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TTRPG Podcasts Reach New Heights: Worlds Beyond Number Launches Patreon With Record Subscribers

A brand-new tabletop RPG podcast is currently bring in an impressive variety of customers just hours after their Patreon launched. Worlds Beyond Number, a brand-new podcast featuring Brennan Lee Mulligan, Maria Year, Erika Irish, and Lou Wilson, has introduced its Patreon ahead of its official launch in March. Backers can support the Patreon for $5 a month to access a number of benefit materials, consisting of a Level 0 mini-campaign called The Kid's Adventure that was utilized to create the characters for Worlds Beyond Numbers' very first project The Wizard, the Witch, and the Wild One.

Worlds Beyond Number will be an audio-only podcast, although it includes professional-quality noise and production by Taylor Moore. Unlike other TTRPG podcasts, Worlds Beyond Number isn't tied to a particular video game system-- instead, the podcast assures a range of various tasks, styles of stories, and video game systems. Obviously, the initial draw of Worlds Beyond Number is its core cast, all of whom have appeared in numerous Actual Play programs, however have yet to work on a solely creator-owned project.


The Patreon gone for 12 AM ET today and has already brought in nearly 8,000 customers, an impressive number considering that Worlds Beyond Number will not introduce its first episode up until March. Not just is Worlds Beyond Number on pace to break 10,000 Patreon backers on its first day, it appears most likely that it will become one of the biggest TTRPG-related projects on Patreon.


Other benefits to Patreon backers include early access to Live Streams and events, unique merchandise, and behind the scenes, video, audio, and more. Worlds Beyond Number also teased that bonus episodes, one-shots, or even full-length campaigns will also be unique to Patreon subscribers in the future. You can check out the Patreon here.

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