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Outrageous Attack by Münster Followers: Prussians vs. Alemannia Aachen Match Ends in Violence at Train Station

Over 11,000 viewers found their method to the Prussian Arena on Sunday, it was a football celebration day for the Regionally West.


Stylish with a clear result: With 4: 0, the Prussians cemented their lead and continued to march towards League 3. Afterwards, nevertheless, there was a violence at the train station in Münster, which the federal police described in their report as stunning. A group of eight hooded fans of the Prussia stormed from the main tunnel onto the platform and attacked 3 waiting Aachen fans, as the authorities explained. Fan utensils were robbed, and the fans were traced with blows and kicks.

There should have been a kick versus the head and body, even when the three men were already on the ground.

criminal proceedings initiated

Afterwards the assaulter had and disappeared left three sometimes seriously injured Aachen fans. The victims concerned a health center, but had actually been released in the meantime. Because the attack was recorded by the video monitoring in the primary train station, the federal cops had a clue to their investigations: criminal procedures for unsafe bodily harm and burglary were initiated against the wrongdoers that were formerly unidentified. The Prussian Münster association condemns this act on its homepage: Violence is in no chance compatible with the values of the Prussian household and need to never discover a breeding ground at the SCP, it says. Please apologize and condemn this act from the bottom of the heart with the victim: Even if this act was held outside the location controlled by the association, we want to contribute to the process of dealing with the occasions. It was not the first violent event with the involvement of Prussia fans this season. Currently, in October 2022 there was a significant police operation in Essen.


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