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Ski Alpin 2. Slalom of ladies in Levi now in the live ticker


Before the start: Saturday: Burr provides triumph! On Saturday, Lena Burr, which leads after the very first round, experienced her olympic injury once again, since in the last run, Germany's finest slalom runner fell back to the ungrateful fourth location and then had a hard time with it: ´ I just pull the ticks back excessive. Later on from yesterday's winner Mikaela Shirin. The majority of the athletes have already experienced the like, so they understand about the frame of mind of those affected. And if that takes place regularly, it is all the more bitter. Today, the oberbayerin is a brand-new opportunity. Of course Anna Swenn-Larsson and Petra Altova also desire to go back to the podium

Chiara Mere (AUT): However naturally we recently experienced that the slope gives so much more. Chiara Mere shows the needed dedication to be able to utilize it for himself. A long time is lost in the steep slope, but the Tyrolean is well with it. It happened three or 4 goals in front of the finish. You cut the ski, it is excavated and comes to the fall

Ski Alpine: 2. Slalom of ladies in Levi now in the live ticker

Martina DuBois (CUE): Martina DuBois integrated a rough error early on, a lot of speed is missing out on. The Czech is not put off, even catches up later on. Over the whole distance, it is not possible to make up time. Nonetheless, the 30-year-old is very ninth at the finish

Katharina Feinberger (AUT): Now let's look at the world champion. Prior to it gets high, the Vorarlberg lady gets a rod stroke on the ski. That costs some speed. Nonetheless, this looks better compared to the other day's very first run. Today, their gap to 8 tenths are restricted

Katharina Troupe (AUT): What is going on for the Austrians today? Katharina Troupe includes an error early, not rather as safe in the more course. Nonetheless, the Carinthian battles herself and gets here as a tenth at the finish

Emma Richer (GER): For the DSV, Emma Richer is now moving into the slope. The Olympic runner-up in the group competition is no place near so excellent. The 19-year-old drives far more hesitantly, but a minimum of pertains to the goal 22

Mikaela Shirin (USA): Right away afterwards Mikaela Shirin puts the first time. The general World Cup winner likewise finds in well, is at first rather at the level of Goldener. What takes place in the high piece? The American can just break away somewhat, eliminates to the finish a good two tenths

Charlotte Guest (GBR): Then Charlotte Guest causes a sensation. The Britain drives exceptional number 26 and on the best time course. Not to think that the 28-year-old is entrusting to first place

Before the start: Levi Black: Finland is driven in the finest known and definitely the best ski area. The start of Levi's black slopes is at 438 meters and 180 meters of elevation go to the valley

After the lady's World Cup was opened yesterday, the 2nd slalom continues in Levi today. Here is the race in the live ticker

Maria Therese Tiber (Nor): Maria Therese Tiber is likewise researching it, however then combats the high slope with the change of rhythm. The Norwegian is not squashed, stays on it and loses just 8 tenths of 8 in the total!

Katharina Huber (AUT): The next Katharina follows. Ms. Huber battles with these slopes, does not launch the ski enough and looks agitated in the upper body. Your loss of time relocations nearly 2 seconds. That brings her the red lantern

Ali Nuclear (Can): Ali Nuclear leaves a 2nd in the first part of the route, but then finds it much better. Good stages alternate with something broad. So the Canadian leaves only Mind Prince Boltzmann behind her briefly

Ski Alpine: 2. Slalom of ladies in Levi now in the live ticker

Marie Therese Scorer (AUT): Marie Therese Scorer does not go extremely far. The Austrian does not even discover its method into the rhythm

Ana Buck (SLO): Then Ana Buck triggers. The Slovenia is a little more hesitant, but then turns open. The 29-year-old does not look quite as agile in the steep. There is no mistake. Buck lost more than a 2nd

Lena Burr (GER): Later On Lena Burr is dedicated, leaping into an objective. In the more course, the Upper Bavarian concentrates on tidy innovation, becoming quicker and quicker. In the meantime, it is 2 tenths ahead. In the end, it is not enough for the best time, seven hundredths are missing out on. Burr is there

Ski Alpine: 2. Slalom of the ladies in Levi now in LiveTicker-Die Top 5 at a look

