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Dragonflight Season 1 Week 12: Check Out the New Mythic+ Tier List After Big Class Tuning

The information used in the blog post comes from Subcreation, a site maintained by Alarms. Subcreation supplies statistical analysis of Mythic+ dungeons, raids, as well as PVP in Shadow lands, and the data is offered via the Warcraft Logs API and If you loved to support Subcreation, you can take a look at their Patreon.


The adhering to article is based upon statistics supplied by Subcreation, a site that gathers various Mythic+ data from live web servers. Please note that the tier listing is biased towards the leading end because it only checks out the top 100 tricks per dungeon per affix and also ignores secrets below +16 and untimed runs.

For the reasons mentioned over, the information offered here will always vary from the Mythic Tier Checklists kept by Peter.

We're considering the Tier List for Mythic+ for the very first time after the big course adjusting from February 28.

Data Reliability

Exactly how the Data is Calculated

The site takes the reduced bounds of the 95% self-confidence interval computed as well as after that clusters them into 6 containers utilizing the Ck means algorithm. You can find more information by reviewing the website's frequently asked question.

  • S-Tier:.
  • Defense Paladin (198.01).
  • A-Tier:.
  • Defense Warrior (191.41).
  • Brew master Monk (190.58).
  • Blood Fatality Knight (189.79).
  • B-Tier:.
  • Vengeance Devil Hunter (188.74).
  • F-Tier:.
  • Guardian Druid (159.69).

The following tier list is for today's affixes: Fortified, Flaming, Trembling, as well as Thundering.

Based on 2,817 runs, varying in problem from +20 to +28.

  • S-Tier:.
  • Darkness Clergyman (199.22).
  • A-Tier:.
  • Equilibrium Druid (193.04).
  • Fire Mage (190.42).
  • B-Tier:.
  • Devastation Warlock (188.88).
  • Frost Mage (187.69).
  • C-Tier:.
  • Essential Shaman (186.98).
  • Beast Proficiency Hunter (185.97).
  • Devastation Evoke (185.61).
  • D-Tier:.
  • Marksmanship Hunter (182.81).
  • Demonology Warlock (179.11).
  • F-Tier:.
  • Arcane Mage (103.05).


  • Affliction Warlock (22.26).

Based on 3,111 runs, ranging in trouble from +20 to +28.

The information utilized in the post comes from Subcreation, a site maintained by Alarms. Subcreation gives analytical analysis of Mythic+ dungeons, raids, and also PVP in Shadow lands, as well as the data is given through the Warcraft Logs API as well as The website looks at the top 100 secrets per dungeon per affix across all regions and analyzes their ratings. For each dungeon and expertise, the website takes the lower bound of a 95% self-confidence period of the top 100 runs for each specialization. The site then averages these lower bounds, one per dungeon, to get a total average lower bound for each specification, which is ultimately made use of to produce the tier list.

Based upon 3,198 runs, ranging in difficulty from +20 to +28.

Based upon 3,200 runs, ranging in problem from +20 to +28.

The site considers the leading 100 tricks per dungeon per affix throughout all areas and also analyzes their ratings. For each dungeon as well as field of expertise, the site takes the reduced bound of a 95% confidence interval of the leading 100 runs for each specialization. The website then averages these lower bounds, one per dungeon, to get a total average lower bound for each spec, which is lastly used to create the tier listing.

Mythic+ Tier List for Dragon flight Season 1: Week # 12.

Melee DPS Tier List.

Storage tanks, Healers, Melee, and also Ranged are all on the same scale. They're just shown independently for less complicated comparison across roles.

  • S-Tier:.
  • Nuance Rogue (197.65).
  • Chaos Demon Seeker (196.88).
  • A-Tier:.
  • Enhancement Shaman (192.95).
  • Outlaw Rogue (191.50).
  • Wind walker Monk (190.83).
  • Feral Druid (190.55).
  • Fury Warrior (190.06).
  • B-Tier:.
  • Unholy Fatality Knight (18.24).
  • C-Tier:.
  • Arms Warrior (186.61).
  • D-Tier:.
  • Vengeance Paladin (181.02).
  • F-Tier:.
  • Frost Fatality Knight (63.28).
  • Assassination Rogue (44.25).
  • Survival Seeker (42.30).

Ranged DPS Tier Listing.

  • S-Tier:.
  • Conservation Evoke (198.25).
  • Reconstruction Druid (196.92).
  • B-Tier:.
  • Technique Priest (187.64).
  • C-Tier:.
  • Restoration Medicine Man (185.28).
  • D-Tier:.
  • Holy Paladin (182.75).
  • Mist weaver Monk (182.46).
  • Holy Priest (180.96).

Healer Tier Checklist.

Container Tier Listing.

The specs are placed based on their lb_CI which represents the lower bound of a 95% confidence period. If a certain tier is missing, it's not inhabited by any specialization.


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