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How to Get a Katana in the Sons of the Forest: Tips & Strategies for Acquiring a Katana on the Island

Katina is among the very best critical weapons in the sons of the forest, so it is likewise hard to find on the island. You need to get a number of other products right into your own hands prior to you can obtain Katina. This is what you can refrain at the beginning of the game. Your efforts are worth it, given that the Katina of the boys of the forest causes superb damage with every wave. He additionally has a high strike speed, so you will certainly shed much less endurance factors for every strike. In addition, because all sources and ammo are limited, you require having in reserve a great tool of close battle in order to enhance your possibilities of survival in Children of the Forest. Katina is what you most definitely require going to the island as quickly as feasible.

What things do you need to obtain a Katina?

Shovel You will require a shovel to enter the cavern in which there is a crucial card of solution that you will certainly make use of later on to obtain a Katina. The boys of the forest of the shovel can be discovered inside the cavern, situated to the west of the island near the snow mountains. Solution essential secret The solution trick can open numerous locked doors in the game, yet one of the most vital things is that with a Katina inside. To get the solution key, you need to go to the bunker situated west from the island, together with the shovel. Open the entryway to the shelter with a shovel that you received earlier, and also go inside to obtain it by pressing E.

Where to find the Katina of the sons of the woodland?

As well as discover any type of other product in a cavern, it is quite tough to locate a Katina. To do this, follow the detailed flow of the cavern below.

Locate the entry to the cave

To get a Katina, you require visiting a cavern situated in the western component of the island right by the lake. Having actually reached the area of the cavern, you need to go inside through a narrow entry. The location of the cavern can be located in the image of the card listed below.

Use the solution key card to get in the laboratory.

As quickly as you get in the cave, you will certainly discover on your own beside the shut door after the descent down. The door can be opened by taking the crucial card of the service that you accumulated previously. As soon as you obtain right into the laboratory, the KAT scene will certainly start.


Then you require reaching the back of the research laboratory, where you will certainly find a stairs listed below.

disappear to the 2nd floor

The shelter has one more floor below, where you can get along the staircases in the rear of the laboratory. After a lengthy transition, you will certainly find on your own in the area, turning right.

There you will be satisfied by a couple of finger mutants. In the room you need to discover a glass closet that can be found beside the sofa. The boys of the woodland of Bataan can be discovered inside the glass cupboard. Having actually obtained a Katina, you can outfit it by pressing the E on the console. You will also find gold shield if you go out and enter the left door after a lengthy flow if you check out the bunker a little additional.


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