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Nexon, mobile, PC, and console new nine new works that are 'returning' in G -Star in 4 years

Nixon, which is offline at G-Star in four years, unveiled nine G-Star 2022 exhibits. The company plans to catch the attention of G-Star visitors with various genres of games that cover mobile, PC and console.

Nixon held a press conference on the Nixon G-Star 2022 preview press conference at the 1994 building in Pang yo on the 8th and released more information on the exhibits that will be presented at G-Star 2022.

Nixon will run 'Return' with the G-Star 2022 slogan and operates 300 booths, the largest G-Star 2022 B2C building from November 17th to 20th. This slogan has been willing to change the new game development strategy from 2019 to select and concentrate and return to the beginning and focus on fun to the user.

Lee Dungeon, CEO of Nixon Korea, said, The choice and concentration are our strategy and our will to be presented to users until we are good. From the new work, Nixon's masterpiece is returned to other platforms to see how it is new.

In addition, I have prepared the first console demonstration in Nixon G-Star history. I want to understand Nixon's attempt to approach more users. I went back to the beginning and expressed my will to convey the excitement of the new world.

This will also reveal this will. Nixon installs a total of 560 demonstrations so that many visitors can play games. In the G-Star 2022 Nixon booth, Making Mobile (Mobile), First Descent (PlayStation 5, PC), Cart rider: Drift (Mobile, PC), Dave the Diver (Nintendo's Location) 10 ~ 25 You can enjoy it for about a minute.

In addition, Lee Dungeon said that Nixon's star development team, who developed these games, will have time to visit G-Star and communicate with users.

In addition, the company will showcase five new trailers, including Dungeon & Fighter Intellectual Property (IP)-based Project AK, Project Overkill, Hwanhwarojeon Online, Goats: Clash of At and Night Walker.

It was also possible to hear that we are trying to prepare a safe viewing environment.

Choir Songbook, general manager of Nixon Korea, said, We have safety first. We will be deploying the number of people who can do CPR's. We are taking care of safety.


Nixon unveiled another project in addition to the G-Star 2022 entry at a press conference.

First, the teaser video of the Mobile Game Wild Land: Durango IP-based project DX has been released. The project DX, which is being developed with MMORPG, is also explained that it is developing with its unique gameability along with the original dinosaur, survival, gathering and reinforcement elements.

In addition, Gang Hang-jun's new film 'Rebound' was also released. 'Rebound' is a true story-based film about the story of the Susan Jun gang High School basketball team who challenges the dream with a passion for basketball. Lee Dungeon said that he had made production investments to encourage youth's dreams and passions.

This is eye-catching in that it is the result of the determination that Lee Dungeon said that he would deliver a wide range of fun rather than limited to the game.

Representative Lee Dungeon said, Nixon said last year's direction. He discovered and fostered more than 10 super IPs that will be responsible for Nixon's future, and said he would make a wide range of fun without limiting the game. We are preparing a variety of new works under the point of choice and concentration. From root shooters, racing, SPORTS, and marine RPGs.


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