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There is no game perhaps as timeless as Terr aria. While it implies mining and crafts, it is certainly unique in many ways. From its Lovecraft tradition to its alms disguised as bunnies, Terr aria will stand out from the rest of the Sandbox genre and will have us forever hooked. With the recent Terr aria launch 1.4.4, also known as the work of LOVE update, even more content has been added to keep interested players. As an ode to all new functions and our adoration for the old ones, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the 10 best terr aria seeds **.

Here are our favorite seeds in Terr aria, with everything, from the familiar to the freshly introduced. Remember, each seed entry distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase!


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The Zenith or everything seed is for players looking for a new challenge. It combines other seeds in the world such as non-traps seeds, not The Bees, Drunk, Celebration, Constant, Remix and For The Worthy. It is quite difficult for a world seed due to this fact, since players will have a variety of obstacles to overcome. If you feel that you want to suffer for a new boss, Medusa also comes with this seed. Prepare to juggle with the damage caused by hunger and darkness in addition to the new game mode that the seed presents. Yes, this is not an expert not even a teacher. Zenith seeds throw you into the new legendary mode. Sounds fun, right?


To access the Zenith seed, simply enter one of these two lines in the seed indicator: Get BOI gold Getfixedboi .

For the worthy

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This world seed works by increasing Terr aria's difficulty in... well, a lot. Each enemy has higher health and players will receive more damage. Instead of seeing only the beautiful normal bunnies, players will find explosive bunny. The demons are no longer normal, but now voodoo demons. The first NPC that is found is no longer the guide, but the demolitions. Other changes include lava swimming pools instead of water and pots that throw burning pumps. Do you believe yourself worthy enough to try this seed?

To access the for the Worthy seed, simply enter this line in the seed indicator: For the worthy .

Not bees

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Have you ever wondered what a world would be like if the bees had invaded it? Don't ask yourself anymore! Now you can explore a world so dominated by bees with the seed Not The Bees. Most of his world will be composed of the Jungle Biome, contaminated by many Hive and Honey blocks. The initial NPC is no longer the guide, but the merchant. The larvae will be everywhere. If you consider yourself a big fan of bees, then this world seed is definitely the one indicated for you. Just be sure to handle some allergy medication!

To access not The Bees seed, simply enter one of these two lines in the seed indicator: Not bees gold Not bees! .


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This world seed is known as the Drunk World seed for a good reason. While generating, tips are random numbers instead of text. The background is a shining mushroom biome with a moon upside down that resembles a smiling face. It is never day, but always at night. When playing in the world, both Crimson and Corruption will be generated and the NPC initial guide is replaced by Party Girl. If you are looking for a strange experience while playing Terr aria, the seed of the Drunk world will solve you.

To access the drunk world seed, simply enter one of these two lines in the seed indicator: 05162020 gold 5162020 .

Free booty

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There are articles in Terr aria that are incredibly desirable and useful. Two of these elements turn out to be the ice skates and the lava amulet. If you want a seed that has them both, then this world seed will make you happy. Both appear in the type of Journey world while Lava Charm appears both in expert and teacher too. The lava amulet is located in 7841 ‘west, 2148 ′ caverns, and the ice skates are in 3600 ′ west, 256’ underground. Get on this seed to get a fast and free loot.

To access the seed that gives faster access to the useful loot, simply enter this line in the seed indicator: 970756484 .


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In honor of Terr aria's tenth birthday, this special world seed was created to celebrate it. The players will appear on the beach instead of the center of the map. A party begins as soon as the player appears, with multiple NPC. They are Andrew The Guide, Whitney The Steam punker, Lorie The Princess, a Party Girl and an Angora Town Bunny. Most of the world has bright colors and the objects of treasure chests always have the best possible modifier. Golden Slime scan generate and there is a new enemy, Jungle Mimic, if you play in hard mode. Also increase rates of rare objects, and you can buy other special objects such as Baba cane! It really is a party time in this world.

To access the CelebrationMK10 seed, simply enter one of these lines in the seed indicator: Celebrationmk10 , 05162011 , 5162011 , 05162021 gold 5162021 .

Do not starve

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Are you a fan of the Don’t Starve games? This world seed is perfect for you if so. The new mechanics with which players must deal, such as darkness and hunger, are present, which means that many will have difficulty overcoming the beginning of the game. There are marble biomes with statues and Spider Caves on the surface. The game itself is affected by a dark shadow that makes everything look a bit creepy. More elements will fall that were exclusive to the Crossover Don’t Starve. Give this world a chance if you want to Don’t Starve and Terr aria at the same time.

To access The Constant Seed, simply enter one of these lines in the initialization indicator: Constant , The constant , The constant , Enhance gold eye by eye .

Early beginning of the dungeon

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Sometimes, it feels a bit frustrating not having immediate access to the dungeon in Terr aria. If you have ever felt like this, then this seed will be perfect for your new storage experience. The roots of the great tree sprout through the dungeon, which means that you can access it much faster than normal. You will not have to fight to kill Skeleton before getting some of your most wanted booties!

To access the seed that gives faster access to the dungeon, simply enter this line in the seed indicator: 100865193 .

Paradise of beginners

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This seed provides the perfect place for beginners, since it has a pleasant and easy to get a lot of loot at the beginning of the game. There are also two floating islands directly near where the player will appear. If you are new in Terr aria or want a more relaxing experience, this could be the perfect seed for you.

To access the seed that gives you an easier start, simply enter this line in the seed indicator: 2014307839 .


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How does spawning in the underworld sound? Okay? Check out the seed of the Remix world. The players will begin in the underworld where there is an island of Ash with Ash Grass and Trees. No lava or Hell st1. Instead, the normal enemies found in the underworld are replaced by surface enemies provided that the player remains on the island. Far from the island, the underworld is normal. When players build a city on the island, normal Underworld creatures will appear in it. The progression is also mixed in other ways, with some moved weapons and their equilibrated rarity to coincide. Immediately above the engender, players can find a biome of glowing fungi. In other words, this seed really changes things for a refreshing but familiar experience.

To access the Remix seed, simply enter one of these lines in the seed indicator: No uneven , No uneven or No uneven .

Those were just some of the best terr aria seeds that exist. Be sure to see some of your favorites of the the 10 best terr aria seeds List and look at some of our other Terr aria contents!

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