of Lineage W of Taiwan's popular tall, the information was finished and Q & A with Taiwanese users.

■ Q&A ■ Taiwan is not inquiring about customer centers, but I wonder if there is an improvement plan.

Director Lee Sung : I think that the customer center is insufficient compared to the love for lineage of taiwanese customers. I can improve and take action to make sure that I can prepare for the difficulty when the customer center and the headquarters are connected. Reflect deeply about this.

** ■ There are still illegal macros and workshops.


Director King Byung-soo : I always feel sorry for that. As I mentioned before, the identity method of authentication has been a great effect, but I think I know why you asked this question. It is true that September and October were sluggish to secure data in the workplace. We will do bulk sanctions again from tomorrow.

In addition, to explain the macro part, we apply the same operation policy to all countries. Sanctions are not different for each country, so I hope you know this. I think that sanctions are not fast.

■ What do you think about this part?

Director Choir Hong-young Development : Last time, I talked about the entire balance, class care, especially fairy and wizard care, but I think that the wizard care was more disappointed than I thought. In the next patch, we will prepare for the wizard center.

■ When is the magic doll race added?

Director Lee Sung : I really worked hard, but I can't pass the deliberation according to the existing way. I'm really sorry for this.

Director King Byung-soo : There is no magical race, and you can't feel the original fun, but I'm preparing to get a variety of rewards in the form of the event.

Director Lee Sung : I changed so that you can get enough rewards so that you can feel memories. Those who have been waiting for the existing way may not be satisfied, but I think it will be meaningful if you look at it as an event.

** ■ When you draw a card, you have another card.

Director King Byung-soo : This part has been proposed by many users, but there may be a sense of loss of the user who had been selected for the previous time. I'm looking for a way, so I would appreciate this part.

Director Lee Sung : I recognize the problem, but I will continue to worry about this because it can be a problem with equity.

■ I told you about Lineage W before opening, but it doesn't seem to be kept properly.

Director Lee Sung : Since it is a growth and spec competitive game, various slots and growth systems are inevitable for each update. But I know enough concerns. At that time, I told you about the speculation of the spec gap. It seems that what we think of while planning is that the user is unreasonable. I will carefully look at that part.

■ I hope the production of the ceiling system is introduced.

Director Lee Sung : The ceiling system for the production system is already being prepared. We will also prepare for compensation for loss or equity.

■ I wonder if there is a plan to add or increase the pass benefits.

Director Lee Sung : I know what the user asks for the pass. We are preparing to increase the benefits rather than the period. The benefits are inevitably weaker than the standards that have come out over time.


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