Amelia Smart (CAN): Amelia Smart is far less excellent. The Canadian has issues with the position above the ski, loses more than two seconds and can be discovered at the finish at the end of the category

Prior to the start: another slalom! After the cancellation of the season opener in Golden and the failure of the Departures of Zermatt/Herminia, the Alpine ski athletes in Levi, Finnish, will play their very first World Cup races of winter this weekend. As yesterday, it is once again a slalom that is supposed to start at 10:15 a.m. CET

Sara Hector (SWE): Then Sara attacks Sara Hector. The dedicated driving style settles. The Swede is close to the very best. In the high slope, the 30-year-old is when a very long method. However, Hector can be satisfied with a great 4 tenths

Prior to the start: eight Austrians: the Austrians are typically highly represented. The OSV sends out the reigning world champ and Olympic 2nd Katharina Feinberger (begin number 4). The 8 athletes also consist of Katharina Trippe (12), Katharina Huber (13), Chiara Mere (23) and Marie-Therese Scorer (28). Of course, we will also have an eye on the athletes who desire to attempt the slope in Levi beyond the first 30 starters on the slope

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After 8th location yesterday, Thea Louise Stjernesund is rupturing with confidence, in the meantime there is only 4 hundredths earlier. In the end, it does not rather attain the best time

Jessica Dillinger (GER): Then Jessica Dillinger battles through this very first run. The DSV athlete looks a bit tangled, stands on the edges for a long time and does not launch the ski

Anastasia Nouns (FRA): Anastasia Nouns leaves time from the start. The French lady does not assist the concentration on clean innovation alone

Prior to the start: DSV sextet: As yesterday, 75 professional athletes wish to deal with the competition. Germany is represented by six ladies. In addition to Lena Burr (begin number 6), the Emma Richer (27), Jessica Dillinger (29), Andrea Filter (34), Lara Klein (53) and Marlene Schmitz (56). Dillinger (16th) and Filter (24th) also made it into the second run 24 hr back

Aline Danish (SUI): Aline Danish is looking for her way through the stick forest. In the leading 10, the Swiss Federal Video game does not quite make it, however with a bit more than a second behind, however over 13th place

Prior to the start: compared to yesterday, today's runs occur a quarter of an hour later on. Methods: The very first run begins at 10.15 a.m., the second perform at 1:15 p.m

Before the start: Nine Swiss women: A Swiss woman can open the very first run. The Olympic third Wendy Goldener will look after it. On the expense, we always need to have the two-time mix Olympic champ Michelle ISIN (begin number 10). Other Swiss individuals are Camille Last (17), Aline Danish (25) and Melanie Mallard (32). In general, they are nine Swiss starter. We pertain to the non-mentioned in the course of the competitors

Drink Lactic (CRO): Grandiose then drives Drink Lactic. The Croatia at first whirls through the pole forest, really drives the finest times. In the high, this can not be preserved totally. This is a powerful journey of the 18-year-olds, who loses simply a little more than 7 tenths and becomes seventh

Michelle ISIN (SUI): After yesterday's departure, Michelle ISIN wants to do better today. The two-time mix Olympic champ sneaks down the slope in her normal way, connects great importance to clean technology. However, tenths build up by tenths. In the end it gets practically a second, but a minimum of the Engelberger completes it

Prior to the start: Favorite: Of course, Mikaela Shirin is again part of the preferred group today. The Saturday, nevertheless, recommends who we have to pay attention to: Petra Altova five times winner in Levi), Anna Swenn-Larsson, Wendy Holder and of course Lena Burr

Leona Popover (CRO): Extremely research to work Leona Popover. The Croatian bravely takes the waves, is really near the finest. In the tail end of the path, the 25-year-old still lost a long time one-Knapp 9 tenths will be, but popover can be satisfied with 7th location

The Tyrolean tackles it confidently, however then cramps in the high slope. Here the 25-year success leaves a lot of time and slips entirely at the end of the category

Rank Name time
1. Mikaela Shirin 0: 56.86
2. Lena Burr +0.07
3. Petra Altova +0.10
4. Wendy Goldener +0.21
5th Thea Louise Stjernesund +0.35

Petra Altova (SVK): Then Petra Altova would like to demonstrate what works here in Levi. In the steep slope, none drives as well as the Olympic champion

