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Astronite Reimagined: A Classic Ode To Vi-de Juegos


Astrocyte is an ode to the classic. Due Games Studio, the Spanish team in charge of its development with Dominic Claret as the only member, opens with a minimalist title that honors a past era that has made its creation possible; He has clear referents and is not ashamed to host what at some point made them unique. Astrocyte is defined as a metroidvania in 1bit (you know, only use white and black), and in it, we will take control of a space explorer that lands on the planet Ne plea. The objective here will be to expel the invading army that submitted to the civilization that at the time inhabited it, through a game with small, but firm and generous foundations, that they know how to squeeze themselves to give their best. The artistic style is not the only reference taken as robot Perfectly measured are the environments that both titles need to develop.

Astrocyte goes even further in this regard, because it limits our instruments even more but knows how to give them new uses and get the juice in all the demanding challenges, both of shots and of the platform, which are distributed by Ne plea. At the same time that he is able to transport you to the most arid and delicate situations, he also shows his great ability to take advantage of each of his small pieces and ends up raising it above his own inspirations: far from limiting himself to a game that ends up being pleasant And polishing, but lack of substance, Claret's title shows things to say despite a story that, ironically, does not say too much. It is not good for what is the independent scene of games with similar inspirations, but at no time it seems to import too much: Astrocyte is a personal project, an ode to the current and retro passions of its creator and at the same time a robust title and Self-conscious that finds his connection with who plays it in small moments of complicity, captures and family situations that do not seek to invent anything, but to give a small hospitality refuge for those who want to approach him. 2022 was a very positive year for the development of video games in Spain, and titles such as Astrocyte reaffirm that, looking at the future, optimism is more than justified. [7]


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