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The best m4 attachments in Modern Warfare 2

When players initially begin the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer modes, there is a limited supply of weapons due to the game's weapons progression system. Fortunately, the first assault rifle available, the M4, is an excellent option for newcomers due to their versatility. So, if you want to maximize the statistics of this weapon, we will show you the best m4 attachments in Modern Warfare 2 .

The best M4 attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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To increase M4 performance in Modern Warfare 2, you can add these attachments:

Barrel: Hightower 20″ Barrel Under barrel: Pineapple ex Material: Tempos P80 Strike Stock Magazine: 45 Ronda Mag Rear grip: Ghost grip

The Hightower 20″ Barrel has many advantages, which include bullet speed, damage range, backward control and shooting precision from the hip. As a result, this attached file can increase the levels of ‘damage’ and ‘scope’ in your statistics, which can help knock down fast enemies. In addition, players can equip the EX Pineapple to increase their precision and further improve their backward control.

As for the mobility of your character, you can use the tempos P80 Stock to maximize your movements. In addition, this modification has other advantages, such as the speed of aiming when walking, the crouching speed and the speed of pointing down. Then, you can increase your handling statistics with Phantom Grip, which combines well with Tempos P80 strike stock.

NO The standard M4 has few bullets, while the 60 Round Mag slows down your mobility. That said, 45 Round Mag is a good commitment because it can provide more ammunition capacity without the risk of reducing its speed of movement.

Keep in mind that the value of these modifications can vary according to your preferences, so you can try other attachments if you prefer anything else. For example, players can replace one of these items to equip an optics, a modification that can help in short and long-range battles.

Now that you know the best m4 attachments in Modern Warfare 2 , you can use them in multiplayer mode. To get more content about the game, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guides on the best SMG and assault rifles.

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