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What Pokemon Are Banned In The Ranking Battles Of Scarlet And Purple?

The beginning of any generation of Pokémon is always exciting, because all the most powerful options are available to trainers before they are banned. However, at the early stage there were not many prohibitions as with generation IX. Even the VIII generation was waiting for some time before banning Dynamic and Malaria Dardanian. Four Pokémon from the Pale region were recognized as so powerful that they had to be banned quickly.

What Pokémon were too broken for the online battles online?

Plain Hero

The basic attack of this Pokémon 160 made it simply unfair for opponents trying to win.

Paladin Hero also gained access to Jet Punch, a water movement with a 60 basic priority, which could knock out the attacking Pokémon before they attack. Players often combined this with Choice Band or with Paladin Bulk Up before defeating the entire enemy team.


The ban on Sandstone was quite controversial, since Pokémon itself was not so broken. Rather, it was precisely the course of Last Respects, which turned into a nightmare that you might encounter. Last Respects will intensify for each teammate defeated in the battle, which is limited to 300 basic force.

Iron not

This really puzzles that the Deli bird version will ever be banned, but it makes sense, looking at its statistics. Iron Bundle had huge characteristics of speed and special attack. The combination of Hydro Pump, Ice Beam and Freeze Dry also practically does not meet the resistance of any Pokémon in the meta.

trembling mane

Like Iron Bundle, Flutter Mane is just too fast and hits too much. Shadow Ball and Moon blast amaze almost the entire meter, and Flutter Mane is widely illuminated, including Mystical Fire for Kin gambit, Energy Ball for Mastodon and Shock for Clod sire.

What Pokémon will be banned soon?

The Council in Smog on, of course, has not yet finished considering threats that may be too serious for the ranks. Holding is considered Pokémon S-Ural, which automatically puts it on the observation list. Chi You is another Pokémon, which was already banned in Monotype for its destructive power. Annihilate has another attack in Rage Fist, the strength of which can increase depending on how many attacks it takes.


It is especially difficult to deal with his BULK Upset. Do you want more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet manual? Check out the best sets of movements for Holding in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet here in Pro Game Guides!


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