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WOW Blizzard's story summary to the start of Dragon Flight

The dragon aspects return to the dragon islands after more than 10,000 years. Shortly prior to the start of Dragon Flight, Blizzard launched a short summary on the official WoW side with all the essential story details that gamers ought to understand at the start of the brand-new growth.

the forefathers of all dragons.

The ancestors of the dragons were the photo dragon. Some photo dragons allied with the titan huts to protect Zeroth from the corruption of the old gods. These dragons later on rose to magnificent dragon aspects.

In these tradition specials you will discover more about the titan keepers, the old gods and the dragon elements.

the victim of Try

Archaea and Irony put the silver hand of the Try on his own tomb; As a souvenir of his fantastic sacrifice in the fight against the corruption of the old gods. It was Try who exposed Tokens betrayal and steel the windows of Morgantown to maintain the understanding of the titans it contains from the powers of emptiness. The C'taxi, which followed Try and his titanium forged, bore the name Aka and Kith' ix.

Token's hunt achieved success. The C'taxi overtook the Titaner and his buddies in a cleaning. Try understood that the battle against Tokens Army was helpless and challenged the C'taxi alone so that Archaea and Irony could run away the windows of Morgantown. The legends report that the fight lasted six days and six nights and the air of Arranger magic and shadow was satisfied. In the end, Try set off a massive arcane explosion, which Aka and the guard cost the life. Kith' ix had the ability to flee seriously and was no longer identified for countless years. Her story is later on informed in WoW in the mission series for the artifact weapons of the Holy Paladin and the Shadow Priest.

The dragon aspects need Try's records to renew their power. Source:

Try was a great buddy of the dragons. While his brother Odin despised primitive life, Try safeguarded the plants and animals of Zeroth and even allied himself with 5 photo dragons, which later on increased to the dragon elements. As an inheritance, Try left a magical artifact that must help the dragon elements in an emergency situation.

In a substantial crater that crackled in front of Aryan magic, they lastly discovered Try's lifeless body. The titanium-forged buried Try and embellished his grave with the silver hand, which the huge Jo tun as soon as forged as a prosthesis for the guardian.

the memories of Try

The dragon aspects return to the dragon islands after more than 10,000 years. The ancestors of the dragons were the photo dragon. These dragons later increased to mighty dragon elements. While his bro Odin disliked primitive life, Try protected the flora and animals of Zeroth and even allied himself with five photo dragons, which later on rose to the dragon elements. As an inheritance, Try left a wonderful artifact that should help the dragon aspects in an emergency.


After returning to the dragon islands, Alexstrasza gained from the said artifact, which the earthen people hid from Try's death in Andaman. These are wonderful discs on which Try recorded his whole understanding of the production of the dragon elements.

Nozdormu, the aspect of the bronze dragon swarm, plays a crucial role in the history of Dragon Flight. He brings the prohibited island and the Rather out of their long sleeping beauty. The small island was produced by Neltharion, the earth watchman as a training site for its supreme soldiers, the Rather. These dragon warriors are the outcome of Neltharion's secret research study prior to becoming the aspect of death. If you want to discover more about the guardian of the time and his objective, then take an appearance at the brief film series Dragon Flight and read through our Lore specials for the bronze dragon swarm. To the homepage to the gallery

Our task is basic: we ought to recover Try's artifact and bring the slices back to the dragons. When we reach the space where Try's memories are kept, the everlasting swarm of dragons appears out of absolutely nothing and grabs the records right in front of our nose.


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