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Find the Best DPS Weapons for Lightfall Incursion in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's DLC Nightfall was finally launched so that everyone enjoys it, and very soon, a new incursion will enter the scene. The new incursions are always brutal to play, since no one knows what weapons will be good or not for DPs against the bosses. That said, we can still discuss some options that we know will be good options to support us, regardless of the chief we find. So today, let's talk the best DPS weapons for Destiny 2: Nightfall. PSA: This list does not have a specific order.

Izanagi load

Image source: Bungee through If there has ever been a weapon considered reliable OF for DPS in Destiny 2, then, without a doubt, it is the exotic sniper rifle Burden de Izanagi. While snipers have remained more or less in the background in the goal of DPS for quite some time, those of Izanagi will always be relevant thanks to their exotic benefit, Honed Edge, which turns its four rounds into a single shot that inflicts massive damage. This weapon works very well in combos with heavy weapons that depend on the recharge and, in all likelihood, it will be very important for the next Nightfall incursion. You can take this exotic kiosk weapon in the tower.


Image source: Bungee through Speaking of automatic load combos, the exotic Grenade Launcher, Motherboard, is possibly an option even better than the Izanagi load. This weapon can adhere to a boss, inflict damage over time and allows you to use a heavy ammunition weapon such as the main damage distributor. Ads control, DPS, ease of use, Wither hard does everything, and it is safe to say that this weapon will have a lot of use during the Nightfall incursion. You can acquire it in the exotic kiosk.


Image source: Bungee through Nightfall gave the LMG a great improvement in the damage, and the exotic LMG, Xenophobe, was also included in the benefit. Xenophobe has always been a great weapon to use, but unfortunately, he left aside when Linear Fusion Rifles took over the goal.

However, when combined with the Exotic Titan chest piece, Action War Rig, Xenophobe can now compete with other exotic heavy weapons such as GjallarHorn and more. This will be a great option if the boss is at a considerable distance, especially for bosses with annoying critical points. This weapon can be obtained in the exotic kiosk in the tower.


Image source: Bungee through Allowing exotic weapons, we have the legendary SLUG shotgun, Heritage, from the Deep Stone Crypt incursion. While we still have to determine how boss fights will develop, having a short-range heritage is an excellent option if you have to face the boss. The examples could be the fighting caregiver of the Vow of the Disciple incursion, where you literally stop in front of the boss during some parts of the fight. In general, it would be better if it always had multiple options for numerous situations, and Heritage is an essential weapon for short-range scenarios. This weapon can be obtained in the Deep Stone Crypt incursion.


Image source: Bungee through Last but not least, the King of the previous DPS goal, the legendary linear fusion rifle, Cataclysmic. The linear fusion rifles as a whole received a reduction in 15 damage, but in situations in which the boss has a large critical point you can shoot for a long time, such as Onyx, for example, then having a linear fusion rifle as Cataclysmic will be very important here. This weapon, in particular, remains the best legendary linear fusion rifle of the game and, unless a new one will continue to be in the predictable future. You can acquire it by completing meetings in the Vow of the Disciple incursion. That is all you need to know about the best DPS weapons for Destiny 2: Nightfall. Be sure to consult our most recent guides in Destiny 2, how the guardian ranges work and more then.


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