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Mario Kart Tour: The Exploration Tour Update Brings You Underwater With Smartphone Safety Tips

The mobile representative of Nintendo's popular Racing Journal has brand-new material for all fans of racing simulations on the go with the newly revealed Exploration Trip from February 8th. The focus is obviously on the brand-new route called Piranha Plant Cove, which takes you underwater in strange ruins.


Obviously, mobile phones need to be ignored when driving, but driving on the mobile phone is less hazardous: this is also revealed by the brand-new update from Mario Kart Trip.

Mario Kart Tour: On expedition trip on the expedition trip

It is called Piranha Plant Cove, even if the title plants are more accessible. The many ruins that not only embellish the side edges of the path are more striking, but likewise want to be travelled through at a hurry. In keeping with the subject of the trip, you not just explore the strange stone structures over, however likewise under the water at the bottom of the sea.

It continues with the 26th wave on February 22nd, where you can unlock a presently only hinted outfit that obviously has a wing on the helmet. In view of the brand-new material, we also have to explain our test for Mario Kart Tour once again, in which we slammed the invasive financing model with the different currencies.

With the new upgrade, the 25th wave of racing fits for your Miss is likewise cleaned into play. However, a very sober outfit awaits you: with dark brown boots, a climbed suit and a white helmet with brown stripes, the new clothes' combination is aligning your name Mid Racing Suit Brown.

In a 30-second trailer for the Expedition Tour, you also reveal what the new update for active players from Mario Kart Trip has to provide: in addition to some adventurer attire for princess peach and shy guy as well as appropriate cars as lore or safari Jeep was mostly the brand-new path in the spotlight.


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