Laurence Saint-Germain (CAN): Laurence Saint-Germain gets one blow in the upper part, and 6 tenths are rapidly g1. Until the next time the Canadian barely loses anything and supports in the more course. So it gives an excellent result with a 2nd behind because och

At first, it goes really smoothly on the sticky slopes. The Swiss reaches the objective, and we are delighted to see what this time is worth

Ski Alpine: 2. Slalom of women in Levi now in the live ticker start

Kristin Lyndall (NOR): So the slopes still admits leading 10 results. Kristin Lyndall can not entirely implement this. After a long knee injury, it is quite okay that the Norwegian gets here at the bottom with a great one and a half seconds

Camille Last (SUI): Camille has a lot more to combat. The Swiss woman is struggling, then likewise drives cross countries. The 23-year-old lacks a little. This is how Last brakes into the surface with nearly 2 seconds

Paula Molten (U.S.A.): Paula Molten is actually strong. In the flat part there are just a few hundredths of compatriots Shirin. The efficiency can not be maintained in the high slope, however the American drives greatly and joins ninth

Ski Alpine: 2. Slalom of ladies in Levi Now in the LiveTicker-Die Top 30 are at the finish line

Anna Swenn-Larsson (SWE): Now the second from yesterday's upstairs. And Anna Swenn-Larsson is still on the road quickly today, sets an interim time. Shortly later on, however, the Swede gets too much on the inner ski when a left swing. And it's over, Swenn-Larsson is leaving

Prior to the start: During yesterday's slalom, DSV athlete Lena Burr narrowly missed out on the podium. In spite of a comfortable trip after the first round, the 31-year-old ended up in fourth place

Mind First Boltzmann (NOR): Mind First Boltzmann reveals an error-controlled run. In the end, almost one and a half seconds come together

Prior to the start: Hi and welcome to the 2nd slalom of females in Levi!

October | Austria | Golden November | Austria | Lech December | USA/Canada | Lake Louise/Beaver Creek December | Italy/Switzerland | Val Garden/St. December | Italy/Austria | Boris/Simmering

Would you like to see the second slalom live and in color? You can do this in the BR and on Eurosport 1 entirely free of charge. In the BR, the transmission begins on time at the start of the 2 runs, i.e. at 10.15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. Analyst is Tom Male. With Eurosport, a quarter of an hour previously starts with a few preliminary spaces

In addition to television transmission, both transmitters also use live streams. While the BR stream is totally free, a cost is due for the Eurosport Gamer. If you already have a DAZN membership, you can run these expenses Spaarndam Streaming service, both Eurosport channels are included around the clock. Here you can secure the subscription for 29.99 euros monthly or 274.99 euros annually

Ski Alpine: 2. Slalom of females in Levi today on TV and livestream

Articles and videos on the subject Slalom: Burr misses out on a bang Leading sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be canceled at any time

Period Land location
22. -23. October Austria Golden
29. October-6. November Switzerland Zermatt-Cervinia
12. -13. November Austria Lech
19. -20. November Finland Levi
26. November-4. December USA/Canada Lake Louise/Beaver Creek
10. -12. December Italy/France Retrieve/Val d'Sear
16. -17. December Italy/Switzerland Val Garden/St. Moritz
18. December Italy/Switzerland Alta Bahia/st. Moritz
19. December Italy Alta Bahia
22. December Italy Madonna di Camillo
28. -29. December Italy/Austria Boris/Simmering
4. January Germany/Croatia Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Zagreb
5. January Croatia Zagreb
7. -8. January Switzerland/Slovenia Adelaide/Franziska Gorey
10. January Austria Dachau
13. January Switzerland Wen gen
14. -15. January Austria/Switzerland St. Anton/Wen gen
20. -22. January Italy/Austria Corina d'Mezzo/ Kitzbühel
24. January Italy/Austria Kronplatz/Claiming
28. -29. January Germany/Czech Republic Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Spindle rm the
4. February France Chamois
6. -19. February France Couriered/M tribes
25. -26. February Switzerland/USA Clans Montana/Palisades Tahoe
3. -5. March Norway/USA Kvitfjell/Aspen
10. March Are Sweden
11. March Are/Franziska Gorey Sweden/Slovenia
15. -19. March Andorra Soluble

Ski Alpine: The racing calendar.


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