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Video gaming circuit further provide in old age

It is frequently said that you will get even worse from the mid-20s, says Fabian Brooch, which is normally assumed in the context of eSports. Winning concentration and reducing response skills constantly act as arguments for beginning eSports early and ending early.

remain young thanks to way of life

In a few years, the not holistically oriented gamers will be less typical and less common in the top of the world.

Fabian Brooch

Our health and physical fitness specialist has a huge objection: It is crucial to focus on the way of life of an individual. If I naturally play non-stop without focusing on nutrition, sleep, sport and breaks, then I stress my body and my brain enormously. As a result, this causes poorer regrowth phases, injuries and brief length of stay in top scene.

Professional athletes is the definitive word for the sports psychologist who recognizes a pattern: Recently you can see a strong variety of professional athletes who comprehended that only the video game is no longer enough for me to do other things any longer can increase the energy, performance and focus. A development that is not to be stopped according to Brooch: In a couple of years, the not holistically oriented players will be less common and less common in the top of the world.

With the best approach, even in older age, it is still possible to fulfill the main requirements of sport and eSports at a high level. Cognitive services such as reflexes or anticipation can also happen in the 30s if you concentrate on human needs, stated Brooch, who refers to top athletes such as Manuel Neuer or Lewis Hamilton.

stress and relaxation in balance

Players who keep their habits and the training load in balance would therefore prevail in the progressively expert scene and play at the leading level in the long term. What is hidden behind this balance? Clear structures and regimens for training sessions, breaks, sleep and movement as well as sensible decisions in the nutritional area.

As an outcome, this leads to poorer regeneration stages, injuries and short length of stay in top scene.

Players who keep their routines and the training load in balance would for that reason dominate in the steadily expert scene and play at the leading level in the long term. Clear structures and routines for training sessions, breaks, sleep and movement as well as affordable choices in the nutritional location.

Not just has actually to be incorporated against signs of age, some aspects of the maturation procedure also had a favorable result. Get to understand lots of situations and team councils and to have a particular experience in the game, says Brooch: Of course, this regular and knowledge are very important.


Against this background, a stability from activity and calm is necessary: The exercises are plainly specified and many eSports dominate there. Working (regeneration, editor's note), sleep, breaks, nutrition and sport seldom happen Can end careers early.


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