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The ghosts of the past challenge Warioware with poor success

Atari celebrates his 50th anniversary this year. Did you feel old?

The company's sky is celebrated this year with a couple of projects. One of them is the Atari mania, some kind of wariowaren and a mix of puzzle adventure described above.

The caretaker does not yet realize what the working day will bring.

caretaker Pikkarainen meets the ghosts of the past

In the actual adventure section, a player-driven caretaker examines the damage and strangeness of the dead pixel in the multi-layered Atari vault. Mostly this means in practice it means finding out small nuts, although the protagonist encounters the monsters as expected. The battles differ very much from the usual, as they are conducted by performing micro games. Micro slopes are usually twisted about 10 per battle, and in the last, usually slightly longer mission, always encounters the actual monster. After it did, Moro moves from time to eternity, after which the adventure may continue.

Millipede is not happy with his role.

Each micro game is some sort of version of the old Atari game, and the world of Atari mania the world has been buzzing with references since the 1970s. In some places, the music, inspired by the era, contains very nice melodies, while pixel graphics do not wake up its bigger cheer cries. However, both do their job well. There are also mandatory retrofilters in the menus, but I found the picture look more comfortable without any extra. For some reason, at least the Switch version suffers from a clear button press delay that seemed a bit easier when the filters took away, but not completely.

Tar Marian One of the more surprising aspects is the humor-cultivating dialogue between characters. There is no voice show, but the discussions are proceeding with the text boxes and bullshit al1. Comedy is known to be subjective, but at least for me, the jokes hit mostly. On the other hand, they also cultivate so many references that some flaps pass if the Atari subordinates are not done.

Micro games are seeking inspiration from the beginning of history.

Do you have to try again if you don't want to?


Atari Marian Exploration of the worlds is a nice pastime, but unfortunately there is one aspect in its hustle and bustle that lowers the grade: its difficulty level, and thus the balance of the challenge is badly wrong with the micro games. Although the above-mentioned hardware was basically the same problem (the first time it is very difficult to anticipate and succeed in micro games due to their unpredictability), the example could still make the failure fun with its unintentional comedy, and re-attempting did not bother so much.

This Moro has an exceptionally clear agenda.

And yes, somebody might say that git God, but in this case, trying again is just not fun, because Atari mania challenge often seems too unfair. Mediocre instructions, vague hit points, delay problems, and in some places strange laws of control ruin the mood is annoying often. There are good micro games, many, but it still stands for the wrong reasons.

Too bad. Atari Marian The idea is fun and interesting, and I would have liked to like more about it. I already throw a promise here that if delay problems and hit points can be corrected, the grade will immediately rise with one star.


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