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Sardar Azmoun Stays Put at Bayer 04 Leverkusen: What Does This Mean for the Club?

It is obvious that Radar Amount has not fulfilled the expectations in Leverkusen. Both the club and the gamer himself had guaranteed much more of it when Bayer signed the Iranian worldwide in early 2022 for 2.5 million euros from Zenith Saint Petersburg. The balance sheet after a year in Germany is awful with just a Bundesliga hit after 18 missions in the German Overhaul. Given that the center forwarder never really started due to different injuries and health problems, there was a modification in the winter transfer window. After all, Amount had actually not been able to attain or achieve the status of the regular player in the stage when striker Patrick Schick was injured.

As a result, clubs from Turkey reveal interest in the 28-year-old. In addition to Fenerbahçe, city competing Galatasaray Istanbul. Now Amount has actually given a relatively clear cancellation to a winter modification.


I do not know where that originates from. I have a contract with Bayer 04 Leverkusen and wish to succeed with the team and a beneficial gamer for the Herself, told Iran Varies after the declared advertising from Galatasaray was addressed. Admins, which recently made development in fitness, but is not yet at a top level, should be off the table this winter. And Bayer can initially press to prepare for a replacement male of the assaulter in the event of a modification. While Amount, with enhanced physical constitution, undertakes the next effort to develop a breakthrough in Leverkusen.


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