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Jump: First images from the new game from Metal-Gear

The developer Video Kolyma was world well-known specifically via his work on Steel Gear Solid and is repetitively commemorated for his unusual suggestions within the computer game market. But for a very long time they do not concur to everyone, his last large title Death Beaching , was maliciously called plan boat simulator | by some movie critics. You can read our extremely personal impression of the blockbuster in || from our examination report from 2019. Instantly after the publication of his initial entirely self-produced title, Kolyma has actually started working with a brand-new title. In the previous few months there have always been rumors of what it might be. A supposed leakage currently reveals the very first details.

This reveals the leakage to Video Kolyma's brand-new game

The area defined was instantly filmed by one screen and in the lower left edge there is a female with a smartphone in her hand that plays the title. This recommends that overdose can be a mobile game or a minimum of allows it play with a smartphone.

The personality is anxious as well as runs right into a little storage space area, what is adhered to by a jump scare with succeeding game-over screen. Lastly, the words A Video Kolyma Production as well as the name Overdose appear on the screen.

An unusual video clip reveals the first gameplay passages from the developer's allegedly brand-new project. It seems to be a sort of survival scary video game with a top-class actors. Like in Fatality Beaching, Hollywood starlet Margaret Quality will certainly play a vital function again.

The virtually 3-minute clip programs, a female protagonist from the third-person point of view, how she runs via a dark program, weird sounds can be heard in the background and the flickering light on a regular basis discloses a dark shape , perhaps a monster or a killer.

Just how legitimate is the supposed leakage?

The scenes from the video really correspond with the description of an anonymously sent clip that the magazine Tryhardguides received in June 2022 . According to their very own statements, the reporters were even asked by Kolyma Productions to take the article offline. At the existing time, the previous INAMI Vice President has neither talked about the declaration of Tryhardguides nor concerning the dripped material.

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For a long time they don't agree to every person, his last big title Fatality Beaching , was maliciously called package boat simulator | by some doubters. A supposed leakage currently reveals the initial details.

It seems to be a kind of survival scary video game with a top-class cast. Like in Fatality Beaching, Hollywood actress Margaret Quality will play a vital role once more.


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